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 Marry Me.

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PostSubject: Marry Me.    Marry Me.  EmptySun Jan 10, 2016 7:53 pm

Britt and Sawyer had been officially together for years, Britt had been admittedly in love for years.
He was at a point in their relationship where he was ready. He had submitted to the fact that he was going to be with Sawyer for the rest of his life. Hell, he wanted to be with Sawyer for the rest of his life.
He was ready to get married. He was waiting and waiting for Sawyer to pop the question. But it seemed like the day would never come. He didn’t realize why the wolf wasn’t asking until one day Ajax told him.
“Baby.” Ajax sighed as Britt lay strewn across his lap, complaining about his predicament. “You ran away every time he tried to tell you he loved you, when he wanted you to settle down and be his boyfriend. I wouldn’t risk proposing if I was him either. You know he wants to marry you though.”
“Shit… you’re right, huh?” Britt cursed softly under his breath. How did he fix this? How could he just drop casual hints about being ready for marriage? That would take all the romance out of it…
And then it hit him, what he had to do.

A week later it was their anniversary.
Sawyer was arriving at the apartment with a bouquet of white roses in his hand. He wore the suit and tie Britt had dropped off at his home the previous night with a note that simply said, “Wear this, handsome.”
He was surprised when Ajax opened the apartment door. He would have thought Britt would have asked the boy to leave for this special occasion. Maybe, he thought, Britt wanted to go out somewhere instead. That would be fine.
“He’s waiting on the roof.” Ajax informed, ushering Sawyer inside and out the window which lead to the fire escape where Sawyer could climb up to the roof.
When he finally hoisted himself up, his jaw dropped at what he saw.
“B-Brittany.” He stammered out, eyes flickering around to take everything in.
In the center of the roof there was a small square table, just big enough for two, set with silverware, glasses of champagne, and a still fresh, hot meal waiting on him. Off to one side was many small candles, forming a large heart around a blanket and pillows set up for them later. Beside the heart was a basket full of bottles of wine and champagne. Lights were strung along the barrier of the roof and rose petals were scattered everywhere.
“Happy anniversary.” Britt winked as he stepped forward. He was standing in the center of it all, wearing a suit of his own with a bouquet in hand, his hair perfectly gelled and sprayed into place.
As Sawyer moved to meet him, they exchanged bouquets and Sawyer pressed the boy close to his chest.
“Thith ith… Britt, what the hell?” He sputtered softly. “It’th my job to do thith thit.”
“You know, I thought that too. But then I really thought about it. Why should it be your job all the time?” He arched an eyebrow. “So tonight, I pamper you. Take a seat, gorgeous.” Britt grinned slyly, pulling out a chair until Sawyer sat down.
They enjoyed their meal in peace, almost silent apart from the small talk they shared. Britt was surprised to feel just how nervous he was about what he had planned. His eyes kept flickering over to Sawyer’s champagne when the man wasn’t looking. He just had to wait.
Finally, Sawyer reached for the small glass, bringing it to his lips before something caught his eye.
“Britt?” He raised an eyebrow, trying to see what exactly it was that sat at the bottom of the thin champagne flute. “Brittany… what ith thith?” He blinked several times as he drank enough of the champagne that he could retrieve the shining diamond ring that rested in the glass.
Britt stood then, stomach doing backflips as he got down on one knee, reaching out to grasp Sawyer’s free hand in both of his own.
“Sawyer Reynolds, I love you more than I ever thought I’d love anything. I’m broken. You know that better than anyone. Or… I was broken. But you fixed me. Ever since things with Bellamy ended, I decided I was done having emotions. All I wanted was casual sex, a friend with benefits. And then you talked me into being your boyfriend. I didn’t get what that meant at first. I made mistakes. I was a shitty boyfriend. But you kept me anyway. You put up with it even when I refused to stop sleeping around, refused to say I love you, refused to commit at all. But now Sawyer… I’m not afraid anymore. I love you and I say it almost every day now. I haven’t slept with anyone else or even thought about it in years. And I’m finally ready to commit to you. I want to commit. I never wanted to be tied down or to have a family. But now… I want to be your husband. Hell, I might even want a family someday. I want to be with you and only you for the rest of my life. You’re all I need anymore, Sawyer. All I want. So… Thawyer, my lovely thithead, will you do me the honor of being my husband? Will you marry me?”
Sawyer was speechless for a moment as he stared down at his lover. He couldn’t believe this.
Ajax had been right. Sawyer wanted to propose, for so long now. There were times when he even thought Britt might say yes. But he had talked himself out of it every time. He had to wait. He would know when the time was right. He couldn’t risk freaking Britt out, making him run off and screw some other guy again. Their life together was perfect right now. He couldn’t risk ruining it just to put a label on them. But God, he had wanted to.
Now, he regretted that he hadn’t done it sooner. Britt would have said yes to him. He should be the one doing this, giving Britt a day he’d never forget. But it was too late to take it back now. There was only one thing he could do.
“Yeth.” He grinned as he stood, pulling the redhead into his arms and kissing him deeply as the boy slid the diamond ring onto his finger. “I’m not wearing thith.” Sawyer whined. “You’re thuppothed to.”
“Sorry, my man. You should have acted sooner. Now you’re stuck wearing it.” He winked before capturing the man’s lips in another deep kiss.
“Fine. I’ll wear it. But we need to get you out of thethe clotheth.” Sawyer grunted softly, already tugging at Britt’s tie as he kicked his shoes off and lead them over to the blanket setup, leaving their half-finished meals to get cold.
They spent the evening making love over and over again, basking in the joy they both felt at their new engagement. It was their first night as an engaged couple. Britt’s mind was already racing, finding that, surprisingly, he was excited for the wedding.
“We need a date.” He murmured softly as Sawyer’s lips trailed down his thighs for what felt like the thousandth time that night. “And we need to pick our bridesmaids and groomsmen.” He continued speaking even as Sawyer’s lips moved back up to his jaw, then capturing his lips. He merely spoke in between kisses. “I’ll have to pick up more shifts at the shop if we’re going to pay for this.” He continued on, even as Sawyer was clearly no longer interested, hands trailing lower on the boy’s lithe body.
“Baby. Relax.” Sawyer chuckled, finally giving in and lying back down beside the boy, pulling him atop of his chest. “There’th no ruth. We’ve got ath long ath we want. I didn’t think you’d be tho exthited.” It warmed his heart, really. Britt Vause wanted to get married. Who would have thought?
Britt nearly blushed, shoving Sawyer roughly in the side.
“I’m not that excited… I don’t know, I just like planning shit. Leave me alone, thithead.” He grouched softly before quickly changing the subject. “I could use some more wine, how about you?” He questioned, already leaning over Sawyer to grab his glass and a new bottle, pouring it nearly full.
“Thure, I’ll take thome, my fianthe.” Sawyer grinned as he spoke the word for the first time, moving to sit up so Britt was sitting in his lap and he could better reach to caress the boy’s sides. “God, I almotht want to go to thome thtupid event jutht tho I can introduce you as my fianthe.” He purred as Britt handed him the glass of wine he’d requested.
They downed glass after glass until they’d emptied three bottles and were going for their fourth. Needless to say, they were both completely wasted.
And like always when they were wasted, they had sex. Even more than usual. Over and over again. Until finally, the sun was rising and they were both exhausted as they finished one last time, both of them collapsing onto the other and pressing sloppy kisses to wherever they could reach.
“I’loveyou.” Britt’s words came out in one long slur as he slumped over onto Sawyer’s chest, tugging the blanket they were laying on so it curled around him as well.
“You too.” Sawyer murmured tiredly, fingers stroking absentmindedly through his fiance’s hair as he sobered up. Everything wore off quicker for him with his werewolf abilities. He was still exhausted, even as his mind cleared up. But he was sober enough then to appreciate the beauty curled up on his chest like a pet. Even with his hair messed up, body littered in bruises and claw marks, mouth lolling open, and dark bags under his eyes, the only word Sawyer could think of to describe him was beautiful.
Even though he would much rather lay here and appreciate the boy in all his naked glory, he forced himself to get up and dress his lover as well as himself before scooping him into his arms and carefully climbing down to the fire escape below. A few minutes later and he was carefully ducking into the apartment window, grinning at Ajax who laid on the couch atop Venus’s chest. They too were both naked, although Ajax was awake while Venus was thankfully sound asleep or Sawyer knew he would have squealed like a girl and woken Britt up.
“How’d it go last night?” Ajax arched an eyebrow.
Sawyer held up his hand with the ring in response. Ajax only smiled then, nodding his head as he watched Sawyer carry Britt back into their bedroom.
The werewolf laid his lover down before undressing him again, then undressing himself so he could curl up beside the redhead and once again appreciate how gorgeous he was like this. He was gorgeous all the time, of course. But tonight… the boy was now his fiancé. It was his fiancé beside him, covered in love bites and claw marks and all kinds of evidence of the love they’d made.
That was when it truly hit him. He was marrying the love of his life.
He was marrying Britt Vause.
He could only squeeze the boy tightly then, pressing kisses into his hair as he thanked his lucky stars.
He was the luckiest man in the world.
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Marry Me.
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