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 New Year's Eve.

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New Year's Eve.  Empty
PostSubject: New Year's Eve.    New Year's Eve.  EmptyFri Jan 01, 2016 5:59 am

I was bored and I wanted to write something. It got sloppy towards the end because I'm tired but I hope you like it!
Happy New Year! Smile

Cove sat on the couch with his jaw clenched as he watched the numbers start flashing on the television.
59… 58… 57… 56… 55…
The pack members around him were already cheering. But Cove could only groan inwardly, slumping over against the cushion and rolling his eyes.
So what it was New Year’s Eve? Why should he be celebrating time passing by? Why should he be happy that another year was passing and he was sitting here a lonely, miserable prick?
“C’mon Cove! Get up and count with us!”
Cove could recognize Cameron’s drunken shout from a mile away. The boy never spoke that loud when he was sober. He let his eyes flicker up, shaking his head as he spotted the blonde, visible above everyone else as he sat atop Rhett’s shoulders, letting out occasional loud excited cheers in between the counting.
His father finally became visible as they got closer. The older Scotsman was clearly drunk as well judging from the stupid 2016 glasses he wore that he wouldn’t be caught dead with sober. Cove was about to roll his eyes again when the wide grin his father wore caught him off guard. He had not seen his father this happy in years. Not since long before mom left.
His dad was happy.
He couldn’t help but smile then.
“Come on, Coveh!” Rhett jeered along with his new lover, reaching out to tug his son up by the elbow.
“Alright, alright.” Cove gave in, smirking. He would only play along to make sure that grin stayed on his daddy’s face. His father deserved happiness more than anyone he knew. “Ya know ya look ridiculous en those-“
He was cut off by another loud cheer from Cameron.
“TEN!” The boy shouted out, pointing to the television where the number was flashing in the center of the screen. It seemed like the entire pack cried out then.


It seemed like everyone had scrambled to find their lovers or at least the person they’d be sharing their New Year’s kiss with for the evening. Even Rhett was grinning slyly as he threw Cameron around like a rag doll, tugging him down from his shoulders and into his arms bridal style instead.


Finn was letting out curses as he reluctantly let himself be lifted into Jesse’s arms. Nearby Ouija was snaking his arms around Parker’s waist, already nipping at his neck impatiently. Zach was curled in Roman’s lap like a cat with a party hat perched atop his head, beaming as the large man murmured something in his ear.


Bane was swaying lightly in his spot in Danny’s arms, the blind wolf’s face in his hands, fingertips just slightly tracing over the contours of the man’s cheeks, making sure the boy knew just where he was so their kiss didn’t miss a few seconds later. Beside them were Breccan and Rocinante, the taller of the two nearly tripping over himself in his excitement, as well as Bellamy and Vitaly, who were already in an embrace so close that they might as well have kissed already. A few feet away and Ace was bouncing eagerly up and down, cackling at something Dylan had said as he traced designs in the freckles down one of the wolf’s arms.


Piper and Jace were already in the middle of an intense makeout session. They had stopped counting long ago, after about Jace’s seventh drink. They’d been caught up in each other ever since, to no one’s surprise.


Dallas had Law swept into his arms, despite the man’s protests, their foreheads resting together as they counted down to the new year. Sawyer was beside them with his hands firmly resting on Britt’s ass, pressing the redhead tight against him and assuring that there was no room for Bellamy in his mind. Of course there were no worries about that. Britt had had eyes for Sawyer the entire night, far too eager to get out of here the second the ball dropped so they could really celebrate. He hadn’t even stopped once to harass Venus who was standing next to them with his hands tentatively on Ajax’s hips.
Even Sinclair was chest to chest with Stein, not even his phobia of germs enough to prevent him from sharing a kiss at midnight with his lover.

There was not a sad place in the face. It seemed like no one was alone.
Except for Cove.
He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been alone at midnight on New Year’s Eve. He had had Leon for what felt like forever. Even before Leon, from the time he’d been quite young, he’d sneak up to his bedroom at midnight and Misery would give him a sweet kiss to welcome in the new year.
He could still remember the shy pecks his lover would give him as couples around them groped each other. He had never minded, not really. As long as he got his real kiss later on when they were alone under the covers.
He thought he might be sick then as the sight of his precious Leon, blushing and naked, beautiful, in the dim lights of their bedroom, flashed through his head.


He was about to just leave the home altogether. He had to go somewhere. Anywhere was better than here, where he’d be the only one alone tonight. He couldn’t keep a happy face any longer and he couldn’t stay in here and ruin his father’s happy night.
That was when he saw the mane of lavender hair floating above the rest of the crowd.


Before he knew what he was doing he was shoving past people, towards the gargantuan boy he hadn’t planned on speaking to tonight. He didn’t know what was pushing him forward, but it was too late to stop now. He had to hurry.


The roar of everyone in the pack shouting simultaneously was deafening. Several of those party horns were blown at once before people leaned into their lovers.
Just in time Cove reached Anderson. The man’s back was to him. He spun him around, roughly shoving him against the wall and capturing his lips before the basketball player could even register who was kissing him. Luckily, Andy responded anyways, hands flying around the Scotsman’s waist. The second they were embracing, Andy knew. He’d recognize that toned body anywhere, especially when it was pressed so close against his own.
Nearly another entire minute passed before the two broke apart. There was a second of silence where they both panted softly before Andy cracked a grin.
“Shit, you sure know how to start off the year, Conner.”
Cove’s hand shot out to grasp Andy’s wrist, about to inform the man that he was coming home with him. Then he turned around and caught a glimpse of Cameron, helpless in his father’s bone crushing grip, still trying to keep up with the man’s vigorous kisses and love bites. He decided he’d let his father have free reign of the house tonight.
“Outside. Now.” Cove growled softly. And then he was tugging Andy out of the front door and showing him the easiest route to climb up to the roof.
Cove hadn’t had too much to drink that night but he could hardly remember anything by the time they were finally done, lying there with frost-bitten skin, heaving ragged breaths as the sun rose above them. All he could remember were small snippets. Anderson’s claws scraping his back raw. Anderson’s legs thrown over his shoulders. Anderson screaming his actual name for once in between curses. Then the view of the moon making Anderson’s lavender hair glow as he flipped them over, slamming Cove down on his back on the hard surface. The feel of Anderson bringing him to completion over and over again, so many times that he’d lost count.
It was definitely a better New Year’s than he’d thought it would be. Even if he could hardly feel his lower half and his upper half was stinging with claw and fang marks, accompanied by love bites. Even if he was so cold his teeth were chattering and Anderson used this as an excuse to force them to cuddle.
He dozed off until the cold woke him again a few hours later. Then he redressed and shook Anderson awake before bidding him goodbye with an uncharacteristically soft kiss to the lavender mop of hair atop his head. He limped all the way home then. He didn’t realize he had been smiling the entire time until he got home and found his father collapsed on the couch atop of a Cameron so bruised and exhausted looking that Cove would have sworn he were dead if it weren’t for the slow rise and fall of his bare chest. He startled his father awake, causing the man to slur out a flurry of apologies until he paused, furrowing his brow.
“What are ya smiling about?”
“Oh, me? Et’s nothing.” Cove brushed it off, though the smirk stayed put.
Rhett simply stared at him strangely before hugging him a moment later.
“Whoever et is, ah’m glad ya have em.”
And then he’d tossed Cameron over his shoulder and lumbered up to bed, not wanting to push the matter. Cove would tell him when he was ready.
Cove simply stayed there for a while longer, as if in a daze from the night of passion he’d spent.
Eventually he made his way up to bed, phone already in his hand.
Maybe he could give Andy a call.
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New Year's Eve.
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