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 Ronnie Radke

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PostSubject: Ronnie Radke   Fri Sep 23, 2011 1:05 am

(Yeah im OC as fuck here, I didnt know how to write him or you and I wrote it a night we were fighting so its a special attempt to make you smile. I love you!!"
Ronnie Radke huffed, sitting down in a booth at some restaurant. His band had replaced him, he had just gotten out of jail, he was finally fighting his addiction. He was lost in thought, not noticing even as a girl squeaked and made her way over to him. He finally noticed her when she lightly tapped his shoulder.
His head snapped around to face the girl.
His eyes widened.
There stood a very gorgeous girl…a sweet smile, big brown eyes, wildly colored hair framing very adorable, pinchable cheeks.
“Uh….” He wasn’t sure what to say but before he could even start the girl began.
“Hi!! Oh my Gosh…your Ronnie Radke!!” The adorable girl squeaked in his high voice.
“Yeah, Yeah I guess I am.” He nodded his head, giving the girl a small smile which almost made her melt.
“Y-You’re my HERO!!”
He blinked, he had never thought of himself as much of a hero…he was a druggie, had been involved with the killing of a man…
“I am??
“Yes!! Because of you, I feel like I can do anything, and your music has helped me through a lot of hard times when I wasn’t sure I would make it! Its such a…honor to be able to meet you!!” Her smile was bright and happy, his cheeks a deep shade of pink as she blushed.
“Well..” He blinked, he had never thought what he had been through was helping anyone. “Im glad I helped you…Wanna…sit down?” He asked lightly, watching the girls large brown eyes grow wide in disbelief before the girl indeed sat down.
Who would pass up a chance to sit and chat with Ronnie Radke?
Not her.
“So ….Um….” He looked the girl over a bit more, she was wearing a large back shirt that had the name of his new band on the front of it: Falling in reverse. She was a larger girl, but so beautiful,….Way prettier than some of those skinny ass bitched he had been hanging around with.
He hated to think that he was…strangely attracted to this girl…He didn’t want to ruin the image she had of him in her head but he really wanted to…
Ask her out on a date…
He took a deep breath, trying to calm his nervous heart beak before he gave a charming smile, “How old are you exactly?”
The girl paused, her eye brow raised as she mused on why he would ask.
You see,
In this girls mind she was not pretty at all. She saw herself as disgusting and fat, he hated everything about her looks, his body, no matter how many people told her she was pretty she simply didn’t believe it.
Why no one would ever know.
The girl truly was gorgeous…
“Um, im twenty.” She nodded, his voice meek. She was just now turning twenty, getting ready to go to college to become a teacher. She loved children, and she would like to work more either in the middle schools or high schools, knowing that maybe she could help some students like she would have wanted when she was in school, she could relate to them. This girl had once been a cutter, she had since then stopped but the urge never truly dies, she simply has to remind herself of all the progress she has made and who she may be letting down and she found the strength now to do it.
“Wow….so….Twenty…” Fuck yes. Ronnie smiled inside, she was twenty, he was just now old to turn twenty five. “Hey, you wanna maybe….go out with me one night?” He asked lightly, he looked much less nervous then he actually was.
The girl stopped mid breath, seeming as if all her dreams had come true.
Ronnie Radke had just asked her out on a date,
She was going to fucking die.
She took a moment before realizing he was staring snd waiting for an answer.
‘O-Oh I would LOVE to!” The girl squealed again, she couldn’t help herself, she was fucking VIBRATING in her seat.
“Great! Well…how about tomorrow? Around eight? Ill call you to find out where to pick you up from?” He asked lightly, pulling out his phone.
“Eight is perfect!” She was so giddy. :My number is 246-093-0348 she spoke excitedly, Ronnie barely catching the numbers she had said.
He repeated the number once to her, making sure it was correct before he nodded and stood. “Well then, I think I need to get going. Ill call you tomorrow to see where to come get you from, and if you need to call me, my number is on the napkin.”: He winked at her, the girl melting at how sexy he was. “Oh and….I don’t think I caught your name?” Ronnie smiled at her.
“I-Im Hannah,….Hannah Murphy.” Her smiled was radiant.
Ronnie Radke wanted to know her NAME!!!
“Welll then Hannah, I cant wait for tomorrow.” He whispered before walking back out of the restaurant, once outside letting a large grin stretch across his face.
Hannah sat there in total shock for a good thirty minutes before she grabbed the napkin up and ran out to her car, cellphone pressed to her ear.
Wait until her aunt Karen hear about this!!!

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Ronnie Radke
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