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 Loving you more.

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Loving you more. Empty
PostSubject: Loving you more.   Loving you more. EmptySun Dec 27, 2015 2:05 am

Britt had only known  true love twice in his life, and each experience was completely different.  Through time he has come to realize that they were even of the same intensity.  He didnt think he could ever choose one that he adored over the other.
Bellamy Odair and Sawyer Reynolds.
The two star crossed loves of his life.
Britt was with Sawyer now, and currently he didnt see anything changing in his future.  But he still couldnt bring himself to feel as though he loved the young werewolf anymore than he had loved his blue eyed soldier.  How could he?  Bellamy was the love that felt like home.  Their love was starlit conversations and long walks on the beach, rocking out to his oldest favorite song on infinite car rides and giggling because he could feel himself being watched.  Bellamy had been no curse words and all respect, always running his fingers through Britt's radiant red hair.  
But Sawyer was the one who gave him butterflies and November in June.  They fought over the tiniest things if only for the make up sex they both knew would follow.  Their love was spontaneous and explosive.  He felt equal to his lover but still sheltered by him.  Sawyer knew how to hang with everything he liked and if not the boy was always ready to learn
When they fall asleep,
they both look like little kids.
But awake, one is starling blue eyes and a soft smile.  The other was dark sharpness and green wonderlands.
They both looked at him as though he placed the stars in the sky himself.
But when Sawyer first said he loved him, the young werewolf did it with his chest puffed out in pride and determination settled in his eyes.  He had ignored how Britt protested it and instead he'd only repeated it, louder and louder each time until he was nearly shouting it for the entire apartment complex to hear.  And when Britt was angry at him for it?  Instead of fighting back, Sawyer had thrown the boy onto the bed and burned kisses and bruising love bites down the hollow of his neck, across each collar bone.  And after each kiss, he would say it again.  Sawyer had made it where Britt could not ignore him or hide from it any longer.  The young wolf had cornered him with all that love, and Britt had finally let himself drown in it.
But with Bellamy they had been lying in bed on night, even before their first time making love.  The soldier had been resting his head on Britt's favorite pillow and facing the boy.  Britt could see the tiredness in blue oceans of his eyes as he opened and closed them, knew that Bellamy was dozing off. Eventually the soldier settled and gifted Britt with a soft smile and tugged the boy closer.  A few minutes later the pattern of his breathing evening out and Britt was certain that the soldier had drifted off to sleep. Britt had stayed awake to trace the outlines of his face, and was completely startled when he felt the soldiers hands begin sliding along the curves of his back, tracing all the slopes of the boys body and doing it all in his sleep.Britt could see that sweet smile again, the joy in the soldier dimples as he  whispered under his breath.  "I think im in love with you." And then Bellamy held him tighter than he ever had before.  Britt took those words and he stored them away in his heart for safe keeping.  Bellamy was the first boy to ever truly love him.
Sawyer would be the last.
But even so, it never stopped Britt from missing his soldier.  He had loved the way Bellamy would never curse in front of him as a display of respect, only breaking that rule on the night they made love.  And the flowers, Britt desperately longed for those exhilarating times when Bellamy would surprise him with different assortments of flowers.  The boy had pressed at least one from every bouquet, and now he found himself grateful that he had done so.
Sawyer hardly ever bought him flowers.  But the boy said 'I love you' in other ways, such as cooking him breakfast and massaging his back after  a long day at the tattoo parlor. If he was having a particularly bad day, the young werewolf even let him with their petty arguments and didnt complain when he wanted to watch mean girls.  
How was Britt ever suppose to pick one man that he loved more?
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Loving you more.
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