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 Joslin and Day-Day

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Gabriel McDaniels


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PostSubject: Joslin and Day-Day   Fri Sep 23, 2011 1:07 am

Dayton growled softly as he watched Chord peck his lovers cheek, speaking softly into his ear. He felt that pain in his chest once again, that striking pain that shot right through him when he thought about how…
He had had not been GOOD enough to hold Joslin’s love. How he had been cast aside for some other man and Joslin had not even bothered to tell him. No Joslin led him on and let him hope for years and years that he would get the boy back.
He sat a while, simply looking at Joslin and Chord and pondering what about the man was so special before he noticed Sean, his Sean standing beside Sage and bitching about the situation with him and Joslin. Two boys so different in their ways but both holding a large chunk of Dayton’s heart.
Joslin was:
Strong. The boy was beautiful and he did not doubt himself in that area, yet Joslin had been a whore and no matter what he would never be able to belong to solely one man. He had fucked around and he was always Jealous….But he was confident in some ways, ways that Sean wasn’t.
Sean was:
Unconfident, had problems with his image, thought he was fat and he had needed a lot of work but he had been worth it, he had been SOO worth it. Dayton had put work into that boy and now Sean was all his, never fucked another man, always been Dayton’s…And that man was so fucking proud of it.
So why was he still pinning over Joslin like this?
Maybe it was not being he wanted Joslin, he was hurt, and he was licking his wounds.
Dayton Nielson had been cast aside.
That was unheard of and yet….Joslin had done it
And that…that BURNED Dayton,
No he did not hate Jamie Cruz and he never would but he was hurting and he was pissed off about it. Joslin had stolen his head, left and then had the audacity to just not tell him about it and let him keep living like he had been, everyday just waiting for a call from the boy.
But somehow he still loved Joslin, maybe not like he loved Sean but he did love the boy so he didn’t have the heart to really hurt him for what he had done even though he really deserved it.
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Joslin and Day-Day
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