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 Sweet Dreams.

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Sweet Dreams. Empty
PostSubject: Sweet Dreams.   Sweet Dreams. EmptyThu Apr 27, 2017 11:32 am

Jett was seething as Gally snapped at him. He hardly even remembered what had started the fight but that wasn’t surprising. It didn’t take much to set them off.
He didn’t know what it was, all he knew was that he was pissed about it. And he was even more pissed at the harsh words leaving his lover’s mouth.
“Fuck you! Fuck this, I’m leaving!” Jett growled, trying to avoid shifting as he forced himself off of their bed and out the door to their room.
“Like hell you are!” Gally snorted, standing and following the other wolf because of course, they could never just let the other cool down. The fights always continued until one of them was either in tears or shifted and about to lose control. Or it just kept escalating until it turned into the roughest sex either had ever experienced. Those were Jett’s favorite times, he had no time to deal with tears or calming Gally down when he was about to slit his throat.
Jett was at the bottom of the stairs, heading for the front door when Gally finally stopped him, grabbing him by the waist.
“I don’t know why you get to be pissed at me when you’re the one dreaming about fucking someone else!”
Jett nodded to himself as he remembered. Oh yeah, that’s what had started it.
“Okay first of all, it’s a dream, it’s out of my fucking control. Second, he’s my alpha and he’s hot, what do you expect? Third, don’t act like that little slut upstairs doesn’t have his hands all over you constantly.” He was speaking of Malakai, of course. The insult was only because Eustass and everyone else in the home was sleeping. “And you totally want Thatcher with the way you follow him around like a little lovesick puppy all the damn time. It’s sickening. So why am I the bad guy here?”
“Thatcher’s like a mother to me, don’t be gross.” Gally frowned at the thought of being interested in the man that way. He loved Thatcher more than anything, but really, the man was like a parent to him.
“Yeah well Eustass acts as a father figure to me and I’d still jump him any day of the week.” Jett shrugged.
“You have some weird fucking daddy issues I didn’t know about?” Gally arched an eyebrow. “That’s disgusting.”
“Oh shut the hell up, Leo, that’s not the damn point here.”
“You’re right. The point is that whether I liked Mal or Thatcher or anybody, I’m not the one moaning their fucking names in my sleep.”
“Oh for fucks sake, did we get married or something and I missed it? My mind is gonna wander. Grow a set and deal with it, Gray.”
“You know something? You’re a real bitch, Jett.”
Jett let out an exaggerated gasp, making a face of mock hurt and shock.
“Oh shit, you must be really pissed at me now. No one’s ever called me that before.” He spoke sarcastically before rolling his eyes. “Even your insults are fucking pathetic. Just like that tiny ass dick of yours.”
“Please, even you can’t believe that bullshit coming out of your mouth. If it’s so tiny why were you screaming so much last night?”
“If you’re really big enough to satisfy me why would I be dreaming of the alpha screwing my brains out?”
He realized he had struck a nerve when Galileo’s hands shot out, one wrapping around each of Jett’s wrists, shoving him back against the wall and pinning them down above his head. The man was growling, fangs and claws out, eyes flickering golden. A sane person might have shut their mouth at this point. But of course, Jett could never stop fighting before things got ugly.
“What are ya gonna do, tough guy? You gonna hit me? Fucking hit me, Gray, I dare you.”
All he got was a snarl in response, seeing a vicious wolf in front of him instead of his dickhead of a boyfriend.
“Jett…” It came suddenly, Gally’s voice a warning, eyes briefly flickering back to their normal shade of brown. It was him fighting his wolf, trying to tell Jett to stop before he lost complete control.
Jett’s response? Spitting in Gally’s face.
“Think you’re so big and bad and can fucking push me around just because I let you stick it to me. Fuck that.” He was shifting and yanking his hands out of Gally’s grip then, smacking the man across the face and kicking to get out of his position against the wall. However, Gally was not about to let that happen.
“I think you need a reminder of how I satisfy you.” The man’s voice was a growl as he sunk his claws into Jett’s hips, turning him around and shoving him roughly against the wall, holding him there with an elbow digging into his upper back.
Jett cursed himself as he tried to struggle, clawing at his lover’s hands as the man yanked his jeans and briefs down, leaving his lower half bare. It was always fun to fight, to act like he was being forced, to pretend he hadn’t been hoping for this from the very beginning. The sound of Gally undoing his own belt brought him out of it for a moment. That sound would never fail to send a chill down his spine, arousing him without even trying.
But then, without warning he heard the soft swoosh of the air behind him. He knew what it meant but before he had time to brace himself Gally’s belt was already smacking against his bare ass, leaving an angry red welt behind and bringing a scream from the brunette’s mouth.
“You motherfucking prick, Leo.” Jett let out a string of curses, squirming as he felt Gally’s arm moving back again.
A second crack of the belt against his skin.
“I’m gonna fucking kill you when this is done, Gray.”
“I’d like to see you try.” It was a hot whisper in his ear, fangs tickling his skin.
A third swing at an unexpected moment had Jett’s knees wobbling underneath him. He was not going to be able to sit for days.
Two hits later and Gally seemed satisfied with Jett fully erect despite the tears brimming his eyes.
And still, Jett’s mouth didn’t stop running.
“You just proved my point, prick. Had to whip me with your belt since your dick isn’t big enough to punish me, huh?” He was laughing then, even as his ass stung. He couldn’t let Gally have the last word, hell no. His mouth would be the death of him one day, he was sure of it. But that didn’t stop him.
“You’re just fucking asking for this, huh?” Gally shook his head, almost unbelieving of just how stubborn Jett was.
“Asking for what? Not like I’ll feel anything.”
Then his hands were being yanked behind his back, Gally using his belt to restrain them together. Jett heard the man’s jeans hit the floor, peeking back to see him pulling his actually fairly lengthy erection out of his boxers.
“We’re doing this right here?” Gally heard something in Jett’s voice that he never had before. It sounded almost like nerves.
“Mhm. So keep the big fucking mouth of yours shut for once in your fucking life.”
“Eustass and Thatcher’s room is right on the other side of this wall.” Jett found himself suddenly whispering, despite the fact that they were yelling only moments ago.
“Yep. That’s why I said shut your mouth.”
And then with no warning, Gally was inside of him, filling him perfectly. Every time they did this, Jett was astounded by just how amazing the whole mate thing was. They fit together perfectly, they were truly soulmates. It was crazy.
All the anger faded as Gally screwed him, claws digging into Jett’s shoulders as he used them for leverage to slam into him even harder. So maybe his ego was bruised even though he knew Jett was just trying to get a rise out of him. He needed the confirmation though, needed to hear Jett moaning just for him, feel him reacting, smell the lust coming off of him.
It was only minutes before they were both reaching their climax, finishing together and collapsing against the wall, both panting heavily.
“I don’t want anyone else, dickhead.” Jett grunted his form of an apology as he forced himself to get to his feet. He was in the process of pulling his clothes on when he stopped speaking, face turning scarlet.
Eustass stood just around the corner, arms folded across his chest.
“Uhh how long have you been there?” Jett hurriedly slipped his pants on, rubbing the back of his neck as he waited for the man’s answer.
“Long enough. Keep it in your room next time.”
“Yes sir.” Gally nodded, merely moving to wrap his arm around Jett’s waist and leading them back up the stairs to their room.
“If he gives us extra laps at training in the morning, I’m gonna murder you.” Jett growled. “Especially because my ass is going to be sore as fuck.”
“Should have thought about that earlier.” Gally merely shrugged, earning him a rough shove as they entered their bedroom.
“You’re a prick.” Jett muttered as he collapsed onto the bed, waiting for Gally to lay down as well before curling up behind him. He was the big spoon tonight and he dared Gally to argue with him about it.
But the other man didn’t complain, letting Jett’s arms wind around his waist.
“G’night, your dreams better be of me.”
Jett scoffed as he let himself drift off but even he knew that after tonight, he would have no problem keeping his mind from wandering.
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Sweet Dreams.
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