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PostSubject: Regrets.   Regrets. EmptySat Nov 19, 2016 8:56 pm

“Why don’t you go fucking shoot yourself? I’m sick of listening to your bullshit!” Jett growled out and the room suddenly went silent.
Gally looked like he’d had the wind knocked completely out of him, the anger suddenly gone.
Eustass… Jett had never seen his alpha look like this. He was pained and ashamed and shit, it all couldn’t be at him, could it?
“Jett.” Thatcher hissed softly.
“What the fuck did I say?!” Jett exclaimed finally. Part of him knew he should try to calm down but he was only made angrier by all of them fucking staring at him like that.

And then it hit him.

The scar on Gally’s temple that he’d never questioned but touched countless times. The way the man reacted when he asked how his life had been before the pack. The way Eustass avoided the subject when Jett asked him how he’d found Gally.
He thought he might be sick.
“I-I need a minute.” He murmured before he was darting off to the bathroom, collapsing against the door the second he closed it, cursing himself and his big fucking mouth. Sure, Gally was a bastard. But did that mean Jett liked the thought of him feeling so alone and helpless that he decided to put a bullet in his head? Fuck no.
And then he’d just gone and told the man to-
Holy shit, what was wrong with him?
He let himself cry for a minute before he was standing up and forcing himself to get his shit together. Then he made his way back to the living room, merely grabbing Gally’s hand and leading him back to their bedroom in silence.
Only when they were in privacy did he speak.
“I’m sorry, Leo. I didn’t fucking know.” Jett’s teary eyes showed with his sincerity. It was the first time he’d ever apologized for anything he’d said during one of their fights. And he’d said some harsh things. “I didn’t mean it, you damn know that…”
Gally said nothing, merely lying down on the bed, tugging Jett down beside him.
They laid there in silence for what felt like hours, Jett’s chest heaving with his guilt as he pressed Gally closer to him. It might have been the longest they’d ever gone without at least bickering.
Finally, Jett couldn’t handle it any longer.
“Do you… do you still want to…?” He trailed off, letting the question hang in the air between them.
Gally let out a chuckle although it really wasn’t funny.
“Jett, I can honestly tell you that I haven’t thought about it since I met you.”
“You give me a reason to get up in the morning.”
Jett’s heart swelled so much that he felt it might bust out of his chest. Then of course Gally had to continue.
“Gotta shut that big mouth of yours. If I wasn’t around to keep you in line you’d take over the damn world.” The man murmured softly. “Now shut the hell up and let’s get some sleep.”
Jett couldn’t help but smirk.
“Prick.” He muttered even though his smile could not be contained. He pressed his face into Gally’s chest then, letting himself doze off into a peaceful sleep.
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