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 Ary and Asher

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Gabriel McDaniels


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PostSubject: Ary and Asher   Fri Sep 23, 2011 1:04 am

Aristotle's nose scrunched up in a look of disgust. He was on his lap top, looking up the latest sexual act Asher had mentioned. Ever since the boy had cheated he was trying extra hard to keep him happy in bed and the newest thin was RIMMING.
Aristotle wanted to puke just thinking about it.
He had typed in "Rimming" And it brought up a wikipedia for the word "Anilingus" The word at first freaked Aristotle out but he had pressed forward, wanting to please his lover. He opened the site and out came a picture of a female, bending over doggy-style and another female behind her, apparently LICKING her asshole.
Aristotle moved, jumping over on his bed and flipping on scoobydoo, sighing as he watched, He didnt want to do that rimmming thing but for Asher..
The boy could not get it out of his head, it made his stomach churn to think about what that page had said. He dreaded doing it but this was his and Asher's almost four year anniversary and he wanted to do something special for him. Sure he could buy him just about anything but this was something very special for them. The slow boy stood up, his hands trembling and shaking, his eyes watering as he wondered into the bathroom, not even noticing as the notion of puking washed up on him and he fell to his knees in front of the toilet, emptying the content of his bowels into the large porcelain bowl.
The thought of sticking his tongue in another persons ass grossed him the hell out but for Asher...
For Asher he felt he could do anything for.
The boy called Chord like he was supposed to before he took any medicine so he didn't accidentally over dose. He just wanted to take something, and make his stomach stop hurting for a little while so he could focus on doing this.
"Hello?" Chord hummed softly, he was in the middle of bathing Bruno.
"Yup, Ary?"
"Uh-Huh...My stomach hurts..." Aristotle drew in his special voice, a bottle of pills already in his clumsy hands.
"Oh, okay so do you have the Pain away I left you?"
"Take two with some water and then go and lay down. You should start to feel better pretty soon okay?" Chord frowned lightly at the phone. He was always worried when Aristotle took pills all by himself, scared the boy could miss count and over dose at any time and he could but so far they had been lucky. It was silent while Aristotle popped the pills in his mouth and took a swallow of water, Chord listening as he crawled into bed and laid down. "Where is Asher?"
The slow boy was silent for a bit, thinking. "I think he is at his house..."
"Maybe...How come your sick babe, you do anything?"
"Um...Yes but you got to promise you wont tell anyone..." Aristotle was so slow, it was adorable sounding in a way.
"Ummm Okay I promise?"
"Im reading about...uh..." Chord could practically feel his friends blush over the phone. "Well its..."
"Spit it out Ary..."
And then Chord's laugh came through the line, loud and happy, making Aristotle only blush harder as he listened.
"A-Aristotle! T-Thats so sweet!" He held his stomach as he laughed.
"I-It's stupid isn't it?" The boy was now discouraged, it was that easy to do.
The laughing slowly died down, Chord frowning softly. "No Ary! Its so sweet and he would be so happy if you did that. Your doing good..."
"I-I am?"
"Yes you are babe, but right now you should go get some rest and feel better alright?"
"O-Okay...Bye...Love you Chord."
"Love you too Ary." Chord hung up, Aristotle turning over on the bed and curling himself up. Maybe if he got some sleep he might feel better about this...
Probably not.
Aristotle simply sat back and told himself he was doing this for Asher.
Anything for Asher.
He drifted off to sleep.
(I couldnt write asher good enough to do smut, sorry boo!!)
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Ary and Asher
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