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 Love in Numbers

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Boyd Odair

Boyd Odair

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PostSubject: Love in Numbers   Love in Numbers EmptyTue Nov 22, 2016 11:54 pm

Six: The number of times Boyd kisses Jett's hand the first night they spend together. Boyd is a virgin and while he is unbearably excited he still takes the time to press his lips along every inch of exposed skin. Boyd's fingers tremble as he sits next to Jett on the bed, carefully peeling away clothing and gasping at each new site. They made love slow and sweet. Three: The number of times Boyd almost said "I love you." The words almost slipped out, but just before they'd reach the air, Boyd would always suck them back in. He didn't want to ruin this, was afraid of scaring Jett off. So he hadn't said them, but they were expressed in each tender caress.

Ten: The number of times Jett had woken up gasping in panic, his hands pressed tightly against his abdomen. He had dreamed of dying, and could have sworn he felt the bullet piercing his skin. Boyd held him close, and they counted down from Five. " One, two, three, four five, repeat. One, Two, three, four, five, again." The boy had whispered, listening to make sure that Jett was counting along with him and steadying his breath.
Zero: The number of nightmares Jett had those nights despite his panic.

Four: The number of times Boyd took Jett to the local aquarium. They had seen everything on their second go around, but Jett loved it so much that Boyd kept taking him back. Two: the number of the date in which they'd shared their first kiss, sitting with their knees touching by the Stingray exhibit.

Three hundred: The total number of times that Jett had been there for Boyd when he was craving or experiencing a moment of darkness. The boy didn't know about them, Boyd never mentioned it. Whenever he felt as though he needed drugs, Boyd would go visit Jett instead of trying to score. Listing to the boys quick wit and being subject to sweet smiles was more than enough to satisfy Boyd's cravings.

Sixteen: The average number of times a day Boyd thinks of himself as worthless, but thinks of Jett's bright eyes and kind words instead.

Seven: The number of times Boyd usually compliments Jett in the span of an hour. Only seven because after Six Jett starts to blush and swat at Boyd. By the fifth complement of the hour, Boyd is usually punctuating it with a kiss to Jett's hand or his cheek, his forehead or his lips.

One: The only person Jett has ever looked at and seen the sun. The only person who Jett can trust to talk him down from the worst of his nightmares.

One hundred: The chance that Boyd is absolutely, without question, in love with Jett Jones.
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Love in Numbers
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