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Wiley Abercrombie

Wiley Abercrombie

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PostSubject: Re: IDFC   Tue Apr 25, 2017 11:38 am

Normally, Thatcher would have taken more time to appreciate the sound of his lover's voice, tell him how much he missed him. But all he could do when Eustass spoke was beam proudly.
"H-he told you that?" He had thought he helped but to have his son tell his father that he had made him feel better, it was the best feeling in the world. He had never felt this before. "Bet you feel bad for making fun of my long inspirational speeches now, huh?" He chuckled softly, still full of pride and happy knowing that his lover and alpha was proud of him as well. "Looks like they work after all. You owe me some apologies. I guess I owe you one too though since you were right and I'm becoming the world's greatest mother over here." He teased, finding it a blessing to be able to joke with his lover while he was thousands of miles away.

Nikita smiled at the idea. Truly that sounded like a wonderful date. Dinner with a beautiful view of the city spreading out below them. He would love that.
Except that it would feel like a betrayal, taking someone else up to his and Ollie's spot, especially while he was on a date with someone else.
"Sorry, that's just what got me thinking about Ollie in the first place. He likes to go up there when he's upset or stressed." He sighed. "It's a really nice spot, we go up there sometimes and just talk." He paused. "We should find our own spot." He smiled over at the boy. "Ya know, somewhere just we can go when we need a hideout."
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Boyd Odair

Boyd Odair

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PostSubject: Re: IDFC   Sat Apr 29, 2017 12:02 am

"Hey now, I might joke about your speeches but I never said they didn't work. I know from experience. When we first met, I was getting one every damn day for weeks ya. And now look at me? I've got everything i've ever wanted." Eustass would have never made it this far without Thatcher by his side, encouraging him to keep hope. "You are my sunshine, you know that? My only sunshine." The alpha had taken to singing that song not long after they met. Now its turned into a lullaby he sang to their children, something he sings to Thatcher every night no matter where they are.
"Im really proud of you. Trying to get through to Ollie is like talking to a brick wall sometimes. He doesnt give anything away, just stares at me until I get tired of trying ya. He actually called me tonight just to tell me he was okay and let me know how great you are. Thats unheard of." Eustass's heart was swelling with adoration for his little family. Malakai didn't mind coming to him and curling up in his lap if things were hard. And now he has the relief of knowing that even though Ollie wont let him do any coddling, he may allow it from Thatcher.
"You must be doing something right."

"That sounds pretty amazing, im not gonna lie." Wade truly was ecstatic about the idea of having a special place to share with Nikita. Maybe he really could compete, even with the all mighty Oleander. "I know a really nice spot on the beach. When the sun sets, it looks like something a poet would get all weepy about." He was trying to play it cool, leave out the part about how he himself had once teared up at the sight of it. The place truly was breathtaking, and he wanted to share that with his favorite Russian doll.
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