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 Love Drunk.

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Jett Jones

Jett Jones

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Love Drunk.  Empty
PostSubject: Love Drunk.    Love Drunk.  EmptySun Jun 04, 2017 3:01 pm

Gally stumbles as he walks through the front door. Not because he is drunk, he's only a bit tipsy, but because Jett has attempted to jump onto his back, giggling and shouting something about a piggyback ride.
His head is throbbing but he can't help but smirk, something that feels foreign to him.
Drunk Jett is much easier to get along with than sober Jett.
Now long legs are winding around his waist, pale arms locking around his shoulders.
"Come on, cowboy, you're the horse today!"
Jett's laughter is a beautiful sound. It trails off, only for Jett to think longer about what he said and begin giggling all over again. He leans down, lips brushing Gally's ear as he whispers.
"I'm also gonna ride you again upstairs later."
Gally pretends the words don't go straight to his groin, instead settling on holding Jett's legs to keep him secure on his back.
"What am I gon do with you, Jones?" He shakes his head, heading for the living room.
"I can give you some ideas. They all involve your dick though."
"It was a rhetorical question, sugar."
Jett is laughing again then. He hops down from Gally's back as they enter the living room, flopping down onto the couch. He doesn't spot Boyd in the armchair across the room. It's so late that he assumes everyone is asleep and he's too drunk to make sure. Gally doesn't notice at first either.
"Now I thought we were goin' upstairs?"
"I don't feel like it. Sit down and lemme blow you here."
"Sounds fine by me." Gally chuckles and it feels strange, something he is not used to doing. Lately it's getting more and more common though. He doesn't understand why Jett can get under his skin like no one else but he's learning to just accept it.
This is the moment when he notices Boyd.
The boy had come over with Nikita to see Ollie. Nikky had wanted him out of the house. Now his older brother had gone upstairs to retrieve something from Oleander's room and Boyd was left down here to wait. He had no clue what they were doing because it was taking an awfully long time.
Now, as Gally turns to join Jett on the couch, slender fingers already tugging at his belt, he finally sees him. His hazel eyes are wide, like a deer caught in headlights. He looks as if he might be sick, body trembling so hard that Gally is honestly worried, despite how he hates the kid's guts.
Galileo pauses, considers letting Jett continue. There is a part of him, a large part, that wants to claim Jett right here and let Boyd watch every minute. He's so sick of constantly being compared to Boyd in Jett's mind or out loud sometimes when the boy is feeling particularly pissed at him, which is often. He wants to show Boyd, and himself, that Jett belongs to him now. He wants to believe it finally.
But then, he looks down at those big green eyes, currently full of lust and adoration, all for him. He knows then that he doesn't need this to prove Jett loves him more. Jett has chosen him, that's all that matters. And he knows that Jett Jones might act tough, but he will break if he wakes up tomorrow morning and learns that they did anything intimate in front of Boyd. He'll never forgive himself.
"On second thought, let's head on upstairs, sugar." Gally stands quickly, before he can change his mind.
He can hardly stand the small whine he is given, the pout that forms on those gorgeous pink lips. He takes a moment to savor it, knowing that tomorrow the pout will be replaced with a scowl and the whine with harsh words.
"But Leooooo." Jett sounds like a toddler as he lays back on the couch. Gally tries to scoop him up and he lets every part of his body go completely limp, making it much more difficult. "I want you to fuck me on this couch, damnit."
"Darlin, you know we got a perfectly fine bed right on up those stairs. Now stop playin'."
Jett is giggling again then and Gally groans. What the fuck is so funny?
"You sound so fucking dumb when you talk, you know that, Leo?" He speaks breathlessly, through more giggles. "You sound like you just got done fucking your cousin or some shit."
Gally rolls his eyes. He should have known that the boy couldn't go an hour without insulting him, even if he's drunk.
"Yeah, yeah, ah know. Ya've told me a time er two before."
Gally scoops the boy up then, throwing him over his shoulder with ease and heading for the stairs.
"I want you to screw me so hard I can't walk, okay?" Jett pauses. "I don't know if that's possible now that I heal but I want you to try your hardest, kay?"
Gally can hear the quickening of Jett's breath, knows the giggles are about to begin again.
However, then Nikita and Oleander enter the room, coming down the stairs just as Gally was about to go up.
"Ollie!" Jett grins, recognizing the sound of his friend's heartbeat. "Leo won't fuck me on the damn couch, don't you think that's awfully rude of him?"
"How drunk did you get him?" Ollie snickers.
"Just the right amount, I reckon." Gally smirks back at the boy over his shoulder. Jett isn't so drunk that he's going to black out. Just enough that he isn't so damn mean. Gally is pretty sure he likes it.
"Ollie baby, you didn't answer the question. Tell him he's a big mean ol' redneck."
"Yeah, it's pretty rude of you Gally." Ollie chuckles, shaking his head as he moves to run his fingers through his friend's hair.
"Ah'll be sure to mind my manners next time." Gally rolls his eyes as he begins to trudge up the stairs, not feeling Boyd's gaze still burning into his back as he goes.
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Love Drunk.
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