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 Without You

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PostSubject: Without You   Without You EmptyFri Dec 25, 2015 10:35 pm

Thatcher was smiling, as usual, as he grabbed his duffel bag from the conveyor belt, tossing Bellamy’s at the man as well. He had not been this happy to come home in so long. But today was different.
Today, he had something to come home to.
“You’re excited to be home, huh?” Bellamy smirked at the other man as they began the walk towards the waiting area. Of course, he was always excited to be home. But he hadn’t expected Thatcher to be so happy. He was glad though, to see his friend smiling so brightly.
“Mhm.” Thatcher only nodded, already trying to scan the large room for the fiery red hair that meant his alpha was waiting for him, as promised.
“It’s really because of him, huh?” Bellamy could only shake his head. He had been extremely shocked when Eustass had kissed the man before he departed. Thatcher had spent the flight there explaining to Bellamy that Eustass was just strange like that, it didn’t mean they were together now.
“I missed him a lot.” Thatcher smiled sheepishly, almost embarrassed as he realized how eagerly he was looking around for the man.
Their conversation was cut short when Bellamy finally spotted his family. Thatcher could only grin as he saw the large group, waiting with a large welcome home sign, held by Ace who eagerly waved it back and forth upon sight of the two soldiers. Bane, Danny, Breccan, Roci, Ace, Dylan, all of them so happy to see him. Bellamy grinned brightly at them all, only pausing when he realized a certain Russian was missing. He didn’t have long to worry though. He had missed the Russian at first, being that the boy was already barreling towards him. Only a second later and he was hit with an armful of the boy. Then he had him in his arms, pressing a kiss to his lips and spinning him around. It was such a heartwarming scene, Bellamy still in his uniform, reuniting with his lover.
Sometimes Thatcher couldn’t help but be jealous. He could remember a time when that had been him. He had a life every man would dream of. The perfect housewife with a thin waist and long blonde curls, who always was ready to do anything he asked, always had a hot meal ready for him at night, always wanting to jump into bed. He’d had everything and he’d never appreciated any of it. He regretted that sometimes.
His moment of envy caused him to move forward, even moving to stand on one of the seats so he could see over everyone, examining the crowd for his alpha. The man was nowhere to be found. Thatcher could tell even without looking. He could always sense the man’s presence.
He got down and whipped his head around once more, not even paying attention to Bellamy’s welcome party, Bane already having found his way into his son’s arms with tears streaming down his cheeks.
He checked his watch then, assuring that it was the time he’d told Eustass to be here. He’d told the man his plane was set to land at eleven and he better be there. Eustass had even written back and joked that he’d be there an hour early, just to appease him.
It was nearly noon.
With someone like Eustass, most people might have thought he’d just decided to be a prick that day and ditched him. But Thatcher knew, the man would never do that.
Something had to be wrong.
He was racing towards the exit then, his heart pounding so fast in his chest that he could hardly hear Bellamy calling after him. He didn’t stop to think that he could just listen for the man’s heartbeat. If he had done that, he would have known that the man was just now arriving, having driven over the speed limit, cursing himself all the way. But he didn’t. Instead, he didn’t find Eustass until he was exiting the building and ran directly into the man’s chest.
He almost didn’t realize at first, ready to hastily apologize and continue on his way to make sure his alpha was safe. He couldn’t do this, not again.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down, won’t you?” Eustass grunted then, taking the man by the collar of his uniform and pulling him back.
“Eustass.” Thatcher breathed out a sigh of relief, not hesitating in taking the man’s face in his still trembling hands, bringing him in for a hard kiss.
Eustass was taken off guard but he let it happen, winding his arms around the man.
“You were late.” Thatcher panted when he pulled back. “You weren’t there. I-I thought...” He trailed off and Eustass could sense his beta’s panic, immediately feeling guilty for this. Of course he’d been late for a reason. But he didn’t even have anything to show for it. “Where were you?” Thatcher questioned softly.
“I just overslept. I’m sorry-ya.” The alpha spoke gently for him as he lied through his teeth.
Truthfully, he had been at the flower shop nearby, debating on whether or not it would be pathetic to buy the soldier a bouquet. He had lost track of the time, trying to guess what flower Thatcher would enjoy the most. Eventually he had decided against getting any at all, cursing how stupid he was being in the first place. By the time he’d realized what time it was, it was too late. Thatcher had already landed.
Thatcher said nothing to the man’s excuse. He merely rested his head against the man’s shoulder. Eustass could feel the hard pounding of the boy’s heart against his chest. It was touching, really. Thatcher had missed him, had been this worried about something happening to him.
It was nice to feel like someone cared about his well-being again. It was nice to feel loved.
It was nice to think that maybe Thatcher was healing him.


Thatcher was still working to catch his breath, his face hidden in the crook of Eustass’s neck. He pretended he was just pausing to rest, but truly he liked this. He didn’t want to move. He liked being so close that he could feel the man’s strong chin resting atop of his head, feel the dampness of his sweat slicked throat against his lips, see the sprinkling of freckles so close to him, smell his still present cologne mixed with the leftover remnants of arousal. Thatcher was still not good with picking out emotions by smell, but arousal was the first he had learned and the one he knew best. They both reeked of it during these times.
Finally though, Thatcher knew he couldn’t drag it out any longer. Eustass would realize he was just trying to cuddle now and then he’d get cold feet and dart out of the room, like he always did.
Thatcher had known from the beginning that Eustass didn’t want a relationship. The man had told him. And he’d convinced himself that he was okay with that. But he’d been screwed ever since after their first time. He desired Eustass’s company constantly, in more than just a sexual way. He wanted to spend time with the man in the most innocent sense of the word. And God, he wanted to just lay here for a little longer, with his one arm and leg so casually thrown over the alpha’s body.
Just this once, he wanted Eustass to stay, to cuddle him, as pathetic as that sounded. He didn’t want the man to leave, not tonight.
It wasn’t like he was some clingy one night stand who didn’t understand that they weren’t wanted for more than a quick screw. He knew that Eustass enjoyed his company for more than sex. And that only made it worse. He just couldn’t understand why the man never stayed. It drove him crazy. He wanted more than this. And he hated himself for wanting more than this. He had not been supposed to develop romantic feelings for the alpha. The man’s heart was clearly already taken. He had been broken too many times, didn’t want to love again. He shouldn’t have let himself fall for the man.
But it was too late to go back now.
He forced himself to scoot over slightly, just far enough that he wasn’t quite cuddling the man, but a strong arm was still around his waist and his leg was still thrown over one of the alpha’s. Maybe, maybe if he gave the man his space, he’d keep laying here for a while longer.
Of course it couldn’t be that easy though. A moment later and he felt the bed moving, the muscular pale arm slipping out from under him as the alpha stood.
Thatcher sat up, watching the man slip into his boxers which lay discarded on the floor. The alpha never even looked back at him as he gathered his clothes and headed for the door.
“Stay.” The word slipped past the soldier’s lips before he could stop it.
At first, he wasn’t sure Eustass even heard him. But then the man paused, leaving Thatcher practically holding his breath as he stared at the man’s freckled back, just standing in the doorway.
There was a silence that seemed to last years. Thatcher allowed himself to get his hopes up.
That was the stupidest thing he could have done.
Because Eustass never even turned to face him. He simply walked out after a moment, as if he hadn’t even heard.
Thatcher was left with reddened cheeks and an aching chest. It wasn’t quite heartbreak he was feeling, just an intense embarrassment. He had never asked before, never wanting to chance Eustass turning him down. And tonight, he’d taken the chance. And it had blown up in his face. It wouldn’t have been so bad to ask if Eustass had said yes, had confessed that he wanted to stay too. But now, he was just pathetic, trying to turn their relationship into something it obviously wasn’t to Eustass.
His face was hot in a way that only strengthened the pathetic feeling. God, he wished he hadn’t asked.
It was different thinking that maybe if he asked, Eustass would say yes. But now he knew that the man wouldn’t.
He laid there for another half hour, letting his thoughts consume him. And then, he couldn’t take it anymore, forcing himself out of bed to dress. Yes, it was two in the morning but he wanted Bellamy. He couldn’t lay here alone any longer.
He was in the living room, ready to slip on his shoes and leave when Eustass’s voice rang out from the doorway.
“Where in the hell do you think you’re going?”
“Bellamy’s.” Thatcher spoke simply as he grabbed his jacket.
“Like hell you are-ya.” The alpha snorted. “Go back to bed.”
Thatcher turned then, his fangs out as he snarled softly.
“You know what? Go and fuck yourself, Eustass. I’m not going to go sleep in my bed alone because you told me to. I’m a grown man.”
“Are you really this pissed because I wouldn’t cuddle you?” Eustass scoffed, his words coming off harsh even though truly, he didn’t mean it. “I told you you were going to regret asking for this.”
“Fuck you.” Thatcher snapped, the heat once again creeping up his neck and coloring his cheeks.
Truthfully, Eustass had felt awful the second he’d left and sensed the devastation of his beta. But he couldn’t let himself go back there, he just couldn’t. He had to keep these lines drawn. They could be friends, they could kiss, they could fuck. But there could not be any stronger feelings there. It wouldn’t end well for anyone.
“Goddamnit.” Eustass let out an exasperated sigh, as if Thatcher were nothing more than a huge pain in his ass. He moved forward then and before Thatcher could comprehend what he was going to do, he found himself thrown over the alpha’s shoulder.
“Put me fucking down, Eustass!” Thatcher growled, claws scratching at any flesh he could reach, tearing up the man’s back the best he could.
“Will you knock it off with the damn claws-ya?” Eustass cursed finally as they arrived at his bedroom. He laid himself down on the mattress, pulling Thatcher with him. He tucked the beta safely against his chest, holding him tightly to keep him still as he squirmed.
“I don’t fucking want your pity. I don’t need you to hold me.” Thatcher insisted, trying to get out of the man’s grasp even though it was useless.
“Just shut the fuck up, already.” Eustass groaned. “You wanted me to damn lay with you, so here we are. Be quiet and enjoy it.”
“I didn’t need you to cuddle me, I just didn’t want to be fucking alone.” Thatcher grunted finally and Eustass felt a sharp pain in his chest.
He knew how badly it hurt to be alone. He hadn’t thought that was a problem for Thatcher like it had always been for him. But now that he knew, he wouldn’t let it happen again. He understood that better than anyone.
So he said nothing, simply holding Thatcher around the waist until he gave up trying to escape and eventually dozed off against the alpha’s chest.
Eustass was awake though, letting himself experience what it was like to lay here, just holding his beta. It was nice, he had to admit. It covered up that normally hollow feeling he had while sleeping alone at night. Maybe he had needed this just as badly as Thatcher had.
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Without You
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