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 Cheap Thrills

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Galileo Gray


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PostSubject: Re: Cheap Thrills   Sun Jul 08, 2018 2:29 am

Galileo is floundering.  He'd wanted to keep this under wraps but that's all gone now.  Turns out that Eustass coming to mediate had been a dead give away.  
Of fucking course.
Gally is watching Jett's face, waiting for the boy to laugh or tease, say something scathing at the very least.
Except there is none of that. It's so much worse.
There are tears welling in Jett's eyes.  
And Galileo is shocked by how cold it makes him feel, like someone dumped ice down his back.  He remembers days where he was vicious and hateful, how he wanted to make Jett cry out of spite.
Now the boy is standing here with glassy eyes and Gally can't breathe because of it.
"No,"  Someone whispers, and its difficult to realize it's him. "Ahw no, Jett."  He takes a step forward out of instinct, something inside of him desperate and demanding he get closer, take action to stop the tears before they have a chance to fall.
His legs feel wobbly when Jett speaks, so small and shaken.  He's not supposed to sound like that.  He's never supposed to sound like that.  Jett should sound smug and confident, throwing around insults or handing out orders.
By the time Gally swallows back the lump in his throat Jett is gone.
And he'd be absolutely pissed to know that even though Oleander and Eustass started after him, Galileo beats them to it.
The beta plants himself in front of the staircase, and doesn't move even when his alpha growls and demands that he step aside.
"No sir.  No can do."  He knows he is stubborn, but its news to Eustass. The man looks confused, just long enough to give Gally time to continue, "Look, he's got his panties all in a bunch because of me right? I get to go an' explain myself. Yall can do what you want after, but I aint gon' have him up there thinkin' he's done hurt my feelin's."
For a moment Eustass looks like he might argue.  It's instinct for him to protect Jett.
Oleander is the one who ultimately stops him, taking his hand and leading him back into the living room with promises of going to check on Jett soon.  He might not understand the late nights his friend spends with Gally but at this point he knows they have their own little world.  Its better to let them work it out.
Gally makes his way up to Jett's room, boots heavy on the staircase to let the boy know he's coming.
He can hear the boy sobbing, so hard and violent he sounds as though he's choking on the tears.  The sound of it makes something inside of Gally howl.
He searches the deep recesses of his mind for something to say, a witty retort something snappy that will drive Jett mad and make his tears stop, but he can't set his heart to it.  He fucking has to make them stop though, even if comfort isn't one of his strong suits.
"Jones? My god, don't- Please don't cry.  You're givin' people the wrong idea.  They gon' start thinkin' you actually care."  He tries to sound light hearted, tittering on the edge of teasing.  There's no actual sting to his words though, only an undertone of desperation.
"You ought to know by now that I don't do a damn thing you say. In fact, I might just live forever just to spite you. How's that sound?"
He wants Jett to open the door, but doesn't know how to ask. Just the night before he'd been kicked out, sent embarrassed and frustrated back to his own room. And no matter how badly he wants Jett to let him in, it can't be because the boy feels sorry about telling him to go off himself.  Gally doesn't want this new information to change them.
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Jett Jones

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PostSubject: Re: Cheap Thrills   Sun Jul 08, 2018 3:52 am

Deep down, Jett knew someone would come after him. He planned on telling them to fuck off, that he needed a second to himself.
But he hadn’t planned on it being Gally.
His blood runs cold when he hears the man’s voice just outside his door, telling him not to cry.
Gally was never supposed to hear him cry.
But he supposes it’s pointless to pretend he wasn’t. It’s too late now.
He listens to what the man says and tries to compose himself, goes completely silent in the hopes that maybe Gally will forget he was ever there at all. He stays that way for just long enough to make Gally question whether he will ever answer or not.
Then he stands and opens the door just a crack. Setting eyes on the man soothes something inside of him but he elects to ignore it. Something he can’t ignore though, is that in place of the usual urge to either slap or kiss the other man, there is something else. Terrifyingly, he just wants to hug him, maybe just lie in bed with him for a while, until he can pretend everything is fine again.
Unfortunately, it’s still daytime, and he’s already about to break too many of their rules. It’ll have to wait.
Jett stares at the man through the crack in the door with red rimmed eyes. He wants to say a lot of things but instead, he says nothing. He merely steps back and takes his seat again slumped against the wall, leaving the door wide open as an unspoken invitation.
“I didn’t know.” When he finally speaks it is quiet, that same small voice that he doesn’t recognize as his own. “No one told me. You didn’t tell me. How many nights were you going to let me rub that scar and not tell me how you really got it?” His words are accusing by nature, but he isn’t speaking harshly. His eyes are downcast and he’s started his bad habit of picking at his nails.
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Galileo Gray


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PostSubject: Re: Cheap Thrills   Sun Jul 08, 2018 7:18 pm

Everything goes silent on the other side of Jett's door, gives Galileo time to realize that he might've made it even worse by coming up here while the boy is having a moment of vulnerability. It's too late to back out now though, so Gally waits.
By the time Jett finally cracks the door to peer out at him, Galileo had almost convinced himself the room was empty.  His head hurts, and he wouldn't be surprised if his mind was playing tricks on him again. Visual and auditory hallucinations are nothing new.
He knows this is real though, because Jett's eyes are swollen and red. He's never seen them like that before.  His broken brain could never make that up.
Gally half expects the boy to scowl, tell him to fuck off. He remembers the night before and shuffles his feet, wishes he could be thinking about dancing instead of the searing burn of rejection.
Jett leaves the door open for him, a clear invitation.  Galileo follows the boy inside wordlessly, knowing an opportunity when he sees one.  If Jett was truly serious earlier this might be their last real conversation. He wants to make the most of it.
Gally watches as Jett slumps down against the wall, shocked by how small the boy suddenly seems.  When he finally speaks it's nothing like what Galileo is expecting.  It's that same quivering voice, the one that makes Gally's heart clench uncomfortably.
The boy says he didn't know, and Gally is at a complete loss.  He is surprised when Jett mentions his scar, fingers absently moving up to cover the spot. Galileo hadn't expected Jett to notice it.  It seemed as though the boy was only ever touching him while they were trying to get off.  Gally thought it was his secret pleasure, having his temple rubbed.  He'd never brought it up, always afraid to let Jett know he had the power to take Gally's pain away with just a touch of his hand.
He hadn't realized that Jett would take this so seriously.  The boy sounds accusing, and this would be so much easier if Jett would just look at him.
"I didn't want you to know, Jones. Jesus, why would I? It could only go two ways.  You'd either feel all sorry for me or you'd hold it over my head."  
Gally doesn't know what to do.  No one's ever confronted him about this, and Jett's the last person he'd expect to be upset over it.
He almost wants to try laughing it off again, but at this point he owes the boy honest answers.
"An'..Well there was never a good time to tell you anyways.  I don't like thinkin' about it.  With you around its always the last thing on my mind. An' really, it aint such a big deal as you all make it out to be. I aint fragile.  This shouldn't mean anything." Gally stresses the last part, slowly moving to sit on the floor.  He wants to reach out and swat at Jett's hands, knowing that if the boy keeps on picking at his nails he'll eventually cause them to bleed-
And Gally doesn't want that.  There is no defining moment of when it happened, but he's coming to realize that he doesn't want Jett hurt anymore.  He still likes to see the boy riled up and red in the face, but not from pain.  
Jesus, he's even more whipped than he thought.
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Jett Jones

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PostSubject: Re: Cheap Thrills   Sun Jul 08, 2018 10:26 pm

“You’re right.” Jett sighs heavily and the words are even more shocking than if he’d just confessed to a murder. Jett Jones admitting defeat is unheard of, even to Gally. “I guess it’s not just something you go around telling people. I just... I’m apparently the only one who didn’t know. Now I feel... so stupid for not putting the pieces together. And in case you hadn’t noticed I don’t particularly like feeling stupid.” He’s speaking softly, honestly. It’s like a completely different boy, not the one who fights with Gally until he’s red in the face and not the one who finds his way into his bed every night either. This is someone else entirely. He’s being vulnerable for the first time in a long time. In a way, this is someone not even Boyd or Ollie have met.
“I get it though. Even I’m not so heartless as to make fun of you for it but I can’t blame you for thinking I would. I guess I didn’t exactly make it easy for you to tell me.” Suddenly, an overwhelming feeling is rising in his chest and it takes him a while to place it.
He doesn’t like it.
The room is silent for a long time. Jett hopes Gally doesn’t notice that he has let his leg fall over towards the other man so their knees are knocking against each other.
Finally, he breeches the silence with words that he knows he can’t take back.
“I didn’t mean it, you know. I don’t want you to die, not really. Not anymore.”
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PostSubject: Re: Cheap Thrills   

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Cheap Thrills
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