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PostSubject: Mister Grinch   Mister Grinch EmptyFri Dec 30, 2016 10:39 pm

"This is very cliche'." Finn was gazing out at the rows of dazzling lights, strung in trees and across homes. He'd stated several times over that he was ready to go the hell home whenever Jesse would permit it, but he was secretly enjoying himself. Sometimes he was grateful that the alpha never listened.

"Its nice. And it's a holiday tradition. You just can't enjoy it because you're a mean one, mister grinch." Jesse spoke the words in song, having always particularly enjoyed watching The grinch every christmas. It had become something he did with his family, and even some of the pack who enjoyed the holidays. On Christmas day they all stayed home and watched the old films, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and frosty the snowman, a charlie brown christmas, and how the grinch stole christmas. He had never imagined he'd have his very own scrooge, but he adored it. Finn wouldn't stop complaining, but he never tried to leave either. He sat through all the movies and he helped Parker and Cameron with cookies. It was endearing, even if the boy never stopped running his mouth.

"In no way am I like that big green bastard you like to watch every year." Finn scowled over at the alpha, nearly disgusted by the warmth that flared in his belly at the sight of Jesse's cheerful grin. He had to remind himself that he'd been in the middle of arguing with the man in order to finally tear his gaze away.

"And if you keep singing, I will murder you where you sit."

Jesse snorted in amusement.

"And then we would wreck, and no one would be having a merry christmas." Finn liked to talk a lot of shit but Jesse knew he didn't mean half the things he said. The boy just couldn't let himself be happy, not really.

Jesse hated that, but it was alright. He was happy enough for the both of them. Finn couldn't show it, but Jesse's happy rubbed off on him. The alpha could smell it.

To his surprise, instead of arguing about the benefits of murdering him, Finn let out a soft sound of agreement.

"What's that all about? Having second thoughts about how much you dislike me or something?"

Jesse knew he was loved, but he liked teasing his mate. Usually Finn never rose to take the bait, but he was hoping that maybe in the spirit of christmas he could get the boy to tell him outright.

"It's not fucking about anything, just...You're right. Christmas would be shit without you. I was agreeing, so fucking take it as a win and piss off."

If Jesse were anyone else, he would have done as Finn said and been satisfied with the little affection he'd received. Jesse wasn't just anyone though. Finn could never truly resist him.

"I am taking it as a win, but I was hoping to score higher. Come on, Finn. Would it kill you to say that you loved me? Make a Christmas miracle, say it. I want to hear it."

He probably shouldn't be pushing his luck. One of the things he loved so much about Finn was the boys unpredictability, it was also one of the things that got him in trouble most often. He could never truly gauge what Finn's reaction to teasing and taunting would be. It was usually always anger, but how much? Finn had several different levels of pissed. Jesse knew them all.

"Tsk. I don't even like you. Why would I go spouting sentimental shit like that?"

Finn was pretending not to look at him, acting as though the sparkling lights and decorations had become suddenly interesting. Jesse could feel the boys gaze on him though, knew Finn was sneaking glances every chance he got.

"Because then i'd say it back to you, and your shriveled little black grinch heart might grow a few sizes."

Finn turned fully to scowl at him, eyes burning long and hard. Jesse was ready to try again when the boy finally huffed his resignation.

"Look, you shit sniffer. I know I don't do the romance crap and I hardly seem to tolerate you, but I really fucking love you, okay? Fuck, I hate you for making me say it. I hate you for how much I love you. I hate this holiday and I hate how you make me look forward to it. I hate all the days I wake up, and I see you, and I feel like my fucking heart is pressing on my ribcage. I hate that I love you, but I do. I really, really fucking do."

There was silence then. Jesse was processing the shock of having Finn admit to so much feeling, and Finn was cursing himself for blurting it all out. He blamed Jesse. It was all because the alpha kept smiling at him, because the man was driving around the city trying to show him dazzling lights, and because he made Finn want to kiss him until the world ended.

"Well damn. All I wanted was a simple little 'I love you'. I didn't expect you to be sweet enough to give a speech, but hey, I liked that." He had hit all the right nerves, not enough to truly anger the boy, but just enough that he'd gotten his christmas miracle. Finn had said it, he'd said the three words Jesse desired and more.
Jesse had truly won something here.

"You should do that more. I should make you do that more."

"You should eat a dick."

"That can be arranged." Jesse was all but purring now, delighted to have won a small victory against his fierce little lover. "Call it an extra christmas present, or maybe its me returning the favor since you went and confessed your undying love."

If Finn had been driving, he would have wrecked.

"Just shut your mother fucking mouth."

The boy was burning with embarrassment, shame stirring his belly because of how open he'd been about his feelings. It was vulnerable, and Finn couldn't afford to be seen that way.

He didn't notice Jesse had pulled off to the shoulder of the road, had no clue they'd stopped until Jesse held his face in strong hands.

"Hey Finn," The man was so close, Finn forgot everything that had been bothering him. All he could see was Jesse, the alpha's eyes glinting as Christmas lights flashed all around them. His heart was beating in his throat, and Jesse was leaning towards him.
And they kissed.
It lasted long enough to steal all the air away from Finn's lungs, and even after his chest was burning with an ache for oxygen, Finn wouldnt pull back. The kiss didn't break until Jesse broke it himself.

And then-

"I love you too."

Jesse pressed one more kiss to the bridge of Finn's nose, earning a soft grunt of protest that he chose to ignore. Soon they were back on the road. Jesse didn't bring it up anymore, instead turning up the radio.
And he was in luck, his favorite christmas song was playing. He expected Finn to complain about his singing, but the boy merely listened. It may have just been Jesse's imagination, but could have sworn he even heard Finn singing along.

"You're a mean one, mister grinch.
You really are a heel.
You're as cuddly as a cactus-
You're as charming as an eel-
Mister Grinch,
You're a bad banana with a greasy black peel!
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