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PostSubject: Birthday.   Birthday. EmptyTue Jun 28, 2016 3:48 am

Nikita glanced over with a smirk as Oleander plopped down on the edge of his bed, pouting.
“Alright, I’ll bite. What’s up your ass, shithead?” He spoke, his slight Russian accent thicker in his teasing.
“Dad’s being a prick, nothing unusual.” Ollie grunted softly.
“Now don’t talk about your dad like that.” Nikita scolded, playfully pushing his hand against the boy’s side. “What’d he do this time?”
“My seventeenth birthday tomorrow and he won’t let me go out with my friends! Can you believe him? Mal gets to go out with his friends!”
Nikita immediately agreed with the boy. No, that wasn’t fair. But he knew Eustass was a fair man. So that had to mean there was something Ollie was leaving out.
“Kid, what exactly do you and your friends want to do?”
“I just wanted to go out to a club! I got a fake ID and everything.”
Nikita snorted softly.
“And what does Mal want to do?”
“Well… just go to his friend’s house and hang out but still! It’s my damn birthday, I just want to have fun!”
“Yeah, I get it.” Nikita nodded. He remembered going out on his 21st birthday to a club for the first time. He couldn’t quite remember the name of the girl he’d screwed that night but damn, it’d been good. He wanted Ollie to have a good time. Maybe not like he had, but he could still have some fun. “How about this? You go home and tell your dad that I’m going to go with you. I’ll be your body guard like I always am and it’ll just be the two of us so those crazy friends of yours won’t get you into trouble. I’ll just show you a good time. How’s that?”
“You mean that? Shit, Nik, you’re the best.”
“Course I mean it. Go tell him that I’m really excited about it and he won’t say no, promise. Then meet me here tonight at eight in your best going out clothes, alright? That cute little pair of ripped jeans ya got. Don’t wear a leather jacket though, that’s my go-to.” He shot the other boy a wink as he headed back over to his home to inform Eustass of the new plan.

Several hours later and they were situated at the bar, Ollie’s face already bright with excitement. Nikita wished clubs were still that new and exciting to him. Instead they were almost boring. He swore he’d already fucked everyone in here; except Ollie of course.
So far, he’d gotten Ollie a couple of drinks. Nothing too strong, he didn’t want to get in trouble with Eustass for letting the kid get too fucked up. Just a few fruity drinks he seemed to enjoy. Now it was time for the only other things people did in clubs like this; the dancing.
“Come on, take me out there Nik.” Ollie grinned wide. “Birthday boy has to dance, it’s the rules.”
“Ain’t your birthday yet kid.” Nikita reminded with a wink, though he did stand anyways, leading the boy through the mass of people grinding and groping each other until they were right in the middle of it all. If Ollie wanted the full club experience, he was going to get it. Even if it meant strange men pawing at him and cat calling as he passed. Ollie was gorgeous, after all.
It was about ten when they started dancing. Two hours until Ollie’s official birthday. It started out innocent enough, playful swaying to the beat and holding onto each other, being forced to press close when it got too crowded. Occasionally Nikita would dart off to get them another drink until finally, he was buzzed enough that he didn’t realize just how much Ollie was having. The kid was soon tipsy, all giggles as he leaned into Nikita’s chest. Still, they were just having fun.
And then the song came on. It was nothing special and Nikita would never know the name of it, but it was what changed the pace of their dancing together.
“I wanna dance like they are.” Ollie’s alcohol scented breath hit the side of Nikita’s face as he stood on his tiptoes, giggling before pointing to a couple near them. They were grinding, the man’s hands very aggressively groping everywhere he could reach on his partner. But she didn’t seem to mind, turning around and nipping at his neck every chance she got.
If Nikita had been completely sober, he would have laughed it off. If he was not in the middle of this crowd of sweaty bodies, all seemingly couples moving against each other, he would have laughed it off. If he hadn’t secretly been glancing at the boy’s gorgeous curves for the past two hours, he would have laughed it off.
But all three of these things were at play tonight and so Nikita merely grinned.
“Birthday boy makes the rules I guess.” He nodded as he gestured towards the clock, realizing it was now officially past midnight.
He couldn’t hear Ollie’s pleased laugh over the music but he knew it was there as he spun the boy around, leaning forward so his chest was pressed against Ollie’s back, his groin against the other’s butt. Then they were moving together, letting the beat guide them as their hands roamed over one another’s bodies. Nikita could no longer control himself, his lips dancing down the boy’s neck teasingly as he became intoxicated by Oleander’s presence. All he could see was blonde hair and blue-green eyes and freckles and slight curves and a glorious ass. All he could feel was the music pulsing through his veins, Ollie’s sweat mixing with his own, the boy’s body sliding against his so perfectly. They were meant to dance like this, to touch like this, to be together. He was certain of that.
He didn’t realize the stirring in his groin until it was too late. Ollie had to feel it, he knew. The extremely tight jeans he’d chosen for tonight made it impossible to conceal anything.
“Shit, I gotta go.” He panted out, aware that he was unable to breathe as he hurriedly yanked the boy off of the dance floor. “You, get some water and wait for me, okay? I-I… I gotta go to the bathroom.” He stammered out, catching a glimpse of the confusion on Oleander’s face before he darted off towards the restroom.
He only relaxed when he was in a stall, collapsing onto the toilet and putting his head in his hands. What the fuck was wrong with him? The kid was seventeen for Christ’s sake! He was almost twenty four! He couldn’t be grinding on him like that. He had never been good at keeping it in his pants but Ollie was… Ollie was different. Ollie was like a little brother, Eustass’s kid, he couldn’t let them be anything more than friends.
He wanted to say that it was innocent. That they’d just been playfully dancing. But he knew it wasn’t. In those moments, he had wanted Ollie, in ways that he never should. What the hell had happened to the annoying little brat that had constantly followed him around when they were little? When did he turn into this beautiful, mature boy that did things like grind on him and give him a boner?
It all had his head pounding, so much so that the throbbing in his groin was the least of his worries.
He had to put a stop to this. They couldn’t ever do anything like that again. He could end up doing something he would regret. He just had to remind himself that Oleander was a kid still. Eustass’s kid, in fact. He deserved a much better man than him and maybe someone his own age for now. Nikita had never known how to stick around for more than a quick fuck. And even if he might desire something like that with Ollie now, they’d never be the same again if he let his body have its way. All the innocence would be gone from their relationship. No more cuddling when one of them had a bad dream without there being some sort of sexual undertone, no more playful laughs and jokes or fights. If it went wrong, Ollie could end up hating him. And he couldn’t handle that. So this couldn’t happen. Not now and not ever, no matter how gorgeous Oleander was.
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