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 To be the big spoon

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To be the big spoon Empty
PostSubject: To be the big spoon   To be the big spoon EmptyThu Dec 31, 2015 6:05 am

"Hey, Candy."
It was the third time he'd heard his name, or some twisted version if it, and he'd probably still be trying to ignore it-
Except this time the words had been punctuated by a soft nudge to his side. If left unheeded the poking would surly become sharper and more insistent.
Anderson hated to be ignored.
But Cove hated being woken at this ungodly hour. He didn't even have to check the clock, he just knew. His aching and sleep heavy body verified.
"What in tha bloody fuck do ya want?" The Scotsman's voice was harsh in his irritation at being brought out of a dead sleep.
And for what?
There was obviously nothing wrong with the gargantuan werewolf pressing against his side.
"I'm cold."
Such a simple answer, but it enraged Cove completely. He knew what Anderson was after, what he'd planned to accomplish by waking him and he was not damn having it. Leon had been enough strain on his heart, it would be foolish to let Andy worm his way in as well.
Cuddling was too intimate of a pleasure. He'd only ever snuggled Leon, he wasn't sure he was ready to change that. And with the way Anderson was prodding at him, he could only assume that the werewolf's intentions were getting him to play roll of big spoon.
Oh, hell no.
"Here " Cove let out a tired groan as he tossed some of the blanket over Anderson, easing his eyes open just slightly in order to assure himself the werewolf had been covered before flipping once more onto his side, back facing Andy in an attempt to cut the conversation short .
He should've known Anderson wouldn't let it be that easy.
"Don't play dumb Columbo, you know I didn't want covers."
This grunted refusal was accompanied by a sudden rush of cool air, and the soft pfft as their comforter was ripped from the bed entirely and sent pooling on the floor.
Well, now they were both fucking cold.
Cove let out a nearly dangerous growl as he forced himself up on tired elbows, all in order to peer bleary eyed and scowling down at the impishly grinning giant.
"Why in tha hell would ya do that?"
Andersons smile didn't break for a second, if anything it grew.
The bastard didnt even have enough decency to even try and look remorseful. He was guilty and fucking proud of it.
Cove was nearly compelled to strike him.
"Ya jus' damn want meh ta beh tha big spoon."

"Maybe. "

"Ah won't do it."
Instead of humoring the werewolf, Cove forced himself out of bed and retrieved their blanket, letting out soft and heavily accented profanities as he watched the fluffy comforter devour Andy.
The giant was trying to figure out which end of the blanket was the shorter end as Cove was crawling back into bed. The Scotsman's checked the clock on his way in, noted it was nearly five in the morning, and proceeded to deliver a punishing elbow into Andersons side.
"Now ya shut up an' go tha hell back ta sleep. If thah damn comforter leaves this bed again, soh do you." Cove all but snarled then as he settled back onto his side, the need for sleep threatening to consume him. He'd almost made it too, but then came the rustling again, and he could feel Anderson shifting closer and closer to him until he could actually feel the werewolf's chin coming to rest against his shoulder.
And then a slightly chilled nose was nuzzling at the crook of his neck. It caused Cove to draw his shoulder up slightly.
Soon Anderson was pressing against him completely, the man's arms wound around his waist and now resting just at his stomach.
Beyond his better reasoning, Cove cracked an eye open in order to glance back at Andy.
He was met with the deepest shades of purple staring back at him.
"If you won't be the big spoon then I will "
Cove couldn't help himself then,
He smiled.
Maybe cuddling wouldn't be so bad. He even kinda liked being the little spoon.
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To be the big spoon
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