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 After Shocks

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Jett was being very careful not to say anything, move, or even breathe too loudly for fear of disturbing the peaceful calm around them, for fear of scaring Gally away. Tonight they'd had sex, which they often did. But on a normal night it was wild and sometimes aggressive, they argued in between caresses and kisses. Gally would move away immediately after.
Tonight though-
Gally had been silent and almost sweet. When it was over, instead of rolling away he'd pulled Jett down on top of him. At first, Jett had feared it would be awkward, laying there with his head pillowed over Gally's chest. He'd been meaning to say something sly, but he became distracted by the steady rhythm of Gally's heart beating against his cheek. It lulled Jett to sleep, for how long he didn't know, but when he awoke Gally hadn't moved. The boy was simply holding him, eyes closed in a way that gave the appearance of sleep even though he was very much aware. A part of him wanted to ruin this. He wasn't meant to have nice things, and he was never meant to be cuddling with a bastard like Gally. If he kept this up, he might start believing that Gally wasn't so terrible. If they stayed like this, he might actually find he liked the guy.
Or maybe Jett was already in over his head, because he still hadn't moved. He was almost afraid of breaking the spell of trust and contentment that lead to this unprecedented physical contact. His hands remained where they had been during sex, curled in Gally's hair, and he didn't dare move them. Gally was trusting him, completely in a way he never had before and may never do again. If Jett moved at all, he might spook and move away. He devoted most of his free time to giving Gally shit. At first it had been because he'd genuinely hated the boy, but eventually it became something he did for fun. Pestering Gally, stepping on his nerves just to see how bothered the boy could get. And Gally gave back, always armed with an array of insults. In all this time they'd spent together, Jett noticed that Gally never let anyone close. He didn't care to be unnecessarily touched. But here they were.
Jett closed his eyes, reveling in the skin to skin contact. He hadn't felt this whole and warm in what felt like decades. The last time had been with Boyd, and he'd never truly expected to feel this way again. Jett had thought maybe he'd used up all his happy. Maybe he'd had a set amount to last his entire life and he'd used it all up with Boyd. He'd thought there was nothing left, but now he was here, warm and content, acutely aware of every part of himself that was touching Gally, memorizing it in case he could never have it again. Gally's arms were encircled around him, his fingers moving gently up and down a small area of Jett's spine. He could feel Gally's breath tickling over his skin, Gally's thighs on each side of his own, muscular and smooth.
Gally never minded scars, he had plenty of his own and he'd come to think of them as little trophy's, reminders of all he's lived through. Jett can feel the boys hands gliding over his back, circling over where a bullet had ripped it's way through his body. It didn't kill him as it should have, the bite had even smoothed over what would have been a scar for the most part, but Gally could still feel that the one spot was not nearly as soft as the rest of Jett's skin. He had heard the story of how Jett came to be part of the pack, knew what the mark was from. He counted it as a victory, Jett had lived and he liked the boy as he was. Gally didn't want anything to change even despite the boys smart mouth.
Gally's fingers stopped moving and Jett wondered if he might move away, but he didn't.
"Hey, shit face." Gally's voice sounded odd. A little tired, like maybe he'd dozed off. A little strained, like he was struggling with something. Jett had heard the tone before, when it seemed as though Gally wanted to say something but his natural instinct of apathy and distance was fighting against it. Jett had always assumed the boy was stopping himself from saying something terrible, Gally was slow to anger but once he was there it was damn near terrifying.
"Leo?" Jett didn't know how he sounded, but he hoped for neutral, unexpectant. He didn't want this to turn into an argument.
"You can't ever leave me now."
Of all the things Jett had expected Gally to say, that was not one of them. He understood now the wary tone of the boys voice. He'd felt that way, too, lying in bed beside Boyd and wondering when the boy would finally ditch him for Malakai.
"I don't really want to, Gally. I know i'm always on your case, and you usually piss me off so bad my skin crawls. But I mean...I'm happy here with you, so its not all bad. I'm not going anywhere."
"I don't care whether you want to or not, you can't." His body was tense. Jett almost wanted to rub the back of his neck and ease his tension, but he doubted Gally would allow it. The boy never liked feeling vulnerable, hated having things done for him.
"I can't-" Gally stopped, struggling to force the words out, words that would make him vulnerable, that could give Jett power over him. He worried the boy would use them against him. He could take it, but it would hurt like hell, and they'd never share another moment like this. Gally hoped Jett could bee trusted.
"I can't.....Stand the thought of losing you. Again." Gally had never spoken of that night. When Eustass brought Jett home, Gally became the boys shadow. He took care of the boys wounds and kept constant vigil. But he never let himself speak of it. To say it aloud, that Jett was taken right out from under his nose, would make the guilt spread even further. But now it couldn't be avoided. Jett needed to know that his life wasn't just his own anymore, Gally's world revolved around him. Jett was the first person to ever make him feel anything other than numb or hateful. Jett made him feel.
"Those guys coming and snatching you away, I was expecting you in body bag or not at all. You can't ever leave again. You need to say here, wherever I am. You can't go somewhere else." Gally's arms tightened around Jett's waist, anchoring the boy to his chest as though this alone would keep him safe.
Jett stayed very still while Gally spoke, amazed that Gally had gone from sneering in his face and wanting him gone to holding him tight and asking him to never leave. He had felt the change in himself, but he'd never expected Gally was struggling with it as well. They still fought almost every waking moment, but there was a lot of love between them. Life would be empty without their constant bickering.
"I promise, Leo. I'm not going anywhere. You've got me." Wanted wanted Gally to understand that he wasn't alone in this. He was an asshole but Jett loved him anyways. Jett loved him.
"Your promises aren't worth anything."
Jett wanted to argue then, irritated that Gally was being so difficult. They would have time to fight about it later, but for now he needed to convince Gally that he was here for the long haul. "Then what can I do to prove that I mean it."
"Be smart, and take it as a threat. Cause if you're gone, i'm going to find you again."
Jett liked the idea that Gally would always find him again, no matter where someone took him. He needed that, that knowledge that he didn't have to worry because there was someone here who found him worth protecting.
He let his hand hover over the back of Gally's neck.
"I got it, stop trash talking and just kiss me, okay?"
"Okay." Gally seemed to finally relax, went back to trailing fingers over Jett's skin while Jett carefully rubbed the tension from his neck, still trying to promise that he would always be right here.
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After Shocks
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