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 Blue Neighborhood

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PostSubject: Re: Blue Neighborhood    Wed Jul 06, 2016 5:51 pm

Law reached forward as though to brush gentle fingers through Britt's hair but stopped short upon noticing the vicious look twisting his sons features.  When the boy next spoke, his voice was harsh with possession.  "Don't touch him.  Juth- Leave uth." Sawyer glowered until his mother finally shifted a step backwards, not satisfied until certain Britt was out of reach.  Slowly his attention found its way back to Britt's broken body, eyes tracing each hurt as though his love alone would be enough to heal it.  Without words he stripped his leather jacket away, using it instead to swaddle Britt as though the boy were a newborn.  "I brought you a night thirt and a pair of my workout thorts.  They're loothe and they'll be enough to keep you warm until we're home." Sawyer paused long enough for Britt to hear him before carefully moving to cradle the boy against his chest, one arm secured beneath the boys arms while the other took post curled at knees. The werewolf took his time, savoring the feel of Britt against him. There had been a time when he thought this feeling lost forever, to have it back was a blessing he couldnt put in words.  Sawyer pressed his lips to the outer shell of Britt's ear, his words a warm breath against the boys neck.  "Are you ready?"

Rhett was a steady and silent force whereas Kirk had been ever moving and possessive, he'd held Cameron as though the boy belonged to him.  Rhett claimed Cameron's love but he'd never forced anything. They were completely separate forces, only sharing the intense feeling of love for the tiny blonde bundled in Rhett's arms.  It had been a devastating blow for Kirk to have left him behind, and Rhetts greatest blessing to find him.
It would almost kill the Scotsman to let go again, but Rhett never voiced those feelings.  Finn would fight him tooth in nail if needed but Rhett would not argue.  If Cameron felt safer at home with his mother then Rhett would give him that.  The boy deserved to have anything he asked for.
"Here, put Cameron in the back with me. You can drive."  Finn was opening the back car door for him, his gaze demanding and fierce as he watched Rhett settle his son into the seat.  He followed as soon as his son was comfortable, tossing Rhett the car keys without ever looking away from Cameron.  The man piled in behind his son, his hands unusually gentle as he pulled Cameron to rest in his lap. 
"You're never fucking leaving the house again. I hope you know that."  Despite his words there was no bite in Finn's tone, only breathless relief.

"Ouija," Parker spoke the mans name as though it were a prayer to God, his fingers curling firmly at the base of Ouija's neck to bring him down, far enough that Parker could press their foreheads together.  His lips were close enough to brush the corner of Ouija's mouth but he waited for his mate to close that last inch. "Ouija." The name was warm on his tongue but heavy to hold. In these moments all the time spent resisting Rich disappeared. He could forget that he'd finally given in, ignore that he'd been sure to never  feel the weight of Ouija against him again unless in dreams, disregard all the mounting guilt of having given up. Time and reality fell apart and it was only Ouija, Ouija, Ouija.

"Im fine, Candy man, really.  I got you here my to heal my ill."  It wasn't a lie.  This was the best he'd felt since being dragged into this hell hole, seeing Morgan and Cove had been reminiscent to coming home from war. He hadn't been sure he'd ever make it out, and he'd already said his goodbyes.  It was a blessing to know they weren't needed. In his relief Anderson had almost forgotten his ruined state, only now remembering as he felt Cove's fingers in his hair. It had undoubtedly grown in his time spent with Rich, his blonde roots sure to be showing.  In all his years he'd never allowed the lavender to fade, and now it only added to his humiliation. 
God forbid Roman and Zach witness it too.
"Cove, get me the fuck out of here. I gotta wash up or some shit before my family comes around."  His worry was more for Zach.  He'd always enjoyed teasing his brothers mate, occasionally throwing playful passes in the hopes of winning a bashful smile. Roman stayed on his ass for it but even his brother enjoyed seeing Zach flustered. 
They couldn't see him like this.
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Blue Neighborhood
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