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 10am gare du nord

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This feels right and I'm letting it

And now I know just what to do

"What are you doing up here?" Oleander was sitting perched on the edge of his roof was a familiar sight, but they normally went up together. Tonight Nikita hadn't even been aware that Oleander was waiting for him. He'd graduated when the sun was high in the sky but Bellamy hadn't made it home in time to see. Nikita couldn't bare the sight of him, or stomach the mounting disappointment that threatened to send bile rising in his throat. He'd gone to visit Eustass, then he'd spent the entirety of his day at fight club, only returning after it had become so late he could be certain his father was no longer waiting up. Judging by the dark tint of his cheeks, Oleander had been waiting for a while now.

And please do not hurt me, love,

I am a fragile one, and you are the light in my eyes

"Oh you know, im bird watching because that's suddenly my thing." Oleander tried but was unable to resist the rolling of his eyes at such an oblvious question. "I was waiting for you, shit face." He had several burned down filters at his side, and a pillar of ash to give insight to the time he'd spent keeping vigil from his perch. Not even Vitaly had been aware that he'd taken up post on their roof. Oleander had done this far too many times, knew every creaking board and shingle. He never made a sound.
"And how did you know i'd be here?" Nikita knew he wouldn't receive any form of real answer but he didn't really need one. It was a mystery how, but Oleander always seemed to see right through him. He understood what Nikita felt before Nikita himself could process.

Please do not break my heart,

I think it's had enough pain to last the rest of my life

"Stop asking loaded questions and sit down." Oleander brushed the question off with an elegant sweep of the hand, and in the same motion he knocked away his finished ashes so Nikita could sit closer.
As Nikita took his place at Oleander's side, the boy held something up in the space between them. It took a moment before the Russian understood what Oleander was giving him.

Endless distraction, you worry me

But I'm trying to figure out how

Oleander had sworn he'd move out by the time he was eighteen. When Eustass asked why he'd answered that he needed more privacy. In truth he had merely been angry and saying such things from a place of spite but Eustass took him seriously. The alpha was terrified of losing his children, so he'd cut a deal with Oleander. He would build a small home on the far acre of his lands so that the twins had a hide-away, as long as they agreed to stay. He couldn't bare them being any farther from home.
Oleander and Mal had agreed. The house was built four months later, a hand made product of their father's hard work and devotion. The locks had come with three keys. One for Eustass and Thatcher to share, and the other two for the twins. Nikita had been inside the tiny home on several occasions but he'd never stayed the night. They always wound up back at the main house, usually to satisfy Eustass's need for family time while Thatcher was away.
But now Oleander had gone and gotten a fourth key made, and he was gifting it to Nikita.
He was offering Nikita a place to call home. It was safe and secure, and now it would always partly belong to him.

You don't have to make any promises, love

I'm afraid I might die for you now

When the Russian hesitated too long in accept his gift, Oleander dropped the key with a metallic clatter on the concrete between them.
"A man can only have so many issues. Stop looking at me like im the first person to ever do anything nice for you." Oleander dug an elegant finger into Nikita's cheek and forcibly turned his head away. "Its just a key."
"Im a foster child. You know it isnt." Nikita had yet to pick the key up, but he pressed two fingers to it, slowly learning the shape and feel of his gift. His chest aching with love at what it meant. He now had a place of his own, a safe place that would always welcome him. As a child this had been a thing of dreams.
Oleander was making it real.
"Yeah well, you're not an orphan anymore. You're home."
Nikita mouthed the word, his fingers slowly closing around the silver key.
Oleander watched him intently, expression unreadable as he lit up a cigarette, pulling an extra from his pack to toss in Nikita's direction. He hid it well, but seeing how graciously the Russian accepted his gift had Oleander's chest tightening with every breath.
Nikita leaned forward just enough to connect their cigarettes, taking advantage of Oleander's burning ember.

And I'd kill just to watch you as you're sleeping

I hope that you'll let me, in time

For a moment they stayed that way, Nikita caught up in Oleanders burning gaze. He had been trying so hard to resist these feelings but they only ever grew. Nikita would have kissed him then, but Oleander was already pulling away.
In truth a kiss was tempting. Oleander had felt the weight of those lips once, knew their warmth and feel. Like an addict he craved them, and yet for Nikita he was strong enough to pull away. The Russian didn't owe him anything for this.
"Do you want to go home? Yes or no."
Nikita could stay. He could go back inside and spend the night alone and restless with his father to face in the morning, or-
He could go home, to a house he and Oleander now shared.
There was no hesitation in his answer.
"Yeah, lets go home."
Nikita was the first on his feet, his blood suddenly warm with excitement. In one hand he clutched his precious key, and the other he offered out to Oleander.
With slender but sturdy fingers, Oleanders grasped his hand and grumbled.
"Ninety five percent."

You don't have to call me yours, my love

Damn it, I'm calling you mine!
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10am gare du nord
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