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Happy Birthday! I hope to have 10-19 finished soon. It took me forever to figure out what to write hehe.  Anyways, I hope you enjoy and that your day is everything you want it to be.  


1)  Healing:
"I'll take it from here, you can go make the bed and get him some fresh clothes." Ajax waved Sawyer away with a quick flick of his wrist, not bothering to glance up from Britt's battered body as he listed off demands.   "Oh, and not just any clothes.  He'll want your largest t-shirt and the baggiest sweatpants you own."  The boy carefully gathered Britt into his arms, hands unimaginably gentle as they carried the redhead over the bathroom threshold. Sawyer wouldn't understand in his distress, but after the trauma Britt had been dealt, the last thing he'd want was for his lover to clean the wounds. They were nasty and intimate, cruel in ways that Sawyer wouldn't be able to tolerate.  "Make sure everything is stretchy and loose, nothing that will cling to him." Ajax shut the door then, sealing Sawyer off and devoting his full attention to the damaged boy that trembled in his arms.


2)  Foretold:

The clearing was breathtaking.  It was lush and lavished with color, flowers of all colors blooming across the great expanse of green.  Kenai had found it by chance, having wandered a little too far away from home in his search for blossoms beautiful enough to be made into a crown for Wiley's birthday.  After the flowers had been picked and arranged to form a sweet smelling tiara, the young native had topped it all off by leading Wiley out to his secret clearing for a picnic. He hadn't walked the grounds entirely, but with Wiley at his side they strolled through all the blooms. There was one point, when they passed underneath the shade of a towering willow that Kenai felt a sudden chill dance across his spine.  The boy came to a stop, his body cold in ways that left him nauseated. There was a definition for this feeling, something his father had said when he was a small boy.
"Someone walking over my grave." Kenai muttered the words allowed, but Wiley kissed them away before they could mean anything.


3)  Waltz:

Piper never really learned how to dance. Sure, he could do it but nothing fancy.  His dancing was something best saved for bars and nightclub scenes, movements that were mostly made from grinding against another or holding someone's hips as they swayed against him. But then he'd met Jace, and Piper came to realize that there was more to life than the simple existence he'd been living. Jace deserved more, he was a personification of sunlight and Piper felt it only justified to give him the world, or whatever piece of the world Piper could offer.  On their three year anniversary, Jace came home to find a new three piece suit awaiting him on their bed.  It was beautiful, and tailored to perfection. Along with it was a single red rose, immaculate and thornless with a tiny white card tied against it using a bright pink bow.
"My sweetest Shawty,

I hope the suit is to your liking, We have dinner reservations at 7:00.

Love and all my kisses, Piper."

There was an address written across the back, presumably the place they were to meet for dinner.

The scripture was gorgeous, written in neat calligraphy. A stark contrast to Piper's normal shaky scrawl, but still written by the same hand. The boy would never know how many times Piper had practised the words.

Jace pulled up to the restaurant at seven sharp.  Piper hadn't been seen all day, leaving Jace to wonder what exactly the man was up to. The thought sent a rush of excitement to flood and pool warmly in Jace's belly.  The restaurant was lavish, a brown stone building with expensive decor. It was a place that dealt in riches, something Jace had only ever read about. There was an unfathomably long line of people desperate to get in, but Jace was whisked in immediately after confirming his reservation. Piper was already waiting for him, dressed in a way that left Jace nearly breathless. The man had never been so handsome as he was standing against brightly frescoed walls, his hair carefully combed back and a look of pure enchantment on his face. He wore a suit that Jace had never seen before, sleek black and made especially to hug his body in all the right places. Jace nearly swooned when the man stood to greet him, reaching to kiss his knuckles before pulling a chair out.  He was a gentleman to the fullest extent.

Dinner was a dream. Jace was near drunk on happiness, but the real delight came after.

There was a ballroom adjoining with the restaurant, Jace wouldn't have noticed if Piper hadn't asked for his hand.  The floors were made of Carrera marble. Piper had done copious amounts of research and wasn't surprised when he noticed the choice of flooring.  It wasn't the prime choice for dancing, but he understood why the restaurant had chosen it anyways. The marble gleamed in the soft lighting, as though diamonds were being reflected off the stone. Other couples were already sweeping across the floor.  They merely watched until the next song began, when Piper offered his hand and asked Jace to dance.

The man lead him onto the floor with a hand pressed intimately at Jace's waist, but placed correctly for an elegant waltz.  Jace loved to dance, and usually he was the only one really moving when he and Piper swayed together, his lover content to merely hold his hips and watch.
But this time, Piper swept him off his feet. Jace stood on the mans shoes and allowed himself to been spun across the floor, enchanted to the point of forgetting how to speak.
When Piper dipped them, Jace's breath was stolen by gentle lips in the sweetest kiss he'd ever known.
"You did all this for me?"

Piper only smiled as he picked them up. "I'd do anything for you, shawty."


4)  Bad Pickup Lines:

"Kissing burns 2.6 calories every minute."  Jesse plops down next to his lover, a powerful arm reaching to pull the growling boy closer despite Finn's irate protest.

"What kind of shit are you spewing now?" He had to act like he was inconvenienced by the apha's presence, if only to convince himself that he hadn't gone too soft.

"I read that somewhere. Kissing really does count for exercise." Jesse leans in, near enough now that his stubble grazed Finn's cheek. "So, with that said, would you like to burn some calories with me?" Their lips were just on the verge of brushing when the boy suddenly struck out, shoving Jesse away with a disgruntled huff.

Jesse opened his mouth to demand answers, but Finn was already cursing.

"Are you fucking trying to insinuate that im fat or some shit?"


5)  Apple Picking:

Thatcher was perched on the countertop, watching closely as his lover, a brute of a man with a reputation for violence struggled to prepare a special dish in honor of welcoming his soldier home.  

He was grateful, but Thatcher could never give up the chance to tease his alpha.

"I bet you," The soldier began with a near wicked grin. "That I could pick that apple up with my ass."

Eustass turned, glancing over to a single apple waiting for his attention on the other end of the table. He had special ordered a small bundle of Lombart's Calville apples, the richest fruit of its kind. They were from the Netherlands, and far from cheap. He was using them in an attempt to bake Thatcher a pie.

"That apple? The one for your pie? You want to pick it up with your ass?" The alpha made no attempt to hide his curiosity, or the uncertainty he felt at the risk of having his last apple damaged.

"Oh yeah, that apple. We don't have anymore.  Its the only one left."

"And you're going to do it using only your ass?"  The thought was tempting.  There was hardly anything Eustass loved more than laying eyes on Thatcher's gorgeously sculpted buttocks.

"Thats right, using only my ass." The beta was warmed by the obvious conflict that split his alpha's features.  "But if the apple should drop..."

Eustass winced at the very thought. "It would bruise, and I wouldn't be able to use it for pie."

"And you wouldn't get another one until next season.  They don't grow anymore this time of year." Thatcher reminded with a near evil amusement at his lovers internal struggle. He took a slow step forward, his voice lowered to a seductive drawl.  "Are you a betting man, Eustass?"

Already Thatcher was approaching the table, his fingers working diligently to unbuckle his belt.  Eustass knew from experience that his lover's cheeks were muscular and nimble, beautiful as if they'd been sculpted by the gods-

But he couldn't risk losing the apple.  He'd promised Thatcher a pie.

At the last second, Eustass snatched the fruit up off the table and out of harms way.

"I win!"  Thatcher's grin was so wide it caused his cheeks to ache.  His laughter filled the room.

Eustass didn't understand.  "But...?"

"I said my ass could pick up the apple."  Thatcher fixed his belt and moved closer, eyes gleaming with amusement.  "And you, my dear Eustass, are nobody's ass but mine."


6)  Pining:

"You're doing it again, Andy."  Roman spoke the warning softly, his eyes trained on the towering form of his brother as in turn Anderson gazed across the dance floor at the lover he had lost.  Roman didn't know why the relationship ended.  Anderson refused to offer any details or even the slightest clue. But he was at this club, slumped into a grungy booth while watching intently as the man he loved worked to seduce another boy at the bar.

"You need to stop doing this to yourself. Its getting hard to watch, and aside from how sad it looks I can only imagine what this is doing to you emotionally. Why not give it a rest?"  It had been nearly a month since Anderson had shown up on his doorstep, wide eyed and lost over the loss he'd suffered.

Roman could do no more than offer support, and occasionally follow the man out in order to watch him while he watched Morgan.

"Isn't this also some form of stalking?"

That finally caught Anderson's attention, the lavender giant wincing as though he'd been struck.  It must be hard, Roman realized, going from being able to love and touch the man to now being allowed mere glances when he was certain Morgan wouldnt notice. He couldn't imagine such a life with Zach. He couldn't fathom watching the boy with anyone else.

When Anderson spoke, it all made sense.

"Im not stalking him, Roman. But if he insists on acting like a flirt and seducing all these boys, you can believe i'll have his back as a bouncer.  He doesn't have to want me back, but he does have to be safe.  I make sure he is safe."


7)  Jealousy:

"You spend a lot of time with him."  Roman is propped against the door frame, eyes following his mates every move as Zach cleaned around his work room.  Trever had left only minutes ago, his smell still clinging to Zach's shirt. They'd been together for hours, seven to be exact by Roman's count.  He didn't keep time to be petty, but he couldnt help but notice the absence of his mate. He missed Zach, but even more fiercely when another man was vying for his attention.

"He understands me, Roman.  You don't get everything we do down here.  You....You don't like it."  The small boy held up a hand before his lover could argue.  "And I am not asking you to like it.  Im just stating facts.  Trever enjoys the experiments we do."

Silence as Roman absorbed the words, a surge of jealousy causing his blood to run hot.

It was then he decided.

"I could enjoy it. Whatever it is.  You can teach me and i'll do it with you." Roman understood the implications of his words but they rang true nonetheless.  If it meant he could take up Trever's place at Zach's side, Roman would be willing to do anything.

"Is that right?"  Zach turned to study his lover, surprised by the sudden change of heart. But he saw the reason in Roman's eyes, a hard glint of jealousy.

"You wouldnt be offering this just because you're insecure about Trever, yeah?"

Roman huffed at the question.

"This isn't about Trever.  This is about me, you, and time we could be spending together doing whatever it is that you enjoy so much. I'd do anything to be closer to you, Zachariah. Don't deny me."

Who was Zach to refuse him?


8 )  Scars:

Chandler stood in front of the bathroom mirror, examining the reflection staring back at him. He was fresh out of the shower, water droplets still clung to his hair and every so often fell away to drip down his neck and shoulders.  A towel was wrapped securely around his waist, but none of that caught his eye.  Chandler wasn't gazing at himself to appreciate the firm build of his body, attention instead directed to the scars scattered across the expanse of his chest.  One or two had been attained in ruthless brawls, but the more prominent ones were stark reminders of the day he'd been subjected to the full force of his mates fangs.  He didn't have nightmares about it anymore, but whenever he closed his eyes he could sometimes still see the wild expression that had ravaged his lovers face. Jordan had only ever been kind, even after that day.  The image was haunting and seared into the depths of Chandler's soul.  
He had other scars too though-
One on his left shoulder in the shape of Jordan's mouth, obtained during their first coupling. Another at his hip, where he'd scraped the skin away on their bed frame when he'd been rounding the corner in such a hurry to wrap the coyote into his arms after a long day apart.
There was more, but Chandler found his chain of thought derailed as Jordan's image approached in the mirror.  He came to stand at Chandler's back, chin hooking over his lovers shoulder while his arms found their way around the mans waist.
"You're going to get wet." Chandler pointed this out half heartedly, grateful to know that Jordan wouldnt mind the risk of dampening his shirt if it meant a moment of cuddling.
"What are you doing in here? Enjoying the view?" Jordan had been watching him for several minutes, his heart sinking as he imagined what may be plaguing the mans thoughts.
"Something like that. What are you doing in here?"
Jordan's smile was reflected back at him.
"Same. Just drinking in the view."  The coyote traced one of the longer scars that tailed horizontally across Chandler's abdomen, grimacing as he remembered the exact moment he'd put it there. It had healed well with time, now only a pale streak, hardly even raised.
"Whats wrong? Doubting the quality of your view?" Chandler craned his head in order to nuzzle Jordan's cheek, effectively drawing the coyote out of his aching memories.
"Never. I love all that you are. Even the scars.  They just prove that you've lived."
"Is that so?"  Chandler turned around, hands finding their way to Jordan's hips in order to tug the boy closer.  "Why don't we live a little more then?" With one hand, he reached down to discard the towel, leaving himself bare and wanting as he nudged Jordan back into their bedroom.  


9)  In Sickness:

"I'm not a damn child, Law."  Dallas loathed nothing more than being made to feel weak, or so he'd thought. This situation was a new kind of hell.  Not only had his body betrayed him, but it was all happening under his lovers care.  He and Law were built on battles of dominance, their beginnings laced with bruised knuckles and teeth clanking kisses. The embarrassment of his mate seeing him in such a state was a feeling he'd never live down.
But Law vehemently refused anytime Dallas had mentioned seeing a different doctor.
"Is that so? Because you're kinda acting childish,oui. If you won't be a sane sick person, act as though you're a patient.  Would that be better?  As of today, i'm not your husband. I'm just your physician and i'm prescribing bed rest."  The dark skinned werewolf rolled his eyes at Dallas's groan of disapproval, more focused on the thermometer tucked underneath the mans tongue and the rapidly increasing numbers it displayed. "Don't speak while im doing this, oui. Be still and trying to relax."
Being told to sit still only made Dallas want to rebell, his sickly exhaustion allowing for quick anger and irritation.
The machine beeped, and the relief on Law's face melted away all of Dallas's bad mood. It was incredible sometimes to see how dearly he was loved. He could feel the surge of emotion through their bond, his entire body warming as Law gave his crooked grin.
"You're fever is high as hell, oui. But its not serious.  You have the flu, it seems.  I'll monitor you over night, pump you full of antibiotics and keep you hydrated. If all goes well you'll be fine in a few days." The man drew slender fingers across his mates forehead, touch gentle in a way that left Dallas aching. It was in complete contrast to the first time Law had ever touched his face, when the man had been swinging a fist instead of reaching out to comfort.
They'd come a long way. And even further now it seemed. The earlier swells of embarrassment had vanished as he registered how deeply he was cared for. Law  had never once looked at him any differently, only with that same soft adoration.
Maybe, Dallas decided, just maybe it wouldnt be so bad to sit back and allow his mate to coddle him, if only this once.
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