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Three moments of Piper waking and watching Jace.


Jace sleeps on his side, curled into a childlike ball while either tangled and hogging the blankets or refusing to share a stitch.  Sometimes he wears leather and lace lingerie to bed, the kind Piper buys him on birthdays and special occasions, usually for the simple pleasure of witnessing the boys god-like allure as he proudly sports them around their bedroom. 

Other nights he sleeps in boxers or nothing at all, curling bare and beautiful atop Piper's chest. Their room is constantly warm, even on the coldest days Jace's small body exudes heat like an iron furnace. On most mornings this is a blessing to Piper, except this is not most mornings.  Jace's father had appeared on their doorstep at dawn, demanding Piper take his 'boxer clad ass back inside and send Jace out.'  The man had never been very accepting of their relationship but he had gotten better over the years, even if it was only as a favor to Jace.  No amount of time, however, would ever ease the burn in Roman's eyes when he witnessed any hint that Piper had been intimate with his baby.

That scorching gaze was the reason Piper found himself slumping with relief as he shut their bedroom door, leaving Roman to stand outside and wait unless Payne or Rocinante were to come along and entice him inside. 
Piper wouldn't have much time to roll Jace out of bed and dress him before Roman became impatient.

But that was alright, he man decided with a warm sigh, his eyes trailing tenderly over the small form that had tangled in their sheets upon the loss of his lover's warmth. 

It seemed almost criminal to ruin the moment.

Piper had been preparing to tell Roman he'd just have to wait, jaw set with determination as he heard the man calling out for his son. The sound caused  Piper to cringe, his knuckles tightening on the doorknob as he feared the noise startling his lover. He had always liked waking Jace slowly, holding him close and listening to the boy's breathing as he roused. These mornings felt like the sweetest of dreams. Today Roman was threatening to steal these moments away, leading Piper to square his shoulders with the intent to convince Roman that he needed to quiet down and leave, maybe come back some other time.

The man was stopped by a soft whine, the sound of ruffling blankets alerting Piper that he was too late.

Jace was stretching when he finally glanced back, the boy's body arching gracefully in a way that stole Piper's breath away.

"What are you staring at? Is there something on my face?" Jace wore a sleepy little smile, his lips pink and delicate in a way that left Piper stricken with love. He completely missed the little joke in place, despite all the late night drag race marathons Jace subjected him to. 

Piper was almost unaware that the boy had spoken at all, standing rigid as he struggled with his impulses. 
For a moment the man was left sputtering as he realized Jace was waiting for a response, his mouth finally moving almost stupidly as he fought to control himself. 
"Shit, Pops is waiting for you but damn baby can't he wait?" 
"No, he fucking cant." 
Piper flinched at the harsh voice sounding from their doorway, unsure if he wanted to risk facing Roman who was undoubtedly snarling from his place just outside the room.  Sure, he was always up for a fight but Jace seemed to be particularly distraught when it was Roman he's up against.
In the end, Jace intervened to save him, snagging Roman's attention with sweet words and glistening puppy eyes.
It seemed Piper wasn't the only one who fell pray to Jace's charms.


Its the morning after Payne's eighteenth birthday, a day in which Jace had worked himself to the point of exhaustion in order to fulfill his motherly duty and give their baby a celebration he'd always remember.  Piper had drifted off on the couch after the party had died down, but even then Jace had been catering to their children and working to keep their home tidy.  Piper wasn't sure when he'd finally dozed off, but he found Jace slumped in a chair by the fireplace, arms hanging down and his face relaxed in a way that left him looking impossibly delicate.  

The man looks to his lover and he thinks back to the night before, watching their child celebrate his coming of age with Jace tucked safely against his side, a constant warmth throughout the night.  At one point the boy had taken his hand, leading him back into their bedroom for a little celebration of their own.  He remembers the sweetness of Jace's mouth and they kissed, and how his skin was soft and smooth beneath callused fingers. 

Piper startled sheepishly as he notices he's been staring, admiring with warmth the tiny bit of stubble on Jace's chin, the gentle  curve of his neck against the dark wood and Piper's hand twitches forward, yearning to touch the spot where delicate bones meet.

I love him so much I don't know if my heart can hold it all, Piper thinks as his fingers graze smoothe skin.  He puts his head next to Jace's, cheeks brushing as he inhales the rich scent of his hair. Lavender or rose, some flower.  Opening his eyes he's met with he beauty of a soft expanse of skin, the detail of closed eyes and lashes, the horizon line of a nose- familiar and delicate.  Close enough that Piper could kiss each individual freckle.  Tenderly he trails his mouth over cheekbones and down, down to the corner of Jace's lips. He hesitates, just a beat in order to cherish the moment before pressing a gentle kiss there.

He feels more than sees Jace twitch, eyes fluttering open to find Piper with loving recognition. The boy is met with a cheesy grin, strong hands finding their way around his waist in a near childlike embrace before Jace is being swept up completely.  Piper cradled the boy against his chest, arms sturdy and familiar with the tiny form they held.

"I think its time I took you to bed, shawty."

Jace swallows, chest swelling with adoration as Piper carries him to their bedroom, each step carrying with it a gentle kiss to his cheek. 


There's too bright light in his eyes, and Piper groans as he struggles to tug the blanket over his face. They won't budge though, and the man winces as he is forced to face the illumination. The unmoving bundle of blankets grumble at him, whining softly that "Its not time to get up yet."

Piper fights back a fond  smile, amused that his bed sheets seemed to have taken on a life of their own with Jace snuggled into their center. 

"That's what I was thinking too shawty, but for some reason i'm damn freezing over here and the suns buggin'." The man gently tugged at the corner of their sheets, playfully stretching out to drape himself across Jace's abdomen.  "I might stay if I can get in on this little cocoon you got goin' on."

His only response is a sleep-happy hum, and after a moment Piper began to slowly, so slowly, lift himself from the bed.  Jace wasn't having it though. The boy caught him around the waist, snuggling closer and making it impossible for Piper to slip away. His arms tighten as Piper groans, his breath hot and tickling against the mans neck. Jace knew what he was doing, could feel the growing hardness at his thigh and yet he continued, enjoying how his lover squirmed. 
Jace cracks one eye open then, his smile sly as he very deliberately undulates his hips. 

Pipers small gasp of want sends chills down his spine, leaving Jace proud and satisfied as the man stutters beneath him.

"You! You know what you be doing to me!"

Piper is silenced as Jace licks at his mouth, a provocation that demands recompense. He is rolling them over then, knees open Jace's legs and takes full advantage of his position.

"I figured there's no way you can leave me now."  Jace's breath is coming fast but he grins, alert and wanting as Piper leans in to kiss him.
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