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PostSubject: Backseat Serenade   Backseat Serenade EmptyTue Jul 04, 2017 4:58 am

Carter panted softly as he laid in Oleander’s bed, one arm around the boy’s lithe waist. The two of them laid there in silence, sweat slicked bodies entangled as they merely enjoyed the other’s presence. These moments were always short lived. It was only a matter of time before Carter stood up, redressing and murmuring how Misery would be missing him.
But for now, he laid there, glancing down at his chest and deciding that his excuse for staying longer would be that he had to wait for all of Ollie’s love bites to heal. Thank god that he healed now. If he didn’t, Misery would have found out weeks ago. Ollie never held anything back and Carter’s body was constantly littered with hickeys, love bites, and claw marks.
“I love you.” Carter murmured, nuzzling his face into Ollie’s neck and inhaling his scent, pressing one last loving kiss there before withdrawing and moving to stand up.
“Love you too.” Ollie couldn’t help but smirk as the intimate kiss sent chills up his spine. His eyes trailed over to lazily watch Carter as he dressed, admiring the man’s ass as the last of his angry red claw marks faded away. “When are you coming back over?”
“Not sure.” Carter admitted as he slid into his suit jacket. Oleander had never seen the man in casual clothing and it only made him more attractive. He was always so prim and proper, except of course when he was tangled in Oleander’s sheets. “I mean I’ll be over here Sunday to train with Eustass but Misery asked if he could come watch so…”
Ollie let out a groan, kicking his feet lightly against the mattress, not unlike a child throwing a tantrum.
“Carter, it’s Thursday.”
“Mhm.” The man nodded, eyeing himself in the mirror as he did his tie, wanting to make sure it was perfect like it had been this morning so Misery didn’t notice that it had been redone.
“And you’re telling me I’m going to have to wait longer than Sunday to have some alone time with you again?”
Carter sighed as he finished his tie, turning to face Ollie as the boy moved to sit on the edge of the bed.
“Maybe… just maybe I could sneak over Saturday afternoon.”
Ollie grinned, pleased to have gotten his way.
“I’ll make it worth your while.”
“You always do.” Carter chuckled, capturing the boy’s lips sweetly in a gentle goodbye kiss.

Saturday took far too long to arrive for Ollie’s liking. But eventually it did come, Carter waking up beside his husband, pressing a kiss to the boy’s forehead before checking his phone as it vibrated.
A text from his “father.” And by his father, of course he meant Oleander. He had changed the boy’s contact so if Misery ever looked over it would appear he was texting his dad, not the boy he was screwing on the side.
When are you coming? It read.
He responded, I’ll be there at noon.
Then he forced himself from bed, taking his time picking out what outfit he would wear later. He smiled to himself as he picked out a bright scarlet tie, recalling that Ollie had said he should wear more color. He also wore his lighter grey suit, knowing his lover preferred it. After he dressed he made his way down to the kitchen to start cooking breakfast for himself and Misery.
Ten o’clock came sooner than Carter had expected and Misery finally rolled out of bed, the sound of soft bare feet padding on the hardwood floors bringing a smile to Carter’s lips. Despite his recent infidelity and how in just a few short hours he would be in another boy’s bed, Misery still would never fail to make him smile.
“What’s got you up and dressed so early?” The man murmured, running a hand through his wild mane of hair. “It’s Saturday, don’t you know by now that I want you to just lay in bed with me all day on weekends?”
“Mom and dad have requested I make an appearance at their banquet today.” Carter sighed as he slid a plate of bacon and eggs across the counter at his husband. “I’ll be gone most of the day probably. Have to be there at noon.”
Misery furrowed his brow for a moment, looking suspicious as he eyed his lover closely. Carter felt his palms becoming clammy, a lump forming in his throat as he feared that this was it, he was going to be found out. Misery knew.
“Aren’t you dressed a little too casual for mother dearest?” Misery questioned, wrapping the bright red tie around one thin finger as he stood on tip toes to press a kiss to the man’s neck.
Carter let out a visible sigh of relief, cracking a smile at realizing this was Misery’s only concern.
“It’s only semi-formal today.” He assured, nodding his head. “And she asked that I wear some color so this is all I’ve got. What do you think, is red my color?” He chuckled, smiling softly as he pulled the boy up for a kiss.
“Eh, you’re more of a blue guy.”
Carter hated that he wondered if Oleander would think the same.
“But you know what else I think?” Misery purred, pulling Carter out of his thoughts by pulling him down by the tie, kissing him again. “I think we’ve got an hour or so to kill before you’ve got to leave.” He wiggled his brows before shoving the man back against the counter, hands finding their way to his belt.
“Misery…” Carter spoke hesitantly, his body reacting to his husband’s touch already as he dropped to his knees. “I don’t…” He trailed off as he found himself in his boxers, Misery’s warm mouth tracing over the bulge that rested there. “O-oh Misery.” He groaned, tipping his head back and letting his eyes slip shut.
He let the man work his magic, allowing his husband to pleasure him until he was snapped out of it by realizing his claws were tangled in the mop of shaggy brown hair.
“Stop.” He spoke firmly, gently pushing him back.
“Carter.” Misery snapped in response, standing and folding his arms across his chest. “I get it. You’re the big bad wolf now. But you can only withhold sex from me for so long before I get a little restless.”
“I know but you don’t-“
“Yeah I know, I don’t understand. I’ll never fucking understand I guess. Maybe I’ll just get that big mutt of yours to bite me too.” Misery huffed, glaring as Carter tugged up his pants, trying to calm himself.
“Misery, I’m serious. I can’t control myself yet. I could… I could hurt you. Badly. I can’t test that yet.”
“Yeah, I get it, I’m so fucking fragile. Why don’t you leave early for your banquet? I need some alone time.”
Carter swallowed hard, simply nodding his head before making his way out of the home. He got in his car, texting as he began the drive to his alpha’s home.
Can I come now?
Mere seconds later and his phone was vibrating with a response.
Of course.
He had never been more grateful than he was then to see Oleander’s smiling face and platinum blonde fringe waiting out front for him.
He was out of the car the second he had parked, racing to the boy’s side. He couldn’t even be bothered to make sure they were alone before stealing a passionate kiss. He needed the contact.
It was Oleander who pulled back, which was unusual. He wore a grimace when he did so.
“You taste like him.” His lips were pursed as he scanned Carter over. “You also reek.” His eyes finally lingered on the man’s crotch, a faint bulge still visible. “I don’t think that little kiss gave you a hard on either.” He sighed, hating the way the thought of Misery touching Carter made his blood boil. Misery was the husband of the man he was sleeping with. He should be prepared for this. But he never would be. “Did you honestly fuck him and then come right over here to screw me too?”
“Ollie, for fuck’s sake, he’s my husband!” Carter groaned, exhausted. “He’s going to touch me sometimes. You knew what you were getting into when we started this.”
“An attitude isn’t a good way to get laid either.” Ollie muttered softly, folding his arms across his chest.
“For your information, no, I didn’t fuck him. He wanted to but I didn’t. I’m sorry, Ollie, I’m just exhausted and I-“
“Affair isn’t a walk in the park like you thought it would be?” Oleander arched an eyebrow smirking lightly.
Carter could only sigh heavily.
“Can’t we just cuddle or something?”
Ollie was ready to say something snarky or bitchy but one look into the man’s tired eyes and he was merely nodding, reaching out for his hand.
“Yeah, we can cuddle.”

The day was spent not like Oleander had imagined, but in a way that he enjoyed nevertheless. They took a nap for most of the day, tangled in each other’s arms. Of course though, the bliss could never last for long.
Carter woke slowly, smiling as he remembered where he was and took a moment to admire the peaceful look on Ollie’s face. And then the happiness turned into panic as he realized he had no clue what time it was and saw that he had five missed calls from his husband.
“Shit shit shit.” He cursed himself softly as his phone began to ring again. It was six o’clock. What if Misery had called his mother? What was his excuse? He didn’t have long to think though, wanting to answer before the five missed calls could turn to six.
“Hello darling.” He forced his voice to stay calm.
“What the hell is more important than answering me?”
“Sorry, babe. Mom had me turn my phone off at the dinner table. Did you need something?”
“No.” A pause. “I mean, not really. Just to say… I guess I’m sorry for letting you leave while we were fighting. I know you hate that.”
Carter felt a pang of regret in his chest as he looked down at Oleander’s sleeping form.
“I’m sorry too. I love you and I’m sorry I haven’t shown it lately.”
“Do you think you’ll be home soon?”
“Probably by nine.”
“Alright. Love you, have fun showing off to all the prissy little bitches.”
“I always do.” Carter chuckled. “Love you too. Bye.”
He let out a sigh of relief as he slumped back against his pillow, lying his phone back on the dresser. He was going to age thirty years from all the stress before this was all over.
“Sleep well?” Oleander’s sleepy voice brought him out of his thoughts.
“Mhm. Better than I have in weeks.” Carter spoke truthfully.
“Good. Now you can screw my brains out.” Ollie smirked slyly, moving to straddle the man. Truly, he was already thinking about how tomorrow morning Misery would be over in his home. He would have to witness the boy all over his Carter. He needed this to get him through it, needed the reassurance that Carter was all his.
Carter was never one to turn the boy down.
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