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PostSubject: Repost(Everyone)   Fri Sep 23, 2011 1:12 am

(I got this idea from a fic I saw on face book heheh)

Dayton walked around the high school he was going to, watching everyone around the courtyard. His friend Brandon Emory with him to meet everyone. Brandon was not a very nice person, He was popular and very sexy but he liked picking on people. Which is why as soon as he laid eyes on Blaine, the pregnant eleven year old boy, his first reaction was nudging Dayton and nodding over at him. “Little slut huh?“ Dayton glanced over, shrugging lightly, not really saying anything about it. He didn’t like it though, his friend making fun of that poor boy…But he didn’t know him so whatever, not his business. Blaine was sweet though. Dayton didn’t think he was a slut, the boy was so happy and bouncy all the time, he didn’t ever usually go anywhere with other boys. He just didn’t and now he was pregnant? It didn’t add up….
Dayton was rather popular but he was nice until someone pissed him off, a total whore himself but Brandon never said anything to him about it, if he did he might lose a couple teeth. It was a warm day, muggy. Dark clouds hung over the sky. “Its going to rain ya think?” Dayton glanced over at his friend who was now staring over at another class mate, Quincy McDaniels. He was a larger boy, very handsome, but a bully in some ways. Now neither Brandon nor Dayton would dare go over and bother him but standing where they were the boy couldn’t hear them so Brandon started in on him, “Look, McDaniels didn’t finish his home work from last night.” The boy rolled his eyes. “No wonder he is failing all of his classes.” Dayton frowned, taking a closer look at Quincy. Hid face was pale, dark circles under his eyes as he worked tiredly. The bell rang, loud and shrill. Brandon began walking, his arm around Dayton’s shoulder. Dayton was watching Sean Sixx, the boy was one of those kids that always came off as weird but Dayton though he was so beautiful….Sean noticed Dayton’s eyes on him and the boy smiled, waving lightly.
“Hey Fatty!! How about you come with me to get something to eat, I know your hungry!” Brandon yelled out at him, laughing as the boy started, his hands on his flat stomach before he darted off.
“The fuck was that!?” Dayton shoved his friend. “You hurt his feelings!!”
“I know! That’s what the freak gets for looking at you!”:
Dayton just huffed at him, shoving him off and storming off to glass, only glancing back at Brandon as the boy pointed at another boy, this one being named Kelton Cabrilar. Brandon shoved the gothic boy, Kelton fell back on his ass, his eyes almost black, the boy wore heavy piercing, his hair black and purple, his skin pale. “Your fucking gross looking you know that?”
Kelton just blinked at him.
Dayton hissed. “Brandon! Leave people alone and come your ass on!!” He hated when his friend went around like this, just picking at people.
Brandon rolled his eyes but he did run on to his friend, the Kelton boy darting off into the bathroom. The rest of the day was pretty normal, them going though five classes until they had lunch.
“Fuck, im so starving.” Brandon whined softly at his friend, licking his lips as he sat down with Dayton to eat, eying the boy just now walking out of the lunch line.
Trever Murdock was just trying to walk by their table when Brandon stuck his leg out, effectively tripping the boy and sending him face first into the hard lunchroom floor, his plate being pressed into his chest and face. Trever gasped, mashed potatoes dripping from his cheek and he looked up at Brandon, he quickly scrambled up, ignoring everyone laughing at him as he darted from the lunch room. Dayton’s jaw was slack. He stared over at his friend incredulously.
“Dude! He didn’t even do anything to you! Why would you do that!?”
“Because it was funny!”
“It was fucking cruel!” Dayton slammed his fist down on the counter top, standing and storming out side, throwing his tray away and ignoring Brandon as he called for him, That boy had it coming, he was being so fucking mean…Dayton huffed as he looked back, their was a man sitting just at the gate, he was horribly scarred but sexy. He wore an army uniform…
Brandon ran up beside him, following his gaze and pretending to gag.
“Ew gross! Look at scar face!”
The man lifted his head, his eyes sweeping over the boys.
Lane McCormick shook his head. Kids like this made him wonder why he had gone through such hell for such ungrateful brats.
Dayton growled, shoving his friend.
“That is the LAST time your mean to someone! Do it again and imma beat your fucking ass Brandon!”
“Hey? Where did that come from?” The other boy frowned.
“Im TIRED of you being mean to everyone, leave them alone!!” And he was gone again, stomping off through the courtyard. On his way he passed two girls speaking.
“I feel bad for that kid…”
“Blaine Johnson?”
“How come?”
“He is pregnant.”
“Well he shouldn’t have been fucking around.”
“He was RAPED!” The other girl nudged her friend.
Dayton’s stomach sank but he walked on, he passed a class room, Quincy sitting outside the hall, homework in hand, unfinished with a large red F circled on the front of it and his other arm wrapped around some small boy. Dayton faintly remembered his name being Zac..
“I-Im sorry Quincy…”
“Shhh its alright Precious…As long as your still here.”
Dayton paused, wondering where Zac would have been going.
“I-I just…I wanted to die…thank you for not letting me do it.”
“Its alright…”
“A-And now you have a bad grade!!” The tiny boy sobbed at Quincy.
Dayton swallowed hard.
Quincy hadn’t done his homework…instead he had talked friend our of suicide….
Dayton ran.
He slowed down at the bathroom, stepping in only to see Sean…that boy he liked doubled over a toilet, puking hard, an empty bottle of diet pills on the floor beside him…
And then there was Kelton, coating on make-up in the mirror…
What had Brandon done?
Dayton slowly backed out.
He walked a bit more, finding Trever in another bathroom, trying to wipe the mashed potatoes off his face, always wiping away make up that was there to hide big black bruises…
The boy was beat up at home…
“O-Oh god…”
Dayton shook his head, he didn’t know what to do…
He heard the bell, he sighed, trudging back by the front office, smiling at two girls he saw running to the gate and…into the arms of that scarred up man…
‘Daddy! We missed you!! Whats war like? Are you okay?”
“I am now..”
Dayton began to say something but before he could, Brandon’s voice rang out.
Dayton cursed under his breath, looking back to see Brandon pointing and laughing at another boy. This one Dayton knew as Rick McGuire. He was on his knees and crying, a cell phone pressed to his ear. Dayton knew why he was crying, he had heard from his parents that Rick’s mother was dying…
That was it.
He ran, tacking Brandon to the ground and just wailing on him, throwing punch after punch.
“How do you like it huh!? How do you like it? You fucking ass hole!”
Dayton hit him over and over again, blood splattering the ground, he didn’t stop until four male teachers had pulled him off.
That night, sitting at home on his computer Dayton was typing. He was being sent to a juvenile school, apparently he had fucked Brandon up pretty bad.
He was on face book one more time before they shipped him off to his jail school.
He sent the post, and then he got ready to leave…..

See that pregnant teen over there? He was raped. See that guy doing his homework from last night? He convinced his friend out of suicide. The boy you just called fat? He is overdosing on diet pills. The kid you just called ugly? He spends hours putting makeup on, hoping people will like him. The boy you just tripped? He is abused enough at home. See that man with the ugly scars? He fought for our country. That guy you just made fun of for crying? His mother is dying. Put this on your status for an hour, if you are against bullying. You never know what it's like until you walk a mile in their shoes. If you sink low enough to bully, I hope some day, you get a taste of your own medicine.
Brandon sure did.

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