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Galileo Gray

Galileo Gray

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PostSubject: Re: Changes.    Tue May 23, 2017 11:45 pm

Galileo thought about what it would be like to tear Jett apart. Wondered if he'd be satisfied, even then.
Gally had been counting on the boy lashing out. What he wasn't expecting was for Jett to stop short, start talking to him all friendly like he does to Malakai. It doesn't bother Gally, but it alerts him that something is wrong here. Jett has never just failed to take the bait.
Gally doesn't believe he's failed to take it this time, either. The boy seemed to be letting it go for the moment, but judging by his forced smile and sugar sweet tone, Gally knows they aren't finished here. Jett would be back. He always liked to have the last word.
"Night night, don't ya'll let the bedbugs bite." Galileo shot the boy one last teasing wink, deciding he too could play along with this fake civility. Eventually he'd catch the boy alone, and there'd be no need for it.
He heard Eustass and Nikita enter the room, but they were easy to ignore. Something throbbed in his temple with every beat of his heart. He hated Jett. Hated him.

Oleander was the only one who acknowledged Nikita's question. The boy wasn't fond of Gally himself, worried that one day Jett would wind up hurt because of him.
"Gally is being a fucking bastard and picking on Boyd. He's just trying to piss Jett off." And Ollie was sure he'd succeeded. Jett was his best friend. He knew the boy wasn't going to take that without some form of retaliation.
"Someone should kick his ass." Oleander made sure he said it loud enough for Gally to hear.
Galileo's jaw twitched. He really hated making an ass out of himself in front of Thatcher, but some things simply can't be helped.
"Is that right? Now tell me, were you talkin' someone like yourself, or were you thinkin' more long the lines of sickin' Vladimir Putin on me? He is king of the Russian's ain't he?" Gally gestured towards Nikita, completely uncaring of who he offended. "That's a big difference right there. An' ya know, before ya go runnin' your mouth you oughta check with the man first. Ain't I heard somethin' about you two havin' a fallout here recently? Awh man, I bet that hurts don't it? So much that you gotta go stickin' your nose up my ass, somewhere it obviously don't belong." Oleander can only blink, so enraged he doesn't know how to respond. That in itself is a mistake, because it gives Gally a chance to continue.
"Tell me sweet cheeks, how does it smell up there? Rosey?"
Eustass stepped forward to shut him up before he could manage another rude or nasty comment.
"Gally, why don't you go find something to fix ya? Something to do besides argue with everyone else in the house."
Galileo thinks about music and bullets and darkness.
He smiles as though he's done nothing wrong.
"Why sure thing boss. Whatever you need."
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Jett Jones

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PostSubject: Re: Changes.    Wed May 24, 2017 12:34 am

Jett had truly intended to wait until Gally was out of the home before seeking his revenge. But Gally was right in knowing that Jett had taken his bait. He could never stay calm for long when Galileo Gray was involved. He was full of rage that needed to be taken out. This couldn't wait any longer. He texted Nikita first as he got Boyd situated in his bedroom before heading next door to Gally's. He had no clue who thought it was a good idea to have their bedrooms side by side. All it did was ensure that they never stopped fighting, even if that meant screaming through the thin walls to each other.

Nikita glanced at his phone when it buzzed. A text from Jett was not a typical occurrence. Normally the boy couldn't keep his hands off of his brother long enough to give him the time of day. He opened his phone to a text that simply said: "Keep Gally downstairs."
Normally, he might have said no. He might have decided to help keep the peace and talk Jett down. But after Gally had just started with Oleander and referred to him as Vladimir Putin? Oh hell no.
"Gotcha." He responded before slipping his phone in his pocket and moving to sit on the stairs. He said nothing just yet. He was merely going to be here to block the way in case the beta got any ideas.

"Someone's leaving out the part where Jett started it by kicking him on his way out." Thatcher gave his son a disapproving look. "For fuck's sake, Eustass. You were acting in the car like you had no idea why he never hangs out around you. Maybe it's because the second he retaliates to everyone in this house treating him like shit, you only call him out on it!" There weren't many things that could anger Thatcher Taylor, especially not to the point where he was snapping at his lover. He was finding that mistreating Gally was one of them. "You didn't even question if he'd been provoked before coming over here all big and bad. Maybe you should call Jett back down here and scold him for once!" Of course he cared that Gally had been rude to Ollie. But he would handle it in his own way, maybe speak to the boy privately and tell him it had bothered him. Thatcher simply couldn't help himself. Gally was a third son and every time someone mistreated him, it had the older man aching. Was this how they all treated him constantly while Thatcher was gone? What if he came home to find the man with another bullet in his head?
He could never let that happen. He had to fix this.
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Galileo Gray

Galileo Gray

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PostSubject: Re: Changes.    Wed May 24, 2017 3:51 pm

For a moment Oleander could only blink, dumbfounded.  He knew that Thatcher had a special thing for Gally but he'd still expected his mother to take his side.  Fucking hell, he made one little bitchy comment.  Galileo had responded by insulting Nikita and talking shit about the problems they were having.  The problems he'd shared with Thatcher.
His mother knew what it meant to him, and yet he ignored that completely in favor of coming to Gally's defence.
Oleander wanted to hate him.
On a normal day having Thatcher scold him would have ended things, Ollie would have let it go.  He rarely ever argue's back as he would with Eustass. He doesn't like to spend his limited amount of time with the man fighting. Jealousy is a powerful thing though. It burns Oleander's stomach and sets off tremors in his chest.
"Someone else seems to be forgetting which two children he's actually responsible for." Ollie spat the words bitterly, unable to stay and look at Thatcher anymore, listen to how quick he is to defend Galileo.  He moved to go join Nikita on the staircase, sitting down and allowing their knees to knock. With Gally having tripped Boyd, he knows that Jett is plotting.  Whatever it is, Ollie hopes he succeeds.

Eustass backed down immediately, hands raised in obvious surrender.  He was the alpha yes, but even he answered to someone.  And that someone was Thatcher Taylor. Taking a mate had changed him.  There was a time where Eustass only ever had to worry about himself. He didn't give a damn what anyone else thought.  
But then Thatcher showed up out of nowhere with his big blue eyes and sunshine hair. Eustass cares about what he thinks.
"Okay, alright.  You made your point ya.  You're right.  Im sorry."  He doesn't like being put down in front of his children, it leaves him scalded with embarrassment.
Galileo had lost his tongue all of a sudden. For someone who spends so much of his time arguing, he cannot stand to see others do it.  It reminds him of his mother, so quiet and meek.  And his father, thunderously loud and violent.  
Thatcher is fighting Eustass for him, and Gally can't accept it, doesnt deserve it.
These people had been happy before he showed up.  They were a happy family.
And now they're arguing, because of him.
"Hey now, ya'll come on." Galileo finally found his voice, moving quickly from the couch in order to stand in front of Thatcher.  Eustass would never hit him.  But Gally thinks of his father. Big hands and a short temper. He thinks of his mother, crying and bruised.
He stands in front of Thatcher, protective.
"I truly do appreciate you going to war for little ol' me." His head pounds with every word. "But I assure you it is not necessary. I got me a thick skin.  They ain't gettin' under it."  He looks at Thatcher, and something pricks behind his eyes.  Something pricks.
"I can't be here if it makes the two of ya'll fight. Me an Jett is one thing, hell, anyone else fighting don't matter. But you? You been happy.  Before I got here you was happy.  They call you sunshine for a damn good reason.  I ain't gon' be the thing that blocks out the sun, ya hear? I wont  stay an' upset your happy family boss. I jus' wont. I ain't no home wrecker."
Thatcher had given him a life.  And now he's fighting Eustass, all for Gally.
And Gally can't breathe because of it.  He isn't worth Thatcher's happiness.
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Jett Jones

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PostSubject: Re: Changes.    Wed May 24, 2017 8:12 pm

Nikita says nothing, knowing that with Ollie talking things out never works. The boy won't want to be called out on how hurt he is. So Nikky simply sits there with him. He slides one strong arm around his friend's waist, pulling Oleander into him and resting their heads together. Then he pulls his phone out, showing him the text from Jett, knowing it will make Ollie feel better to know Gally is about to get what's coming to him.
A loud crash from upstairs causes him to chuckle. He can only imagine the havoc Jett is wreaking up there. Whatever it is, Nikky is sure Galileo will deserve it for hurting Ollie like he has.

Thatcher watches his son leave, sighing softly and vowing to make things right with the boy as soon as he's finished arguing his point. He shouldn't be surprised when Eustass surrenders immediately, the man never wants to fight with him anymore. But he still is. He's even more surprised when Gally jumps up and stands in front of him, as if to protect him. It warms his heart, and so do the words the beta is saying then. He's not used to emotion from Galileo but he smiles to see it. He swears he'll see a day where the man is truly happy.
"Hey, no one can block out my sunshine. Don't you worry, kid." Thatcher is moving forward then, wrapping Gally up in his arms. He normally doesn't think Gally is the type to appreciate public displays of affection but he isn't giving him a choice right now. "You're not wrecking my happy family. My happy family is just fine and I want you to be a part of it. That's why I'm throwing a fit right now. You and Jett fighting is one thing. I've learned by now that nothing is going to stop you two, I've given up on that. But I'm not gonna let everyone take his side and make you feel like the outsider. This is my home and I want it to be yours too so I'll be damned if I let them get away with ganging up on you." He truly sounded like a protective mother as he patted the man once more on the back before letting him go. He moved to Eustass then, capturing the man's lips gently. "And you." His voice was stern, acting as if he were going to continue to be mad. But then, he cracked a small smile. "It's no damn fun when you give in so easy. I wasn't trying to lecture you, really. I just want to make sure Gally feels at home here. Everyone in this place seems to treat him like shit except me and Mal. I want to make sure he's still got a safe place to come to when I'm gone."

Meanwhile, Jett had made his way into Galileo's bedroom, deciding to take his rage out in a more productive way. Had he wanted to knock Gally's teeth down his throat? Hell yes. But what would that do? He'd hurt the man for a few minutes at most before he was pulled off by someone else. He had a better plan.
He started simply, throwing all of the man's pillows onto the floor and flipping his mattress off of the frame entirely.
Then he began the real work. He moved over to the man's nightstand, finding a photo and a book. The photo he merely tossed aside before ripping several pages out of the book, scattering them around the room. The lamp sitting on the table was shattered as Jett shoved the entire thing over, knocking it into the wall. The dresser was next. He removed all of the man's clothing, throwing it around the room haphazardly before tipping that over as well. He yanked open the closet door then, finding only one shirt neatly folded inside. He had no clue why this was the only one but he figured it had to mean something. So he laid it out on the flipped mattress before searching around for the man's liquor stash. He knew it had to be somewhere. The man always seemed to have it somehow.
He finally found what he was looking for under the bed. He grinned wickedly as he pulled the bottles out one by one, smashing them against the wall and spilling the contents everywhere, not caring that he left shards of glass from the bottles everywhere. He soaked everything in the room but especially made sure to cover the shirt he had laid out. He knew he had made a lot of noise up here but he wasn't trying to be particularly quiet, trusting Nikita to keep Gally out of his hair until the job was done.
When he had finished he left, leaving the door wide open before making his way back to his own room, flopping down on his bed and snuggling into Boyd's chest. That would teach the bastard for putting his hands on his lover.
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Galileo Gray

Galileo Gray

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PostSubject: Re: Changes.    Wed May 24, 2017 10:34 pm

Oleander hadn't realized how good it would feel to have Nikita back at his side. The Russian had a way of understanding him, no need for Ollie to explain. He could just sit here with Nikita, and that would be enough. The man's arm around him soothed the hurt away.
Nikita pulled his phone out and showed Ollie a text. The boy read it once, twice, his lips slowly curling into a smile. Thank god for Jett and his vengeful streak. Galileo deserved whatever was coming to him for referring to Nikita as fucking Vladamir Putin.
"Thanks for that Solnishko. I feel better already." Oleander knew he shouldn't, but he reached for Nikita's hand.

Galileo went completely still as Thatcher hugged him, body rigid in the mans arms. He couldn't remember the last time anyone had tried to comfort him like this, or at all really. For a few seconds, his head resting against the crook of Thatcher's neck, the aching behind his eyes ceased.
Thatcher let him go, and Gally thought of the ocean and sunlight and waves. He thought about floating and drowning and sharks. His brain had never been the same after that damn bullet.

Eustass had smiled into the kiss, but it fell away the moment he thought Thatcher was about to light into him again. Instead his mate smiled back, teasing.
God, Eustass loved him.
"No one said I was just giving in. Eventually im going to have you alone in the bedroom ya and we can talk more about it then." The alpha wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, hands finding their way to Thatcher's hips. "Gally is going to be fine, sunshine. Yeah we give him hell but he dishes out just as much as he gets. Don't you worry. We're all a nice happy family here, remember?"

Galileo had been going to sit back on the couch, enjoy having Thatcher home for a little while. He was just getting settled in when he heard the distinct sound of something shattering upstairs.
Gally knows that his brain is unreliable, but he is damn well certain of that noise.
It's Jett. It has to be.
Gally rises without speaking to anyone, reaches the staircase in three long strides. He tries to brush past Nikita and Oleander, but Oleander leans until he's blocking Gally's path.
"Where are you going in such a hurry?"
Gally's jaw flexes. He counts to five in his mind.
It does nothing to calm him.
"Well damn sugar, I didn't know you needed to be informed every time I so much as take a shit." Gally's expression is even, but his eyes are nearly aglow with rage.
"Now be a good boy and move outta my way, before your mouth gets you into something your scrawny ass obviously cant handle."
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Jett Jones

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PostSubject: Re: Changes.    Wed May 24, 2017 11:08 pm

Nikita wore a smirk as he rose to his full height, towering over the werewolf in front of him.
"Gally, I don't think you're in any position to be making threats. In fact, you might want to be careful before your mouth gets you into something your ass can't handle." He made sure to flex as he folded his arms across his chest, muscles rippling under tanned skin. "After all, I'm Putin, isn't that what you said? And it's not wise to pick fights with the man in charge." He flashed his teeth in a wide smile, though his eyes showed that he was not to be taken lightly. "So, you got any other nasty comments or are you going to smarten up and turn around prezhde chem ya sdelayu tebya svoyey sukoy?" He spat the words in his native language, before I have to make you my bitch. He knew no one else would understand because his mother was not around. It was simply for his own enjoyment. He ignored the buzzing in his pocket completely although he assumed it was a second text from Jett assuring him that the coast was clear. He was having too much fun at the moment, wanted to see if Gally had the balls to fight him.

Carter had been observing until now, finally deciding to take this moment while the fighting had paused to hesitantly approach Eustass. He didn't want to interrupt the couple's moment but he needed to get the hell out of this mad house for the night.
"Uh hey, I know this might not be the best time, but I think I'm heading home for the night. I know there's all this wolf shit to learn but... things seem pretty crazy tonight so I'll uh, come back some other time. Soon." He nodded although at this point he really wasn't sure if he wanted to come back at all. He wanted to pretend this wolf thing had not happened at all. He wanted things to be normal. He was used to getting what he wanted, so he was sure it couldn't be that hard to pretend he was completely back to normal again.
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Galileo Gray

Galileo Gray

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PostSubject: Re: Changes.    Thu May 25, 2017 3:49 am

Galileo sizes the Russian up, teeth grinding together as Nikita taunts him.  The boy obviously thinks he's big and bad because he grew up with the wolves.
What he doesn't know is Gally grew up with actual monsters.  He knows that he isn't a large person.  He's stocky and strong, well built.  But he's also short.  People underestimate him because of that fact, and it's a mistake.  
"Awh sweetheart please, you don't want this with me."  Gally squares up with the Russian, his head is even with Nikita's chest. It does nothing to intimidate him.
"You may be the king of the Russian's, but take a good look around buddy.  This ain't Russia, an' you don't rule."  Gally stepped onto the staircase, standing now eye level with Nikita.  "Now im agoin' up these stairs, an there ain't a thing you can do about pretty.  If you try to stop me, im gon' have to do some things you wont find too friendly." Galileo punctuated the words with an unnecessarily powerful shove to Nikita's chest, nearly knocking the man over. He didn't pause to see what the Russian would do, completely enamoured with getting upstairs to his room.  Jett was up to something, and Gally had a sinking feeling that it wasn't good.

Eustass had to bite back a groan as he was interrupted.  He knew Carter needed to go though, his wolf could feel it.  Ignoring the man would be wrong.  Carter was his responsibility now, even if the man didn't know it yet.  
"Of course kid.  You're free to come and go as you please."  Eustass reached out to shake Carter's hand.  "I understand if you don't want to return, our house is crazy most days.  But I promise it's the best thing for you.  Especially until you know how to control yourself ya.  I don't want you hurting anyone, even on accident." The alpha could call Carter back whenever he felt it necessary, but he'd prefer if the man came back of his own choice.
"Until then just be careful okay? And call if you need anything."  Eustass quickly jots down his number on a small scrap of paper, pressing it into Carter's palm.  "You two be safe out there ya."
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Jett Jones

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PostSubject: Re: Changes.    Thu May 25, 2017 9:15 am

Nikita knows Jett is finished. He knows that it's okay to let Gally go up now, he did his job in distracting him long enough. But the man had shoved him, enough to nearly make him fall back on his ass. He has to regain dominance, to let him know that he's not to be messed with. If he didn't, his muscles and years of fighting would mean nothing anymore. He couldn't let this short little Southern fucker walk all over him. So before he could stop himself, he was yanking the man back by the collar of his shirt, turning him around just so he could land a solid punch to his jaw. It wasn't a knockout blow, although Nikky was sure he could have succeeded if he had thrown one. It was simply a warning. He let the man go then, shoving him forward so he could continue on his way.
"Have fun." He spoke simply, moving back to pull Oleander into his side once more.

"Thank you." Carter nodded, smiling lightly at the alpha as he took the piece of paper handed to him. "For everything, really." Even if he didn't want this new life, it was better than being dead. He had Eustass to thank for that. He moved away then, taking Misery's hand and leading him out of the door and towards their home. "We'll be home soon, everything can be normal then." He murmured, pressing a kiss to the top of his husband's head. "It'll be okay."
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Galileo Gray

Galileo Gray

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PostSubject: Re: Changes.    Thu May 25, 2017 10:42 am

Nikita hit him in the jaw, but Galileo felt the impact reverberate throughout his skull. For a moment, his vision abandons him and his mind wanders. He thinks of loud music and beautiful dancing. Malakai likes to twirl, wears glitter on his eyelids. Gally can't dance, he only sways.
He tastes blood.
Gally still has darkness on the edge of his eyesight, but he stares Nikita down all the same. He knows it isn't the Russian who's caused this. It's his own damn fault. His brain is broken. He know's, he's the one who broke it.
Gally's jaw aches. He looks at Nikita and thinks about tearing him apart. He wants to.
Jett is still unaccounted for though, most likely up to something terrible. Naturally a fight with Jett trumps staying here and embarrassing Nikita.
Gally can't help himself. He's never satisfied. The Russian has to pay for the pounding in his skull.
"Oh, come on now sugar, be sweet. I told you to play nice and now look at what you done." Gally carefully wipes away a spot of red on his lower lip. He has blood on his tongue. Spits it into Nikita's face.
Galileo grins. His teeth are stained red.
"That's alrigh' though. I know how the game is played my friend. You jus' go on thinkin' you're top dawg. You gon' have to leave here sometime pretty boy, and when you do, me and sweetcheeks over there are gon' have a little talk. Hell, I know he don't like me very much but that dont matter none. I hear that since you don' turned him out, he's pretty easy to get along with." Galileo licked his lips pointedly, leaving Nikita with a wink before finally heading up the staircase.
He was bullshitting. Gally doesn't want anything to do with Oleander, or even Boyd for that matter. But god, he loves getting deep under someone's skin, especially those like Jett and Nikita who are very deliberately provoking him.

Misery was already calling them a cab, having memorized the address before ever stepping foot in the strange home.
Their car arrived only moments later.
"My god, i'm glad that's finally over." Misery exhales slowly, relaxing for the first time since Carter's attack. He couldn't wait to have the man safely back home, in their bed.
"I don't understand how this even happened. We'd been having such a nice night before." The rest of their evening had turned into some horror show.
"At least I have you. I still have you." Misery squeezed the mans hand, gaze tender as it traces the lines of Carter's face. He had been so worried about the werewolves he hadn't quite realized how traumatizing the night had been. Misery didn't think he'd ever get the imagine of Carter out of his mind, blood gushing endlessly from his neck, hands trembling as they tried to stop it. He could see it, forever burned into his brain.
And the sound his lover had made. Misery shuddered at the memory. He'd almost witnessed the end of his entire universe. It wasn't something he'd ever forget.
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Jett Jones

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PostSubject: Re: Changes.    Thu May 25, 2017 11:11 am

Nikita wants to kill him.
He should kill him, for speaking about Ollie like that.
He's itching to pull the man back here and knock him unconscious. He can tell by the look on his face that Gally thinks he's stronger than him. It fills Nikita with a rage that is very dangerous. He rarely allows himself to get this angry, knowing that it's deadly. But he can't help it tonight. Someone speaking about Ollie negatively had always triggered it.
He knows he could kill Gally right now, with his bare hands.
He wants Gally to know that too.
But with a growl, he forces himself back, yanking Ollie with him a bit too roughly. But he needs to get away from here before he does something he regrets. And he needs Oleander with him.

"You'll always have me." Carter murmured, squeezing his lover tight as they slid into the back of the cab. "I love you. I'm sorry about everything that happened tonight. At least we're both safe." He let himself relax on the ride, unable to help but smile when his mansion came into view. They were home. "Come on, I need a nice long shower and you with me." He purred into his husband's ear, leading him into the home happily.
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Galileo Gray

Galileo Gray

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PostSubject: Re: Changes.    Thu May 25, 2017 6:31 pm

Galileo almost wishes Nikita would have fought him harder.  He knows the boy wanted to, and he's always been a glutton for punishment.
Jett is still upstairs.  Gally can't ignore that, he has a sinking feeling in his gut.
He takes the steps two at a time, chest heavy with dread when  reaches the top and notices his bedroom door standing wide open.  Gally had shut it when he left, he always does.
"Sonofva bitch." The man breathes, forcing himself to keep walking until his doorway is only a step further. Gally doesn't know what to expect, but he's no coward, so he moves forward.
His breath hitches at the sight.
Even though his room is shrouded in darkness, Gally can tell it's been ransacked. He takes a step inside, and wishes he hadn't.  His lamp must be busted.  There's glass scattered across  his carpet, a few shards now embedded in his foot.
He's instantly disoriented.  The smell of alcohol is overwhelming, so strong it sends new waves of thunder rolling through Gally's head.  It's almost hard to breathe.
Galileo counts to five.  He thinks of raindrops and concrete and floating.  
He thinks of skinning Jett alive and leaving him out to rot.
Gally flips the light on.
He instantly regrets it.  The mattress is lying wet at his feet, it's matching nightstand completely overturned and thrown across the room. The lamp is scattered and lying in shards along the floor. Gally's brain processes, and then catches.
The fucking nightstand! His book. Where in the fuck is his book?
Her picture.
Gally trembles, lurching forward into the room regardless of broken glass and the strange sensation of cold alcohol being squeezed from the carpet with every step.  
Galileo Gray doesn't believe in praying, but he does it right here, right now.  That damned book is all he has left. Without his mother's photo, he's terrified he'll forget her face.
Gally is reminded why he doesn't pray when he feels paper crumple beneath his foot. It absorbs alcohol before he can snatch it up.
He looks down at the torn page in  his hand, and feels something prick behind his eyes.
It's part of the Iliad.
Glass crunches under his feet as he hurries around the room, throwing soaked clothes and broken debris out of his way in search of this book, and every mother fucking missing page.
His picture. Where is that damned picture?
Something big aches in his ribcage.
His hands are bloody by the time he's collected every missing page. The book is still missing though.
Galileo bites back a scream.
He kicks his mattress over, starts slinging clothes into a pile. Eventually he feels a weight in one of the flannel work shirts.  With baited breath, he struggles with the dripping fabric until finally his fingertips brush the familiar cover.
He isn't surprised to find the book is watered down. It smells like his bourbon. Most of the pages are sticking together, some of the words running into each other.  Galileo feels dizzy standing there.
His picture is still unaccounted for.
He feels his hands twitch.  He wants to wrap them around Jett's neck.
Gally tries counting to five again.  It doesn't help.  He knows that if he confronts Jett now, in this moment, he'll kill him, and he'll enjoy it.  
He thinks of Thatcher.  Wishes the man would have let him rot.
Eventually he finds the will to move again, to take his book and put it up somewhere to dry.  The boy goes to his closet.
His heart stops when he realizes the door is ajar.
Oh No, no, no.
Galileo wrenches the door open with aching hands, and all the fight leaves him.
Thatcher's shirt is gone, too.  He knows it's just a shirt, but it's the first gift he'd ever received. Gally grew up having to work and struggle for everything.  Thatcher though...He isn't like that.  Gally doesn't have to fight in order to get his attention. Thatcher is kind to him without anyone asking him to be.
Galileo doesn't think.  His vision blurs, and he takes a hard swing at the wall connecting his and Jett's room.
His fist goes straight through it.
Gally thinks of bullets and guns and darkness.  He thinks about making Jett cry.  Gally wants to. He wants to make Jett hurt.
The beta yanks his fist out of the wall. He turns to leave, walk into the next room and end a life.
As he's about to leave the room though, he steps on something hard.
Gally's breath catches, and he looks down to see he's standing on Thatcher's shirt.
The man drops down onto his knees, trembling hands curling around the drenched fabric.  It was bright blue, ruined now by the bloody footprints on it's front.  When Gally picks it up, he hears the bullet fall out onto the floor.
The man looks down,  eyes burning as they land on the familiar shape of a photograph.
His mother's picture. Gally holds it between quivering fingers, and tenderly presses it against his chest.
He still wants to make Jett bleed, but maybe the boy doesn't have to die now.  

Misery hums happily as they finally step foot into their home.  The boy wastes not time, immediately taking Carter's hand and  leading him up the staircase and into their lavish bedroom.
"I gotta say, you look good in normal people clothes."  Misery teased the man as he tugged on the waistband of his borrowed gym shorts.  Carter liked to wear fine suits, but the man looked just as amazing without them.  "I can't wait to get you out of them."  The boy winked, tugging down the shorts inch by inch.
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Jett Jones

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PostSubject: Re: Changes.    Thu May 25, 2017 8:00 pm

Jett hears the commotion in the room next door, merely smiling as he listens, knowing Gally has gotten what he deserves. He's startled as a hole is punched through his wall, but he knows he should have been expecting it.
He laughs to himself, making sure that Boyd is positioned safely behind him on the bed before he begins to taunt the other wolf.
"Whoa, what's going on over there, Gally? Not very nice to go punching holes through walls, boss." He mocks Gally's accent lightly as he speaks, prepared for the fight that is about to come. He's more than ready, still itching to put his hands on the other man.

"Do I?" Carter grins almost shyly, rubbing the back of his neck as he becomes more aware of what he is wearing. He never wears clothes like this. He was self conscious when he put them on, feeling very out of his element. He was scared they made him look even more scrawny then he was. He knows how to look good in designer clothes, suits and ties. But gym clothes? They were foreign to him, though he was a bit fond of how comfortable they were. "Maybe I can wear them more often." He spoke teasingly, arms winding around the man's waist, pulling him close.
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Galileo Gray

Galileo Gray

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PostSubject: Re: Changes.    Thu May 25, 2017 8:30 pm

Galileo hears Jett's voice, and his temples give a dull throb. He doesn't bother trying to count. His mind does not wander. He is here, in this moment, and he want's Jett to bleed.
"Naw, I reckon you right Jones. It ain't very hospitable of me." Gally carefully folds the shirt and places it back in his closet, along with the tattered drenched remains of his book and his mother's picture. He walks calm and collected out of his room, leaving a trail of bloody foot prints in his wake. There's still glass embedded deep in his flesh, but he doesn't feel it.
When he arrives at Jett's room, he shifts in one fluid motion and prompts tears the boys door off it's hinges.
Boyd yelps, moving to put himself in front of his lover. He isn't fast enough. Gally knocks the boy easily to the side, and then finally, finally, wraps his trembling fingers around Jett's neck. He squeezes, feels Jett's windpipe underneath his palm, wants to crush it. The boy is taller than him, but Gally lifts him clear off the ground. The beta slams Jett back into the wall, his grip around the boy's neck never loosening.
"You look here sugar, your momma shoulda swallowed you when she had the chance. Now you done started somethin you ain't prepared to finish." Gally pulls him away from the wall, slams him back into it for good measure. His hands are still bleeding, they're warm and slick around Jett's throat. He flexes his fingers, tightens them with purpose.
"You see, now you have done all you can possibly do to me. Those little things you broke? Yeah, that's all I got. So now, it's war babydoll. And I know your weak spot." Gally glances pointedly over to Boyd, still staggering to his feet.
"Oh yeah. An' you know what? That ain't even the best part. When I finally do return the favor and break your favorite toy, it wont even be my fault. You see, this could have been avoided darlin'. But you had to keep on diggin'. My daddy used to tell me that blood must have blood, you know? The whole eye for an eye deal. You done went an' made me bleed. So now I gotsta get me some blood in return."

"Don't tempt me Carter, i'll hold you to that." Misery likes knowing his lover is comfortable for once. He himself hates wearing expensive suits, always feeling confined, covered in too many layers. Carter seems at home in them. Misery knows it's because that's all the man's ever known. He's never been allowed to just relax.
Misery aims to change that.
"Come on, i'll get us a bath going." The boy pauses to kiss Carter's neck, sucking gently until he's left a bright pink circle. Misery saunters off to the bathroom then, throwing a teasing wink over his shoulder. He was already easing out of his suit when he disappeared into the bathroom.
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PostSubject: Re: Changes.    Thu May 25, 2017 8:57 pm

Jett can't breathe.
Not because of Gally's strong fingers tightening around his throat, although that certainly isn't helping. He can't breathe because the man is threatening to hurt Boyd next. He can't let that happen. He needs to get the bastard's grubby hands off of him so he can be prepared to properly defend his lover.
He has never been more thankful for his height then he is in this moment. Even though he's dangling against the wall, his legs are long enough that he is still in a position where he can lift a foot to kick Galileo's groin, taking the moment of weakness to dig his claws into the hand around his neck until it is removed. He's on the other wolf then, using all his weight to barrel into the man, knocking him to the ground. He's glad then that he had put his usual leather boots on earlier to avoid cutting his feet on broken glass. They come in handy now as he presses one down across Gally's throat.
Jett is seething, feeling more like a wolf than he ever has before. He wants to rip Gally's throat out for even daring to threaten Boyd. But then he stops. He thinks.
And he smiles.
"Oh Gally, Gally, Gally." He shakes his head as he smiles down at the man. "You know, I don't think you'll be putting your hands on Boyd at all. Because you know, if you hurt Boyd, Vitaly will be out for your blood. And if Vitaly's angry, Bellamy is angry." He pauses then, knowing that Gally sees where this is going. "And you know just as well as I do that Bellamy is the only person with Thatcher farther up his ass than you. And you don't want mommy dearest mad at you, do you?" He speaks the last sentence in a childish voice, pleased with himself as he realizes he's won.
At least for now.

Carter merely sighs, smiling as he watches his lover head off to the bathroom.
God, he loves that man.
He's undressing the rest of the way then, tossing the clothes aside and vowing to pick them up later as he eagerly jogs after Misery.
"I'm such a lucky man." He speaks, almost to himself as he hugs his husband from behind, leaning over him to help start the bath. "I love you so much." He is overly affectionate tonight and it doesn't take a genius to know why. They were almost separated tonight. He can never let it happen again.
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Galileo Gray

Galileo Gray

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PostSubject: Re: Changes.    Thu May 25, 2017 9:36 pm

Gally has to swallow down bile as Jett kicks him, the pain knotting up his stomach. He is suddenly on his back with the boy bearing down on his throat, but Gally smiles, satisfied.  He's succeeded in putting fear in Jett's heart, the beta's reaction evidence to this fact.
His smile falls away when Jett starts talking, bringing Thatcher into the conversation. Something tightens in his chest because he knows it's true. It would be that easy to make Thatcher hate him, and he'd deserve it. His brain short circuits at times, but he knows this.
He can't hold onto good things. They never last.
 Gally's vision blurs.  Everything has become blobs of color, everything except Jett.  The boys face is clear.
Gally want's to break his nose.
"Nice try pretty.  But that goes both ways then, don't it? If I wanted to be a yellow belly coward an' have someone else fight my battles, i'd march my poor ol' self right down stairs and show Thatcher what you've done. An' you know as well as I do that Thatcher is the only person with Eustass farther up his ass than you.  And you don't want daddy dearest mad at you, do you?"  Gally bares his teeth, expression mocking as he throws Jett's words back at him. "The bottom line is, sweetheart, I got you scared.  Even if what you say is true, that only happens after i've had all my fun with your darlin' little boy.  So take some time.  Think on that.  You know where to find me when you drum up some more useless threats."  Jett is pressing on his throat, but the boy is scrawny.  He doesn't weigh near enough to hold Gally down.  
Gally, who spends all his days working with lumber.  
The beta throws Jett, grabs the boy by the back of his shirt and slings him-
Directly into Boyd.  
"Ya'll have a good night now.  I'll see ya in the morn'." Galileo walks out of Jett's room, picking up the boys door and laying it against the wall. He'd have to fix it tomorrow, but tonight his room needed immediate attention.

"I know you are."  Misery nearly purrs at the contact, pressing back into his lover as he fiddles with the water.  "But im an even luckier man.  I love you too, Carter.  If something had happened to you tonight..."  Misery trailed off, at a loss for words.  He didn't know how he'd possibly live without this beautiful man at his side.
God, he was so very lucky. He may not have liked the werewolves, but he was eternally grateful for them.
"Let's celebrate.  You're alive, and that deserves a little party."  Misery turned, taking a moment to admire his lovers body before disappearing to retrieve a bottle of wine.  He poured two glasses, and offered one to Carter for a toast.
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PostSubject: Re: Changes.    Thu May 25, 2017 10:59 pm

Jett stays where Gally had thrown him, in Boyd's chest, clinging onto his shirt to keep from losing his balance. He doesn't want to let go, ever. Because Gally was right. He is scared. Because his precious Boyd is far too fragile and important to be anywhere near the likes of Galileo Gray.
"I hate him." Jett growled softly, looking over Boyd for any sign of injury even though he knew he was unharmed. He was sure to be quiet, knowing that Gally was just next door and now there was even the hole in the wall connecting their rooms to make it even easier for the man to hear him. And he couldn't let Gally know he had gotten to him. Damnit, he hated that the man had gotten the last word. Jett always had the last word. "I love you though. I'm sorry he's such a bastard." This last sentence was spoken louder. He didn't mind if the other wolf heard that.
He moved to tug his lover back down on the bed then, vowing to be extra loud when they made love later, just as Gally's punishment for making that damn hole in the wall. He'd be getting no sleep tonight. He tried to calm himself as he cuddled up to the boy, reassuring himself that Gally would never truly harm him. Because even if he had acted like the thought of Thatcher hating him because of it didn't bother him, Jett knew it did.
The way Gally had tried to flip the threat on him hadn't worked though.
Galileo was self loathing, not thinking he was deserving of Thatcher's love. It was so easy to convince him that the smallest mistake would turn the man against him.
Jett was confident, especially in Eustass's love for him. The man was the doting father figure he never had. Eustass knew that. He wouldn't turn on him. Sure, he might scold him for what he had done to Gally's room. But he would never hate him.
Jett knew this.
Gally didn't.
He intended to use that to his advantage.

"You know me too well." Carter chuckled as he took the glass of wine. He was a sucker for a nice toast. He clinked his glass against Misery's before downing his own, letting out a content sigh as he watched the tub fill with water. He stuck a hand into the water, assuring it was nice and warm before he slid inside, grinning up at his husband before pulling the man down in with him. "This is the best celebration I've been to in a while."
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PostSubject: Re: Changes.    Fri May 26, 2017 6:41 am

"J-Jett, your neck."  Boyd reaches out with trembling fingertips.  Gally's grip had smeared blood across Jett's throat. It's not enough to hide the quickly blackening bruises.  Boyd can count Gally's fingers, see where each one had constricted around his lover's neck.  He isn't a cruel person, but he wants Gally to suffer for this.
"You're hurt. He hurt you."
Boyds fingertips tender brush across Jett's adam's apple, where Gally's palms had pressed.  He doesn't know what to do with the rage that swells in his chest.  It's nauseating.
Boyd swears to himself that Gally will pay for this. He wont ever let it happen again.
"C-Come on, let me get you cleaned up." Boyd uses his shirt, and carefully begins to wipe blood away from the boys neck.  The boys lower lip quivers.  He cannot stand to see Jett injured.

Gally had already limped back to his room.  He had to have it cleaned up before Eustass and Thatcher see.  He doesn't feel like having the awkward conversation that would be sure to follow.  Galileo takes a seat just inside his door, the spot with less glass. His head throbs in time with his heart. It takes nearly an hour to dig every shard out of his foot.  Gally thinks about Malakai having to drink alone tonight, and a new wave of anger burns through him.
For a moment he merely sits there, his head resting against the wall. He thinks about floating in the ocean, thinks of rolling waves and high tides.  He thinks about drowning.
Eventually he manages to start on the room.  He has no bandages for his hands and feet.  He refuses to ask for anyone's charity. Gally digs a soaked pair of socks out of the pile of clothes scattered around the room. They smell like whisky, sting when he pulls them on. His boots are yanked on next.  He wears those to avoid further damage, or staining the carpet.
The glass needs to go, but before he can even begin with that he has to pick up everything Jett knocked over.
Gally looks at the hole in his wall, and thinks about what it felt like to have his hands around Jett's throat. He almost wishes he would have broke the bastards neck.

"It should be."  Tonight Carter had cheated death, defied the universe and lived. Misery couldn't think of a better reason to celebrate.  He takes his time, taking a moment to savor the wine before slipping out of his evening attire in favor of joining Carter in the bathtub.  He loved being so intimate with the man.  It never got old.
"Tell me again how much you love me."  Misery wore a sly smile as he moved to straddle his lover's waist, his ass teasingly brushing the man's groin.
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PostSubject: Re: Changes.    Fri May 26, 2017 8:00 am

"Hey, handsome, don't you worry about me." Jett cooed softly, smiling at Boyd's concern. "I'm the big bad wolf, remember? I'll heal in no time." He reassured his lover, though appreciating how the man was trying to wipe away the blood. "That Southern fucker can't do shit to really hurt me."
He let himself relax though, realizing that he didn't quite mind Boyd doting on him like this. It was sweet.
"You know what I think would really make it heal faster?" He paused, a sly smirk playing on his lips. "If you kissed it better."

Malakai knew something was up. The noises from upstairs combined with Nikita and Ollie's mischievous grins meant nothing good. So he had waited, not wanting to piss Ollie off if he knew where he was going, and when the two had moved elsewhere, he made his way upstairs.
He appeared in Gally's doorway, gasping at the sight in front of him. But he said nothing more, simply disappearing down the hallway.
He was back a moment later with a pair of shoes on his feet.
"Sorry he's such a cunt." The words were gentle as he began moving around the room, gathering all of the man's clothes, deciding he would start a load of laundry for him while the other beta worked on cleaning the rest.

"Misery, I love you more than anyone has ever loved anyone else." Carter whispered softly in his lover's ear, hands stroking down Misery's back as he savors the feeling of the man's ass rubbing against his groin. He can hardly wait any longer. "I love you more than I can possibly put into words but I hope I can show you." He purrs, grinning as he wiggles his eyebrows, wrapping two strong arms around Misery's waist, adjusting him so that it is his turn to teasingly rub his forming erection against the boy's entrance. The intimate sensation gives him goosebumps and causes something to stir inside of him, something different than usual. He isn't sure what it is, doesn't notice that his fangs have emerged again or that his eyes keep flickering golden.
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Galileo Gray

Galileo Gray

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PostSubject: Re: Changes.    Fri May 26, 2017 8:39 am

Boyd's mouth hung open, his cheeks immediately filling with color. No matter how many times they were intimate, Boyd always acted as though it was the first. The boy couldn't help himself. Jett was beautiful in a way that left him breathless and stuttering.
"O-Oh wow. I uh, uhmm." Boyd fumbled for a moment, struggling to form a coherent sentence. "I'd like that. I uhm, yeah. Thats sounds a-amazing." The boy finished cleaning Jett's neck, making sure he'd wiped away all of Gally's blood. His lips were tender when they finally brushed across Jett's neck, leaving a trail of kisses clear across the bruised expanse of skin.

Galileo hadn't expected to see Malakai anymore that night. He knew the boy was having a rough go of it. Jett and Boyd had come up here in the first place because Mal was tired of seeing them suck face.
Gally couldn't comprehend why the boy would follow him up here, risk hearing Jett and Boyd do indecent things in order to help him clean up the carnage he'd been left with.
Gally wants to thank him, doesn't know how.
"You don't have to do this babydoll. This ain't your mess. It wasn't your fight." The beta is standing awkwardly, having to shift pressure in his stance every few seconds in order to relieve the sting. Exhaustion made his shoulders heavy. Malaki's soft tone eased the ache behind his eyes.
"I uh... I truly do appreciate the company though." Gally spoke soft. He was constantly reminded of the new hole exposing his room. He couldn't have Jett knowing he had a soft side.

Misery shudders at the sensation of Carter's hardness pressing against him, letting out soft mewls of pleasure. The sweet words rushed to his groin, left Misery aching with need. His eyes never left the man's face. He witnessed the very moment Carter's eyes flickered.
"Well, that's certainly new." Misery reaches out to cup Carter's face in his hands, fingertips resting on each of his husbands cheeks. He feels the man's stubble gently scratch against his palms. He smiles, reminded again of how blessed he was to have this.
"Looks like you might be a wolf after all." Misery teases, leaning in to kiss Carter soft and sweet.
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Jett Jones

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PostSubject: Re: Changes.    Fri May 26, 2017 1:55 pm

Jett let out a soft sound, almost like a purr, enjoying the feeling of Boyd's lips on his neck. It really did relax him, letting him forget about Galileo. Screw everyone else, he had Boyd here with him and that was all that mattered.
"Thank you, baby. It's already feeling better." He smiled, reaching his hands down to be touching his boyfriend in some way, settling on stroking his hair. What he said was true though, the edges of the bruises were already beginning to fade as he let himself calm down under Boyd's touch.

"I know you don't like to accept help but this is what friends do, Gally." Malakai paused from his gathering of clothes, realizing that Gally might not think of them as friends, more like acquaintances. He had already said it though, so there was no going back now. "And I like to think of us as friends." Like Gally, Mal didn't have many friends. His brother and Boyd had always been it and now he was down to just Ollie. He thought he and Gally were getting closer though. He hoped he was right. It was nice to have someone to talk to.
He frowned as he noticed the way the man kept shifting his weight. He was in pain. Mal set the pile of clothes he had gathered down beside the doorway before making his way over to the other wolf, reaching out and beginning to leech to see where the pain was coming from.
"Shit, Gally, you stepped on the glass didn't you?" He grimaced at the pain he felt before moving his hand away, knowing Gally wouldn't allow him to take it for long. "Let's get your feet cleaned up, first."

Carter responds to the kiss, now aware of his fangs as they force him to be more careful than he has ever had to be with Misery. Misery has always been able to take pain and Carter is not a very strong man. He's never had to hold back. He doesn't realize he might have to now, despite Eustass's warning that he won't know his own strength.
"Do you mind it?" Carter murmured cautiously as they pull apart, lips still brushing. "It's weird for me." He admitted, a hand reaching up to feel his fangs. "And I can't control any of it. I didn't even know they were out."
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Galileo Gray

Galileo Gray

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PostSubject: Re: Changes.    Fri May 26, 2017 6:22 pm

Boyd watched with baited breath as the bruise very slowly began healing, his shoulders sagging with relief. He understood that Jett was a werewolf, knew everything that entailed. It did nothing to ease his worries.
Hell, it's easy to forget. The boy is always so soft with him, even when they make love. For a werewolf Jett knows his strength. To Boyd, he is precious beyond explanation.
"Oh, thank god." His breathes shakily, his fingertips tracing dark edges across Jett's throat. He kisses the boy again, over and over, following the bruise as it shifts shape and color.
"If he ever touches you again, I-Ill kill him." His words come stuttered, but his eyes burn intense and determined. He is only human, but humans can be deadly, too. He knows. His sweet and loving Mother had made a career out of murder. It doesn't matter that Gally is stronger, faster.
Boyd will find a way. Boyd will kill him.

Malakai touched him, leaching, and all the aches vanishes. It was only a moment, but it made something swell inside the man's chest. He doesn't know what to do with himself. He doesn't know.
Galileo blinks, dumbly.
"Thank you." His hands twitch, flex and loosen. He thinks of Jett's windpipe under his palms. "I ain't good at talkin' to people babydoll. I say all the wrong things." Gally has spent his life fighting, so used to it he doesn't know when to stop, doesn't know how. He'd wanted to fight Malakai when the boy first approached him. Now he wants to fight for Malakai. He trips Jett and makes nasty jabs, never lets him and Boyd have any peace. When Jett taunts Mal with sweet talk, Galileo is always there, sweet talking right back.
The boy has to know they're friends. He's Gally's only friend.
"There are some things I reckon I jus' don't know how to say. Like how you are the only person in this house besides your momma that gives a damn how im doin'." With Thatcher gone all the time, Gally wouldn't have lasted without Malakai. He'd have found his way right back to that alley, hands trembling as they fiddle with a loaded gun.
"You are the only friend I got babydoll. That's all im trying to say. That, an' thank you."
With Malakai here, he doesn't think about drowning.
Gally thinks of upbeat music and graceful dancing, glitter on eyelids and those fruity drinks Mal buys from the bar.
His head still aches, but not as badly.
"I still wanna take you out for that drink. Maybe a rain check?" Going out tonight isn't suitable, but Gally still has a small stash of liquor hidden in his truck. They can drink that, talk about Jett so loudly he and Boyd get frustrated with the new hole in their wall.

Misery very carefully brushes his thumb over Carter's teeth. He wears a fascinated little smile, pad of his thumb catching on one of Carter's fangs. He applies the tiniest bit of pressure, instantly feels the sharp tip sink into his flesh.
"Oh wow, that's hot." Misery can feel his erection twitch, desperate to be touched. "I don't mind it one bit. Actually, it's really sexy." The boy cups Carter's face and kisses him, tongue trailing teasingly over the man's newly acquired fangs. They scrape, and Misery's entire body quivers.
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Jett Jones

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PostSubject: Re: Changes.    Fri May 26, 2017 9:19 pm

"Oh yeah?" Jett smirked at his lover, unable to help but chuckle. He doesn't mean to be patronizing but the thought of his innocent Boyd trying to kill someone as bitter and hate fueled as Galileo is ludicrous. He appreciated the thought though. It made him feel loved. "I'm really fine though, precious. He can fuck with me all he wants. It'll come back to bite him in the ass when Thatch isn't here to baby him anymore." He adjusted his position as he spoke, pulling Boyd up to kiss him deeply before gently pushing against his chest so he was lying flat on the bed. "Since you're being so nice though I could still give you that blowjob I promised." He grinned slyly as his hands slid down to the man's zipper. He would have done it anyways and enjoyed every minute of it. But he was a bit more motivated with the new hole in the wall, especially now that he could hear Malakai over there as well.

Malakai feels his heart swell with the man's words and then he's wrapping his arms around the other wolf, squeezing him in a tight hug. The contact is nice.
"I'll definitely hold you to that raincheck." He murmured into the man's neck. "And you're my only friend too, you know. I used to have Boyd but now he's so far up Jett's ass all the time I'm surprised he doesn't forget to breathe." He knows he should pull back, knows Gally won't like hugging, but he doesn't want to.
So he doesn't.
He stays there, squeezing the man tightly and enjoying having a friend again.

As Misery kisses him, tongue running over his fangs, it's Carter's turn to get turned on. Yes, he could definitely get used to this.
His hands slide down into the water to grip his husband's ass, one cheek in each hand. He spreads them apart, slowly moving his hips so he can teasingly trail his erection in between them. Normally, he can do this for hours, just tease Misery. He can never get enough of the boy whining and begging for more. But tonight for some reason, he has no patience. He's thrusting inside after only a moment, groaning at the pleasure coursing through him as he shifts fully, already losing control of himself, claws sinking into his lover's ass.
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Galileo Gray

Galileo Gray

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PostSubject: Re: Changes.    Sat May 27, 2017 12:13 am

Jett pressed a hand against his chest, and Boyd felt his pulse quicken. He couldn't feel his heart beating, not like this, not with Jett hovering over him. The boys slender fingers tug at his zipper, and Boyd forgets how to breathe. "W-Wha- I- I mean- You don't have to uh, oh good lord." Boyd is frustrated with himself. He wants to be sexy for Jett, but completely falls apart whenever the boy so much as smiles at him. "I-Is it hot in here? I feels kinda hot in h-here." Boyd's back arches, wanting. He hadn't meant to do it, but it was out of his control. The boy groans, and embarrassment colors him red.

Galileo is still as Malakai hugs him, completely rigid in the boys arms. He has never dealt with this before. People don't hug him.
The beta's hands twitch again, fidgeting. Once he picks his arms up, hesitates, and drops them back to his sides.
What is he supposed do with his hands? How long does this usually last?
Thatcher had held him for exactly twenty four seconds earlier, left him with a pat on the back.
"Don't you go worryin' your pretty little head about Jett an' Boyd, ya hear? If you got a problem with them, you jus' bring it to me. I'll see to it that they get dealt with." Galileo has a smartass mouth, but he isn't a needless bully. Jett though? The little bastard goes out of his way to hurt Malakai's feelings.
Gally twitches, and finally wraps his arms around Malakai's waist. It takes time, he does it even though he isn't sure what he's doing. Eventually he has the boy safe and warm against his chest, comfortable. It's lasted longer than twenty four seconds, but Gally doesn't let go. He rests his cheek atop the crown of Malakai's head, and feels something swell behind his ribcage.
He supposes this is what it is like to have someone care about him.

Misery had become used to his lovers teasing, how Carter always liked to take his time and savor everything. He wasn't prepared for the sudden intrusion. For a moment his vision distorts, flashes of bright light and darkness.
Misery whimpers.
He's never hurt like this. No one has ever fucked him like this.
"C-Carter, you should uh, ease up a little bit. That hurt's." Misery's voice is soft, raw with pain. His ass stings, he can feel Carter's claws embedded in tender flesh.
So maybe this werewolf thing was going to be more of an adjustment than he'd previously thought.
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PostSubject: Re: Changes.    Sat May 27, 2017 1:42 am

Jett is giggling then, even as his slender fingers continue moving, pushing away fabric until they can slip inside of Boyd's boxers.
"Come on, baby, I can't be sexy when you're being so damn adorable." He can't stop laughing at how red the boy's face is. Jett will never get sick of how easy it is to make his lover blush. "It is getting pretty hot in here though." Jett wets his lips, finding his own heart speeding up in anticipation as his fingers finally curl around Boyd's member. "And I know I don't have to do this." He hums as he tugs his lover's forming erection out through the hole of his boxers. "I want to." The words are a soft purr as he lets his tongue slide over the head, eyes flickering up to watch Boyd's face, wanting to catch every expression and shade of red he is sure to turn.

Malakai can hear sounds coming from the room next door, hears Boyd's voice. He knows what's happening or what's about to happen. Normally it would devastate him.
But then Gally's arms are around his waist and it suddenly doesn't seem so bad. Gally is here for him. He has someone to talk with, someone who understands his hatred of Jett. It's all he could ask for.
He never wants to pull back, but eventually he does.
"I'll be right back." He murmurs before disappearing back downstairs.
A few minutes later and he returns with the first aid kit in his hands. He knows Gally will heal eventually but not with the pieces of glass embedded in his feet. He wants to help. He sits the first aid kit on the ground before picking up the man's mattress and placing it back on the bed frame. He sits down then, grabbing the kit and patting the bed beside him.
"Come on, let me clean your feet up." He doesn't give the man much of a choice, tugging him down onto the mattress before removing shoes and bloody socks.
Malakai is selfish. It was why he had led Boyd on all those years even though he hadn't been interested in him. He kept him around for the ego boost. It was why he had never had many friends. He was always self-absorbed, busy with his own drama.
But he had learned from his mistakes with Boyd. He would never take someone for granted again. He wanted to show Gally now that he cared.

Carter heard Misery's voice, heard the pain in it. He wanted to stop. He didn't know why he'd been so rough in the first place. It was like he wasn't in control anymore. He heard growling and it took him several moments to realize it was coming from himself.
What the hell was happening to him?
He bucks his hips several more times, despite his desire to stop. He wants to believe that it's completely out of his control but he knows he's doing this. That's the worst part. A part of him wants to keep going, wants to finish like this, even with Misery asking him to take it easy.
Finally, he manages to regain his control, pulling out of his lover completely and backing away, standing and stumbling out of the tub so quickly that he nearly falls on his ass.
"S-sorry, I'm so sorry. Misery I-I I didn't mean to." He can't seem to speak coherently as he returns to normal form, claws and fangs disappearing, eyes returning to their normal chocolate color as they brim with tears. "I'm so sorry." He repeats, not even bothering to grab a towel as he hurriedly backs away, out of the room altogether, leaving his husband alone in the bathroom.
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PostSubject: Re: Changes.    Sun May 28, 2017 2:11 am

Boyd jerked as warm fingers curled around his growing erection. He watched as Jett licked his lips, teasing, and thought his heart might explode.  Seeing Jett like this is different, wild.  The boy is beautiful always, but on a normal day he gives Boyd butterfly flutters in his belly. Tonight, with Jett purring and laughing and touching him, the butterflies are being scorched by all the heat.  
Jett holds him more firmly, and Boyd feels the warm wet of a tongue.
He arches, his back leaving the mattress.  A noise leaves him.  It might have been Jett's name, but sounds like an intelligible whine. With one hand he claws at the sheets, and with the other he reaches up to hide his face, embarrassed.

Galileo fidgets with his hands.  Malakai is obviously trying to take care of him, and all he can do is fidget and stare.
He considers just sitting, and letting the silence take them
Gally hates the quiet.
He hates even more that in those very moments, Boyd lets out a painfully sexual sound and fills the silence.
Galileo's eyes flicker to Malakai, watches as heartbreak crosses the boys face. He feels something ignite in his chest.
He thinks he might hate Boyd, too.  Everyone seems to think the boy is so innocent and sweet, but Gally knows better, he's heard the whispers.  That little bastard had claimed to love Mal, but then Jett came along and he threw Malakai to the side, forgotten.
Galileo wants to break his jaw, hear bones snap under his fist.
He talks even though he doesn't know what to say, voice pointedly loud enough to drown Boyd out.
"It's mighty kind of you to help me out."  He wants to help Malakai, too.
The only thing he knows is violence, hurt and cruelty. Those things worse just as well as any.
"I could stand to return the favor. Maybe get us some new tunes goin'"
If they can hear through the grapevine, so can Boyd and Jett.
"Ya know, A buddy of mine down at the bar says he knows a thing or two about Jett." Gally doesn't have much, but he does own a tongue of silver.  He can lie, bullshit with the best of them.
"I figured him for a filthy slut but damn! The guy said he took Jones for a movie date and got his wick wet in the parkin' lot! The fuckin' parkin' lot!  Said the little bitch likes it rough, too.  Hair pullin' and all of that dungeon shit. I believe it.  He looks like the type to be freaky in the sheets."
Jett's room had gone eerily quiet. Boyd's face drained of colour.  He was staring at Jett.  His gaze held no accusations, only horror.  He knew Jett had been with other men. He knew.
Knowing and actually hearing about it were two very different things.  It was devastating to picture his beautiful boyfriend doing these intimate things with anyone else.

The moment Carter let him go Misery slumped into the tub, entire body numb with shock.  His body aches, and he is pretty sure his ass looks as though it were mauled by a tiger.
Or a werewolf.
Carter hadn't meant it though.  Misery had looked up into his lovers eyes and he'd seen the man fighting with himself.
He remembers distantly Eustass had said something about this, losing control.
Carter not realizing his strength.
That was the most shocking.  His elegant lovely husband had turned into someone Misery no longer recognized.
God, what was happening to them?
"C-Carter?"  Slowly, carefully, Misery crawled out of the tub. He ignores the sting of air hitting wounded flesh, picking up one of their plush white towels on his way into the bedroom, tying it around his waist.   To have just taken a bath, he's awfully bloodied. He knows if Carter sees, it would just make things worse.  His lover is too sweet to stomach such guilt.
He calls the man's name again, and follows wet footprints until he finally catches a glimpse of the man, naked and trembling and crying.
Misery's breath hitches.  This hurts more.  Seeing Carter like this hurts so much more.
"Carter, you have to take a deep breath and calm down for me, okay?  I know you didn't mean to.  And i'm totally fine.  You just have to breathe."
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