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 Bad Things

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Boyd Odair

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Im sorry I missed a few days >< I've been so tired. But im trying to catch up Smile I love you and I hope you enjoy!!!


I want you forever
even when we're not together,
scars on my body so I can take you wherever
I want you forever
even when we're not together,
scars on my body I can look at you whenever

Boyd hasn't shown anyone yet. The only person who even knows about it is Nikita, because Boyd had chosen him as the one to hold his hand through it. It's meant to be a surprise.
He should've known it would be impossible to hide. Jett was far too perceptive, suspicious the very moment Boyd walked in wearing a dark long sleeved shirt.

"What did you do?"

The question struck hard enough to halt Boyd's every movement. His expression was innocent, shifting to confusion and then very briefly a grimace of hurt as he realized what Jett was talking about.

"O-Oh no! I didn't-I haven't, I-Its not what you're thinking."

Boyd was suddenly so flustered he could barely form words around the lump of shame in his throat. He hardly ever wore sleeves for this very reason, as not to alarm his family and have them assuming he had began using again. He hadn't expected Jett to have that same reaction, but he should have. It was the most obvious explanation.

Boyd swore to himself that he would fix that though. Maybe before Jett arrived it would be plausible to think he may have relapsed, but ever since Jett had wandered into his life there had been no temptations. Boyd craved nothing but more time with Jett, ached only for the sound of his laughter and the wit of his words. Jett had become his new addiction. He needed to know that he made Boyd's life better just by breathing.

"I uhm, I just...." He could lie and say he'd been cold, anyone else might have in order to save the surprise but Boyd hated lying. And staring at Jett now, with his eyes so bright and full of concern, Boyd knew it would be impossible to lie even if he had wanted to.

"I-I got some work done at a tattoo parlour. It's uh, it supposed to be a surprise."

They will have been together for a year in just seven days. It would have been enough time for the tattoo to heal properly. Boyd wanted it perfect for when he finally showed Jett.

"A surprise?"

The boy had lost all suspicion, knowing that Boyd with his innocence couldn't be lying. But now he was intrigued. He hadn't ever pegged Boyd as someone who'd have a tattoo.

"You got a tattoo and it's supposed to be a surprise? I could've gone with you to get, or I could've even helped you pick something out. Why were you trying to surprise me?" Jealousy flared in Jett's chest the more he thought about it. A tattoo was kind of a big deal, a forever thing. He would've liked to be a part of that, so Boyd would always remember him when he thought of the tattoo.

He wanted to have held Boyd's hand.

And what if it was something to do with Malakai again? A way to impress him.
Jett's jaw clenched at the thought.

"Did Malakai go with you to get it?"

"Huh?" Boyd was genuinely confused to hear Malakai being brought into the conversation. He himself hadn't thought about Mal once throughout the entire experience. This was for him. It was for Jett.

"Wh-Why would you even think that? This has nothing to do with Malakai. I had Nikita go with me." The boy stepped forward, crestfallen like a puppy who had just been scolded. He didn't understand how Jett could possibly think that Malakai was an issue. In the year they'd been together, he'd stopped being Malakai's go to guy. Boyd had his own life to live, and it was all about loving Jett and his family. They made him happy, and he was healthy. His life was perfect and Malakai wasn't a part of it anymore. When he walked in a room, Jett was the first person he went to. Mal was lucky now if he received any greeting at all. Sure, Boyd was still sweet and courteous as ever but he didn't go out of his way to see Malakai. He had no reason to.

"This," The boy offered up his right arm, palm turned upwards as he tugged his sleeve down. "Is all about me and you." His forearm was cleanly wrapped, obviously protecting a healing tattoo that had been inked in a way that covered most of Boyd's track scars.

"Go ahead and unwrap it. I-It uh, It'll still be a surprise, even if it's a little early."
Boyd wore a soft smile, almost enchanted as he watched Jett reach for his arm. The boy was careful as not to agitate his healing skin, peeling the bandages away slowly despite his growing anticipation.
A sharp inhale sounded as Jett finally set eyes on the tattoo.
His hands had drawn that picture.

"That's....You got my Jett?"


Two days earlier they had laid in Boyd's bed. The boy was sprawled along one edge, spilling over a textbook that would help him pass his upcoming finals. Jett was pressed snuggly against his side, merely watching as Boyd studied.

"Thrilling stuff, right?" Boyd marked his place before turning to give Jett his full attention. He'd insisted that Jett didn't have to stay with him for studying History. Math and English, yes. He definitely needed Jett for that. But now the boy was just sitting around, and Boyd didn't like the idea of Jett growing bored with him.

"Is there uh, anything you want to do?"

"You know what I want to do." Jett wore a sly smile, his hand trailing along the exposed skin at Boyd's hip. The boy was reduced to a sputtering mess in mere seconds.
"I-I-I would really like that a-and uhm, I uh, I want to do that but I-I have to finish this first. B-But I still want to, I-I uh, I really want to."

Jett's hands were the first and only to ever touch Boyd in such a way. No matter how many times it happened, Boyd still reacted as though it was the first time all over again. He cherished everything, worshiped Jett as though the boy were a God, kissing every inch of skin until his lips were raw and his arousal was too much.

"Yeah, we can wait until you're finished. I'm just giving you something to look forward to after all your hard work. Until then, give me a spare notebook and a pen so I have something I can do to pass the time."

Boyd was reaching for one of his blank notebooks when he paused, instead reaching for a black sharpie and offering out his arm.
"Here, uh...Why don't you draw on me?" He hadn't said so yet, but Boyd loved it when Jett touched his arms. It was soothing to feel the boys fingers ghosting over his scars.

Jett didn't question him, wearing a near delighted smile as he took Boyd's arm in his lap. Boyd watched as Jett started working, sending shivers down his spine with every stroke of the pen.

Nearly an hour later Boyd closed his textbook, finished with all of his school work for the night. He looked over to see what Jett had drawn but the boy blocked his view, smile mischievous as he shook his head.

"You have to wait until it's finished."

So Boyd waited, watching Jett's face instead. He memorized every curve and freckle, taking time to savor the view. Time passed without his taking notice, and before he knew it Jett was staring back at him.

"Okay, now you can see my masterpiece." The boy motioned proudly back to Boyd's arm, at the carefully drawn jetliner that seemed to be flying across the expanse of scars on his skin as though they were stars sprinkling the sky instead.

"O-Oh....Jett..." Boyd's bottom lip seemed to quiver as he took in the finished piece, his heart feeling as though it had grown too large for his chest to contain. "I love it, so much." Looking down at the drawing on his arm, Boyd felt nothing but warmth. The shame was gone.

"I love you, so, so much." Boyd was reaching for him then, needing to express his affection before it caused his heart to burst against his rib cage.

Boyd never washed the drawing away. Instead he was careful to preserve every detail, needing to keep it with him forever. This way, no matter where he was or what he was doing, Jett would always be with him.


"I did. I uh, I got your jett." Boyd reached to nervously rub the back of his neck as Jett examined his tattoo, suddenly afraid that Jett wasn't as proud of it as he was. Nikita had mentioned that it might be a little early to get a tattoo that would be with him for life. He was worried about what would happen to Boyd if they broke up, if he had to look at that tattoo everyday and remember some kind of hurt.

But that would never happen, and even if it did, Boyd wanted the tattoo anyways. There was no erasing Jett from his life, the boy was the best part of it. Boyd's love for Jett was unconditional and ever expanding, something to be celebrated. So the boy got his tattoo, and he ignored Nikita's warnings because he knew in his heart what was right for him. A piece of Jett inked into his arm would stop him from ever sticking a needle there again.

"D-Do you like it? What are uh- What are you thinking?"

Jett was thinking that he is fucked. He is so totally fucked, because Boyd is looking at him like he is the first hint of sunlight after a decade of rain

-because Boyd is looking at him as though he is the one single thing in the universe that matters. Boyd looks at him like he is the answer to everything.

Boyd looks at him.

Jett reached out to gingerly take the boys arm in his hands, holding it carefully as his lips drop tender kisses along the healing wings of the boys tattoo. He would spend the rest of the night showing Boyd just how much he loved his surprise.
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Bad Things
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