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 The Break.

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Nikita Odair

Nikita Odair

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The Break. Empty
PostSubject: The Break.   The Break. EmptySun Nov 20, 2016 1:33 am

Jett found that it was slightly hard to breathe as he stared into Boyd’s innocent hazel eyes. He would miss that. He’d miss those gentle hands caressing him, the soft lips pressing against his own, not quite perfect but close enough for Jett to pretend it was meant to be.
Jett was strong, manipulative, controlling. Boyd was the opposite. Gentle, innocent, naïve, and just waiting for someone like Jett to come along and use him, completely destroy him.
Jett could have crushed Boyd under his boot. But instead, he had fallen completely and he truly believed Boyd was the one that destroyed him. Because while Boyd might have some sort of romantic feelings for him, his heart had belonged to Mal from the day they met and that didn’t appear to be changing any time soon.
Unlike Boyd, Jett was not about to let himself stay any longer, fall even deeper in love with someone who would never return his feelings. He was getting out while he could. But first, he had to do something. So he had informed Boyd they needed to talk tonight. It was time to set the record straight.
“What do we need to talk about?” Boyd questioned.
Fuck, did his eyes have to be so bright all the time? Jett would never get sick of them, shining with the innocence the boy still held. But tonight, he wished they would quit it because he knew that he was about to destroy that. He was about to give Boyd his first taste of the true evils of the world, his first heartbreak. And it was going to hurt, that was for damn sure.
“I need to talk and you just need to listen for now, okay?” Jett spoke the same way he always did, controlling and firm. And Boyd bended to him immediately, nodding his head obediently.
Originally, this had been Jett’s intent when getting involved with Boyd. He saw how naïve the boy was. For fucks sake, everyone saw the way he followed Malakai around while it was clear his feelings were not reciprocated. Jett had seen a boy who needed help and as the control freak he was, he wanted to mold Boyd into what he should be. He wanted to teach him what love really was, a mutual thing, not doing whatever someone desired in the hopes that they would one day appreciate you. He was supposed to fix him. But instead he’d fucked it all up and now Boyd was still the same sweet bastard he was at the beginning of this and he’d only caused himself pain.
At least now he knew what Boyd was about to go through, loving someone and realizing they would never love you back. It was utter hell, something he wished his little adorable lover never had to feel. But this was the only way he could see to snap the boy out of it.
“Fuck, but first I need this.” His hand was on the back of Boyd’s head then, jerking the boy forward so he could capture his lips passionately, in a way that only Jett could, managing to be rough and gentle at the same time.
If it was going to be their last kiss he wanted it to be perfect.
“Okay, now talking time.” He murmured when he pulled back, taking a moment to gather his thoughts and muster up the courage.
“I-I think I love you.” He didn’t expect the words to be so hard to speak, didn’t like the stutter in his voice. “And I know you don’t feel the same, so you don’t have to struggle to explain it to me or lie and say it back when you don’t mean it. I know. Trust me, I know. That’s why… that’s why I think we have to end this thing. I can’t- no, I fucking won’t be like this. I tried to fight with Mal for your love and shit, that’s not who I am.” He hadn’t intended on saying all of this out loud but it was coming out and he realized that he needed to fucking hear it. Who had this love shit turned him into? “I’m Jett Jones and I don’t play second best to anyone.” He paused to compose himself. “I love you, Boyd. And that’s why I have to tell you some shit and you’re not gonna want to hear it and it’s gonna break your heart but if I don’t tell you no one will and you need to hear it. Mal… he knows you’re in love with him. Everyone fucking does. You might not understand but us wolves, we can smell love as strong as yours from a mile away. I’m new to this shit and the way I learned what love smells like was from every time you were around Mal. He knows, trust me. And I know you love him and think he’s this perfect angel and you worship the damn ground he walks on but… you know I wouldn’t hurt you like this if it wasn’t important and true. He’s using you, baby. Deep down, I know you know it. He knows how you feel and he still flirts, he cuddles, he tells you how important you are. And it’s all to keep you hanging on, to give you a little bit of hope so that when he’s feeling shitty he can call you up for an ego boost.” Jett knew it was sounding harsh but fuck, everything he said sounded harsh. And this… he couldn’t hold back. Boyd deserved someone to finally tell him the truth.
“I thought I was manipulative but holy shit, Boyd, you’ve got to get out from this spell he’s got you under. He knows he's hurting you but he’s too damn selfish to let you down easy because you make him feel good about himself. I’m sorry you had to hear it from me but I couldn’t leave without telling you because you’re the most precious thing in this goddamn shitty world and you don’t deserve to be led on like this. No one does, but especially not fucking you.” He choked up on the last words, not realizing his eyes were tearing up until a single drop rolled down his cheek. "I'm fucking in love with you, Boyd Odair and I'm not about to let you just sit there and take his shit anymore."
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The Break.
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