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 Eight days a week

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Eight days a week Empty
PostSubject: Eight days a week   Eight days a week EmptySat Dec 26, 2015 2:05 am

Monday:  He is grouchy when he has to get out of bed for work, but despite his bitching Sawyer believes he is beautiful as his back arches into a sensual stretch.  He is talking about how he has the early shift at the shop today and two other mornings in the week.  It makes his upper lips curl with distaste to be up so early but when he kisses Sawyer he smiles as though all the exhaustion of the upcoming day is melting away.  He showers and then sits on the island bar while Sawyer serves him coffee, one vanilla creamer with extra sugar.  Breakfast is scrambled eggs and sloppily made pancakes courtesy of his lover, and when they kiss goodbye it taste like syrup and sweetness. 

Tuesday:  He doesn't have to work so he sleeps until two before rolling over to play with the stubble on Sawyer's face.  He whispers naughty things and giggles when he feels his lovers excitement pressing into his thigh, a clear indication that he had succeeded in getting Sawyers attention.  They make love for the rest of the evening, until his lips have been bruised and made raw from ravenous kisses.  His neck is tender and discolored with hickies, they dance across his chest and down his abdomen, only ending at the inside of his thighs.  Sawyer was always thorough when marking his territory and it always turned him on to no end. He loves to look in the mirror before his shower to admire the indention his lovers fangs had made.  His smile is sly for the rest of the day, and he wears Sawyer's sweater while the man snaps pictures on his phone.  Their photo shoot lasts late into the night until they are once more tangled and twisted in his sheets.

Wednesday:  He works again today, so he loves Sawyer wildly before he has to depart their apartment.  Breakfast is rushed coffee and slightly burnt toast, but Sawyer makes up for that by meeting him at the shop for lunch.  They have a mini date at the cafe' around the corner and he tastes like strawberries and vanilla whenever their lips meet.  They eat and Sawyer walks him back to the parlor and waits on him inside until his shift has ended.  Afterwards they drive to a park where Sawyer pushes him on the swings set and his hair glistens in the dying light of the day.  He is tired once they finally arrive home so Sawyer offers to help him shower.  It ends with them sliding against eachother under the steady spray, an easy release after the long day he'd spent.  Sawyer's hands are gentle with him as they dry and clothe him, and the man even scoops him up to carry him into the bed room.  He jokes that he's being spoiled and Sawyer is only doing it because they'd gotten to make love, but despite his exhaustion he smiles radiantly when his lover denies it and swears his actions are done purely out of adoration.

Thursday:   He is exhausted when he wakes and it seems to be his theme throughout the day.  He wont tell Sawyer why, because he knows that his lover will not understand.  He dreamt of his soldier that night, vividly in bright colors. He could have sworn he even felt the mans lips at one point, but when he awoke it was Sawyer's green eyes that greeted him, nothing like the rolling waves of blue from his dream.  He smiles anyways, and kisses his lover despite the mans morning breath.  Sawyer is with him the entire day in an attempt at comfort, but he isnt needed.  If anything the man makes it worse. He is guilty and he cannot bring himself to truly look at Sawyer, even when the young wolf reached out to capture his chin in an attempt to force their gazes to meet.  He smiles sheepishly in a way of apologizing, and expects Sawyer to be angry with him.  His lover isnt though, and instead he is held in strong arms through the rest of the evening.  He falls asleep there upon Sawyer's chest, and when he closed his eyes things were right once more.  He saw Sawyer's dark and sharpened smirk instead of Bellamy's radiant and handsome  smile. 

Friday:  He puts lip gloss on early in the morning and trails kisses down the length of Sawyer's body in a way of saying sorry without actually speaking aloud. He insists that they go out on the town and then spends the next two hours getting ready. Sawyer watches with obvious amusement as he changes out fits for the fifth time, doing a full spin in the mirror before moving over to his lover in order to get Sawyer's input.  He shivers every time his mate whispers dirty things in his ear and yelps when the mans hand connects with his ass.  He is wild and loving and they never actually make it out of the home. For dinner they eat microwavable meals and watch the notebook while Sawyer complains.  That night before he finally drifts to sleep though, he can hear the young werewolf whisper softly. "If you're a bird, im a bird." 

Saturday:  Its a hard day from the beginning.  Sawyer had to go home the night before so he is alone when he wakes, and his toast is completely burnt.  He skips his coffee in an attempt to make it into the shop on time but somehow he is still late and his first appointment of the day makes sure to let him know how they were made to wait.  The hours seem to drag by and he find himself glaring at customers and only smiling whenever his phone would buzz with a text message from Sawyer.  When he gets home there is pizza awaiting him, along with Sawyer's wide  grin and his agreement to watch mean girls while they eat.  The movie goes unfinished though.  He dozes off while laying with his head rested in Sawyer's lap, not even waking when the man lifts him up and carefully carries him into the bedroom to tuck him in.  The day was a hard day, but he could feel his lovers strong hands massaging the aches and stresses away.  He is grateful, and he smiles softly even as he sleeps.

Sunday : Britt wakes to breakfast in bed, a slightly burnt omelet and orange juice arranged carefully on a wooden tray.  His lover was grinning at him from the floor where he was doing his morning push ups.  He eats happily and watches with amusement as Sawyer sweats.  This eventually leads to a morning shower together and the inability to keep their hands to each other.  Somehow they wind themselves up on the balcony of the apartment, drinking beer and sharing secrets that no one else could know.  Sawyer tells him of wanting a family one day and for the first time in his life the thought doesnt completely terrify him.  He tells his lover and he grins as Sawyer's eyes light up.  They are happy and together, and they remind him of what fairy tales should be.

Monday: Sawyer pushes him out of bed that morning because Ajax's alarm clock is buzzing even though the artist has already left for work.  He pushes the man back and instead of moving  to silence the clock he climbs back under the sheets.  Afterwards he smells the familiar scent of burning pancakes and bacon, knows that Sawyer has started trying to make him breakfast.  He gets up then to join his lover, and they kiss over coffee as they prepare for the day. 
They were together in some way, every day of every week.
And Britt wouldnt have it any other way.
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Eight days a week
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