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 Three Words

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PostSubject: Three Words   Three Words EmptyFri Feb 05, 2016 2:00 pm

Something was wrong

Hell, Morgan knew it would be hard.  Their relationship would never be the same after how he'd pushed Anderson away,
After how he'd ended things.
But he'd always thought they would still be friends after.  He could never picture his life without Andy.  The lavender giant was still his other half.  They just couldn't be together.  He himself was broken and spiraling, he couldn't risk bringing Anderson down with him.  The werewolf obviously didnt see it like that though, or he did not understand.  Ever since that last night, Andy only ever said three words to him at a time.  It had been several months now.  For most of the time he'd been avoided completely, but in the last weeks he and Anderson had bumped into each other, seemingly always by accident, with Andy never failing to stutter out his few words before finding some way to excuse himself.
It was beginning to take a toll on Morgan.


"Hey there now."  The werewolf had mumbled awkwardly, his head tilted slightly as though to look down at Morgan, yet his amethyst gaze remained on the floor, shifting about as if struggling not to flickering up to the man's face. He had stopped into a coffee shop for a drink only to bump chests with Morgan when he turned from the counter. 
It was uncomfortable in ways Anderson had never anticipated.  With Morgan, their relationship had always come easily, natural.
Anderson couldnt stand this.
He said he had a game to play, he was running late.
Morgan knew better, but couldnt stop the near giant from brushing past him.


"It's all good."  A muttered response after Morgan had approached him at his college.  The man knew his classes, had used to walk him around campus.  He'd obviously wanted to talk-somewhere privately.  It immediately set Anderson on edge.  The werewolf didnt think he could bare listening to any excuses as to why their relationship had not worked out.  He didn't desire an apology for that night when Morgan brought flames to life and set fear bubbling up in his chest.  He never wanted to speak of any of it. He wanted to forget, play pretend if he had to.

Anderson brushed Morgan aside. "I have class."  Three words, dismissing the conversation entirely. 


It was the first time since their breakup that Anderson had initiated any sort of conversation.  He had heard from a mutual friend that Morgan was attempting to get clean.  They'd told him his former love was a month sober.
Anderson had noticed the man after one of his games.  Usually he would have ducked away before Morgan had the chance to find him, but this time the gargantuan wolf lumbered his way over to rest a gentle hand on Morgan's shoulder.

"Nice work, Inch.

It was clear what he meant, his eyes shining with lavender sincerity. And he'd used the nickname.  Anderson had called him 'inch' often in reference to the few inches that separated them. It was the first time in hat felt like years, so Morgan didn't have the heart to admit he had relapsed several days before.
Anderson didn't let on that he could tell. He could always tell.

"Take care now."

The towering player left then, his words still pressing heavily upon Morgan's chest.


Enough was enough.

Fuck three letter words, they were going to have a decent conversation if it killed Morgan in making it happen.  He was tired of their short and awkward exchanges.  He wouldn't stand for anymore.
Morgan waited in front of the man's apartment, knowing he'd be home from classes soon.  He had a game in a few hours, and if he wanted to get inside his room to change then he'd have to face Morgan or play in his street clothes. 

"Don't do this."

Upon noticing Morgan at his door, Anderson knew what he was in for.  The man's stubbornness knew no bounds.  Andy tried to slip past his former lover but Morgan knew him too well, knew how he would move even before he did.
So Anderson was stuck, standing barred from his apartment as Morgan scowled up at him.
"I am not like everyone else, Andy! I know we had a bad break but we are better than this.  You can't just keep blowing me off! I mean come on!? 'Take care now? What is that? What are you trying to do to me?"
 It was clearly causing him great anguish, his eyes shining with hurt as he reached out to shove the larger man.  
Anderson seemed lost, his fingers trembling as he reached down into the pocket of his jeans.  From there he produced a small piece of paper, his hands still fidgeting as he offering the scrap out to Morgan.
"What in the fuck is this? 'Hey there now', 'Take care now','Nice work Inch'  I don't understand!"  
Written on the paper was all the little three worded sentences that he'd heard out of Anderson in all their time spent estranged. 
He didn't know what to make of it.
Anderson waited as though the longer Morgan spent staring at it, the more he would understand.  Finally though the werewolf realized they were getting nowhere, and now Morgan was staring at him in frustrated anticipation.

Andy had no choice but to explain himself.

"Dammit, Inch! its my shrink! I started fucking seeing a therapist after- after-"  He couldnt finish.  It was still impossible for Anderson to speak of their incident with fire, no matter how hard his shirk was working with him. And he was already humiliated, admitting that he'd been so damaged he was having to pay someone to talk him through it.  "Anyways, he talked me into this process I can use to try and divert my feelings. Those are all three word sentences that we came up with together so that I could have something to say to you instead of the three words that are....That are killing me." The wolf's chest was heaving now, his eyes seeming to explode into purple galaxies with his passion. "The three words that you know I feel but I can't say them, because it would be cruel to say them, because I am obviously no good for you.  You aren't ready for a relationship and I dont wanna torture you, but I dont wanna look at you longingly when I know I cant be with you either.  So yeah, im being awkward and saying shit like 'Take care now'."  Anderson trailed off almost lamely, his hands moving as though that would make Morgan understand. Finally the giant found his voice to continue, but his words wavered with anguish. "Im letting you off the hook.  Im trying.  Im trying so hard to let you off the hook.  Im trying to make it right.  I dont want to lose us completely."

Silence overtook them then, and not knowing what to say, Morgan could manage to move out of Anderson's way.  The last thing the werewolf heard before the door to his apartment clicked shut was a soft and longing "Take care now."
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Three Words
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