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Merry christmas!!! I love you and I hope you enjoy the fic. Im sorry its so short hehe I might try to make a companion for it later.


Jett sits in the back seat and draws his nails along the seam of his jeans, thinking about Gally. He thinks about the line of Galileo's jaw, the sharpness of his eyes, the weight of his hand on the back of Jett's neck when he needs it. He doesn't like the idea of anyone else having that, of anyone else getting to have the part of Gally that belongs to Jett.
Before, if Jett was in the backseat Galileo would probably be right here next to him making grouchy comments, their legs just touching enough for Jett to know Gally was there, keeping him grounded and centered despite their constant bickering. He might draw a finger along Jett's ring. It was silver and held a gleaming white quartz gemstone. Gally had made it himself, given it to him after they'd reconciled from a particularly nasty fight. The ring was gone now, Jett had left it back with Galileo along with his heart and everything else he cared for. It hadn't been his choice, but he assumed it may happen one day. Even the hopeful part of him, the part that believed in a future, a future with Galileo and their pack, had always know it couldn't be. He wasn't someone who got a happy ending.
Jett continues to seethe as he exits the car. Someday, someone else might be the one to kiss Gally. Jett's spot won't be his own anymore. He knew Gally could find somebody else if he wanted to. He was the kind of person you desperately wanted to please, there would be plenty of guys lining up for a chance to be Gally's new favorite person. Maybe he would carve beautiful gifts for them, too.
The idea stung his mouth like acid. Even if Jett wasn't there, that didn't mean Gally got to belong to anyone else. Gally was the one thing in the world that Jett ever got to have be his, just his. He'd loved Boyd but he'd never really felt like Boyd belonged to him. Gally though, Gally was all his. There was no competition. Galileo gave him life and he liked to think that he did the same for him. It was horrible and selfish, but no matter how much he wanted Gally to always be ok and as close to happy and he could be, he didn't like the idea of someone else filling his roll. That was supposed to be him, just him. If anyone else ever called Gally their 'Leo' Jett thought he might strangle them. He'd want to strike Gally for letting them do it.
Jett thought about Gally waking up. He would wipe the gravel off his face, wonder where he was and why, and then it would all come back. The two of them walking out alone, the car that pulled up alongside them. Jett could still hear Gally screaming his name as he was grabbed, his ring sliding off as Gally clawed at his hands and arms in a vain attempt to pull him back.
Jett had heard a story once, a parable of a boy with long gouged scars on his arms. "They're from my mother," He would say proudly to the horrified onlookers, pointing to his arms. "The alligator that had my leg was strong, but she was stronger." Something like that, Jett couldn't remember it all right now. It didn't matter, anyway. He couldn't expect Gally to to fight off four highly trained alligators. He was only one man.
Jett could still see the blood running from Gally's nose and from his knuckles as he gave everything he had to keep them away. But one had pressed a rag to Gally's mouth, and even Galileo Gray is human enough to be drugged. So Jett watched him go limp as he was pulled by his hair back into the car before it sped away, the words "Fake." and "drugs" and "Revenge." barely registering. He had watched Gally for as long as he could before the car took a turn and Gally was gone. He didn't like anyone else watching Gally sleep.
As Jett found a hand on his shoulder forcing him to the ground, he thought that maybe this train of thought meant he was in shock. Maybe thinking about someone else dating your boyfriend, being his new nothing, wasnt what should be important right now, but it was the only thing that was making sense in Jett's head. That someone else could be looked at the way only Gally Grey could look at him. In this moment that was the greatest injustice, that anyone else might get to have Gally all to themselves.
For once as he started up at another anonymous gangster, again loading a gun just like the one of his past, he was not thinking about himself. He thought only of Gally
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