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 Think Twice

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PostSubject: Think Twice   Think Twice EmptyThu Aug 17, 2017 4:40 am

Malakai was sitting in the window seat, watching as rain steadily pelted against fine glass.  The boy had just been dozing off when a noise caught his attention.
The door was opening.
Why was the door opening?
Malakai isn't sure if he should be worried or not, slowly rising from his place on the windowsill in order to take a few curious steps forward.   He was in Carter's house.  He'd come on a double date with Cash, but Cash had been called off to the courthouse on business.   Ollie and Carter were busy enjoying each other's company somewhere upstairs  in the extravagant building , leaving Malakai alone in the parlor to keep watch for Misery, just in case the worst happened and the boy showed up early from his vacation with Cove.
Fuck, Misery!
Malakai was already turning to call for Carter when he realizes the shadow stepping into the home was too large for Misery, even a little bigger than Cash.  This person was broad and towering and Malakai distantly wonders if he should yell anyways.  He doesn't know this person.  They're big enough to snap his neck.
He opens his mouth, but doesn't make a sound.  The shadow rounds a corner and suddenly Malakai is face to face with a gorgeous man.  
A stunning man who smirks down at him, eyes glinting as though he knew what Malakai was thinking, as though he simply knew without a doubt that the boy thought he was gorgeous.
"Well, hello there beauty."  Near golden eyes rake down the length of Malakai's body, appreciative.  " I don't  think Carter has mentioned  you.  I'm sure i'd remember something like that."  
Malakai can only stare.  This man looks like a greek sculpture that had somehow found life  and stepped off it's marble block.  He smiles again, knowing, arrogant.
"Why don't you come have lunch with me?  I don't know what you're doing here but I promise I can make it worth your while. There's nothing Carter can offer you that I can't.  And I mean, come on.  If you walk out of here with me you get the whole package. "  This man doesn't even know his name, and yet he's already flirting with obvious intent.  He seems to think Malakai is here for Carter, but that isn't doing anything to stop him.
"Sensitivity. I like that in a stranger.  You haven't even told me your name, and here you are trying to whisk me away.  Who are you?"
The man smirks as he moves closer.  Malakai didn't realize he was moving too, until his back knocked against one of Carter's lavish sitting chairs.  He was pinned here under hungry golden eyes, the man standing so close now that Malakai could feel warmth radiating from his broad and built body.  He was easily a foot taller, and seemed as though he enjoyed it immensely, leaning down until they are eye level to speak.
"I'm just a friend.  Visiting. Confounded by all the rain and it's only my first day in town."
Malakai can't think with this gorgeous man so close, undressing him with a sunset gaze. He tries to act cooler than he feels, glances off towards the window as though this man being so near had no effect on him.
He feels touched even though the man is only looking at him.  It's something about his eyes, the way they stare as if already knowing what he looks like bare.
As if knowing he will soon find out.
"You get used to it." Malakai risks a glance at the man's face.  It's a mistake. He's caught by dazzling gold, pinned by strong arms bracketing his waist, holding onto the chair behind him.
The man smiles, flashes gorgeous pearly white teeth.  "Makes me want to stay in bed all day." He says it like a suggestion, as though he's never been turned down a day in his life.  Malakai doubts he has. This guy's face belongs on billboards  and the front cover of magazines.  Mal can't fathom what he's doing here, looking at him with shameless bedroom eyes.
"We just met and you're talking about bed. Not very subtle."
The stranger answers with a shrug.  He smells like the leather he's wearing.  Malakai can't help but notice everything, from the mans striking jawline to strong collarbones peeking out from under his white cotton shirt, not quite covered by the heavy leather jacket.  The mans biceps are something one would expect to see on some actor in an action movie.  God, he's perfect from head to toe.
"Subtle has never been my strong suit."  Sloan can tell he's making a good first impression.  Memorable, at least.  This boy looks at him as if he's a God, and Sloan would be a damn liar if he said it wasn't the sexiest thing he's seen in months.  "So, do you go out with friends?"
Malakai opens his mouth to say yes.  It's on the tip of his tongue, but then Cash is flashing through his mind. Cash, who is his prince charming come true, stepped out of a fairy book to whisk him away.  They aren't officially dating, but Malakai isn't ready to toss him aside because of that, even if this stranger  may be the most gorgeous man he's ever laid eyes on.
"I uh,  make it a rule not to."
Sloan wasn't going to let it go that easily.  He merely smiles, leans forward until he's invading the boys space, breathing his air.
"Then I am so glad we aren't friends."
Malakai scofs, momentarily stunned that this man hadn't missed a beat in responding, his tongue smooth and silver as they come.  He knows it, too.  
God, Mal loves them cocky.  
"Are you hitting on me? Without even knowing my name? "

Cash is just pulling in the driveway.  He almost crashes his car into a perfectly sculptured row of of hedges upon noticing a certain familiar vehicle parked in his place.

Inside, Sloan is mere inches away from Malalaki's face, teasing.
"Would that be wrong?"
Malakai smiles and the freckles on his cheeks seem to dance.  Sloan is shocked by how much he likes them.  He's never been much into any facial blemishes, but somehow the freckles are adorable on this boy, soft and even sexy.  
Sloan is struck by the sudden urge to kiss them.
"You don't even know me.  I could be dating Carter for all you know."  

Cash forgets to shut the door to his car, simply leaves it open as he rushes for the home.  The man is tripping on his feet the entire time, swearing to god and himself that if he finds Sloan in this house there will be hell to pay.

"Doesn't matter. Soon you'll be dating me."
Malakai is baffled by this mans confidence, and turned on to no end.   At the very least he has tried resisting, but it was pointless with a guy like this.  Malakai loves the bad boys, simply cant help himself.  He tells the man his name, feels butterflies as a hand comes to rest on his hip.  The stranger is closing the tiny space between them.  Mal tilts his head up as if to meet the mans lips when suddenly the guy is being wretched away.  Malakai doesn't know when Cash arrived, but he's here and he's swinging, connecting hard enough with the stranger's jaw to send him toppling onto his ass in the floor.  
Malakai is shocked, to say the least.  Cash is gentle and courteous.  Mal has never imagined he could look so threatening as he does now, the dark bangs hanging in his face not enough to hide rage in forest green eyes.
The mans exhales slowly through his nose, face softening immediately as he glances at Malakai, gaze trailing the boy over as if to assure he was okay, unharmed.
"Are you alright, Kai?"  He seems to forget about Sloan for a moment, all his attention stolen away by the look of shock on Malakai's face.  Cash moves forward, reaches to grasp the boys hand.  Mal glances down, blinking dazed at the blood staining Cash's knuckles.
Wow.  Thats hot.
There are a million questions on Malakai's tongue, but he doesn't have a chance to ask.  Sloan is picking himself up, huffing at Cash as though the man were merely overreacting.
"Well excuse the fuck outta me, bud.  I was just trying to introduce myself to the doe eyed beauty over there. I don't see anything wrong with that. Don't you have a wife to go home to?"
Cash's face scrunches in disgust as he looks back down to Sloan, who is now rising slowly to his feet. There is a steady stream of blood dripping along his cheek from a deep gash just below his eye.  Cash had struck him hard enough to split skin, several expensive rings adoring the man's fingers only strengthening the blow.
"Ex-Wife." Cash snarled the words almost like a wild animal.  If Malakai didn't know any better, he'd think the man had a little wolf in him.
"Yeah, whatever."  Sloan is unphased, swipes blood away from his cheek.
"It's not whatever." Cash is still seething, reaches up to adjust his tie as though somehow looking less disheveled is going to help calm him.  "I don't see where you get off coming down here."  He should be more upset about Sloan mentioning his wife, but Cash finds the most rage in finding the man flirting with Malakai.  Sloan had been his best friend, he'd trusted him once and it had ruined his life. Cash left. He walked away from that bastard and he'd started a new life.  Malakai was his new life.  Sloan wasn't going to steal this away from him.  Cash wont allow it.  
"Surely Carter didn't let you in."
"No. Carter didn't."  The voice comes from above.  Sloan doesn't have to look.  He knows Carter is standing at the top of the staircase, probably staring at him like a pouting prissy child.
"Ah, Carter.  How nice of you to join the party, being it's in your house and all." Sloan glances over his shoulder, waves as if he isn't responsible for ruining Cash's marriage.
"What are you doing here? Who let you in"  Carter glances at Malakai, but doesn't have a chance to accuse him.  Cash is at the boys side, an arm curling protectively around Mal's waist.  There's no doubt in his mind that Mal was innocent in all this.  Sloan had probably come in on his own.
"I let myself in."  The man confirms Cash's theory, fishing a spare key from his pocket, snickering as Carter curses at him.  "Come on now Carter, don't be rude.  At least try and act like you're happy to see me. It's been a long time, kid."
"Not long enough."  Carter huffs, sounds almost like a pouting child. "You let yourself in, now you can let yourself out."  
Oleander appears at Carter's side, glancing  curiously between the new stranger and Cash.  He'd heard most of the commotion, enough to gather that Sloan had been flirting with Malakai and Cash had walked in on it.  Setting eyes on this new comer now, Ollie can see why Cash is so upset.  He's rugged and fine, with a silver tongue.  A bad boy. Malakai's type in every way.
"Manners, kid.  Isn't your mom big on manners or something?'  Sloan smiles, still talking as if they are old friends and Carter has nothing to be mad about.  As if Cash hadn't walked in and knocked him square on his ass.  
"Get out.  I will call the authorities." Carter's face has gone pink, nose scrunched in frustration.  He isn't used to not getting his way.
Sloan knows this. He know and he laughs as he says
"Is that right?"
Carter has never been able to get his way with Sloan.  The harder he tries the more Sloan fights him.
"Yes, that is right.  Why wouldn't I?  No one invited you in.  This is breaking and entering." Sloan watches as Carter pulls out his phone, merely shaking his head as if the kid had said something funny.
"You could look at it like that I guess, if you want to be an ass about it.  I'd have to return  the favor and  make a little call of my own before they get here though.  It's been awhile since i've spoken to Misery.  I was wondering how he handled the divorce, especially now seeing that a lot of his stuff is still sitting around.  From my understanding you two have been separated for a while now." The man smiles, taunting. "He should be respectful enough to come get the rest of his things."  Sloan is teasing him now, glancing at the large framed photo of Misery and Carter on their wedding day that still sits proudly above the parlor fireplace.
"Sloan, shut up.  You have no right to walk in here like you own the place. Leave Carter out of this."  Cash already knows where  this is headed, and he's stopping it before it gets there, stepping between Sloan and his brother.  He takes a moment to compose himself, suddenly every bit the gentlemen he's always been.
"Sloan, go fix your face." This is what Cash says, but it sounds more like telling the other man to get lost.  Glancing at Carter his eyes soften. He looks remorseful, sorry to have had Sloan follow him down here, to have made his problems Carter's problems as well.
"You should try and relax.  There's no getting him out right now."  Sloan had them beat.  As things stand, he could ruin Carter's life before they even managed to call authorities. And even then, Sloan would buy his way out, and Carter would still be left exposed.
It's not worth the risk.
"I think Malakai and I need a moment alone."  Cash glances back at Sloan, obviously not wanting to leave him alone with Carter.  
Oleander normally would have left Cash to flounder.  Its fun seeing the composed gentleman so ruffled.  But Malakai looks like he could use that moment alone with Cash, and Ollie doesn't want Carter getting anymore upset than he already is.  
"I'll help him get his eye fixed up while you guys talk."  Oleander huffs, almost reluctant even though he's volunteering.  This is someone Carter obviously doesn't like.  But its also someone Ollie is almost certain Malakai would like.  
"Carter, you should try and relax while i'm gone.  It wont be long, I promise.  Just long enough for your brother to have his special talk with mine."  Ollie kisses Carter's cheek, whispers something in the mans ear.  It must have been dirty though, because Carter is suddenly blushing, glancing up the stairs at his bedroom.  Oleander winks, leaves one last teasing kiss on Carter lips before glancing back to Sloan.  He points the man back towards the front door, rolling his eyes when Sloan hesitates.
"Im not trying to get you out.  I just don't want you bleeding all over Carter's floor.  So move."  Oleander leads the way, leaving Cash and Malakai alone once Carter has ascended the staircase, maybe something to do with whatever naughty things Oleander had whispered in his ear.

"Are you going to help me out here while the rich kids talk?"   Sloan doesn't stop on the large wrap around porch.  He walks out to his car, a Veneno Roadster.  This is the first time Ollie has ever seen one, standing in slight shock as Sloan rummages around in the back seat, soon producing a large medical case.
He winks when he sees Ollie looking, hoping that the boys brother would have a similar reaction.
Oleander realizes he's been caught staring, rolls his eyes like a petulant child. The car is impressive, but it does nothing to sway him.  He can't be nice, not yet.  Carter is bitter about this man.  And he still has to be screened before Ollie  decides what he will tell Mal later.  The car is something he decides he will add to the pro's list.
"Only for Carter. Im not doing this for you."
Sloan smirks, comes to sit on the steps with his case.  Ollie watches as he pops it open, revealing a slew of medical supplies.
"Come on, Carter might be pissed at me right now but deep down he loves me.  He just doesn't know it."  Sloan winks, ignores the way Oleander rolls his eyes and pulls out a clearly expensive suture kit.
"Whatever helps you sleep at night."  Ollie is only slightly shocked when Sloan tosses a large circular mirror at him, not even looking to see if he catches it or not.  There is no sound of glass breaking, so the man continues without missing a beat.
"Cash and I always did have the same taste in lovers."
Oleander had been examining the mirror, curious as to why Sloan had thrown it to him in the first place.  He nearly drops it as he realizes what the mans just said.
"Excuse me?"
Sloan continues as if Ollie isn't glaring at him.  "You're brother.  He is Cash's new prince, right? I heard about him all the way back home.  You too, you're famous."  Sloan had thought Ollie was just the rebound boy after Misery, the truth is so much better. He'd come to see who was so special they'd effectively taken Cash away from his wife.  Sloan cant say he blames the man now, after setting eyes on the boy himself.  He'd also wound up finding out that prissy perfect Carter was a cheater, just like him.  
"Well, I heard about you all the way here at Carter's house when Cash showed up, so I guess we have a lot in common."  Ollie almost smiles.  Almost.
"We're the dirty mistresses."  Sloan is pleased to have nearly gotten a smile out of this kid.  He had to be at least five or six  years younger than Sloan, but he had perfected his resting bitch face.
"I suppose we are."  Oleander actually smirks this time, but its bittersweet.  Sloan is struck by the realization that maybe this isn't just some cheap affair between Carter and this kid. He'd figured the boy was in this for a sugar daddy, but the look on Ollie's face said otherwise.  
"My $400-an-hour shrink says it's because behind this rugged and confident exterior I'm self-destructive and self-loathing to an almost pathological degree."  Sloan is hoping to lighten the mood, is pleased to see he succeeds, even in the slightest.  Ollie finally smiles at him, says almost playfully, " Hey, we do have a lot in common."  And Sloan hopes its enough to get the boy on his side.  He'll need all the help he can get with swooning Malakai, especially with Cash already involved.  One would think he was  remorseful for ruining their friendship, that he might have learned a lesson.
He hadn't.
"You know, it's funny.  Cash walks in on me naked with his wife, actually in the throes.  And he just turns around and walks away."  Sloan clicks his tongue, genuinely thoughtful.  "But he sees me so much as talking to Malakai, and I'm on the ground bleeding.  Interesting, don't you think? -What are you doing?"  The man arches a brow at Oleander, who had produced a set of keys and had began walking towards a car much less fancy than Sloan's.
The boy pauses at his question, glancing over his shoulder at Sloan as if he doesn't understand why the man isnt following.
"You need stitches. We're going to the hospital."
Sloan just shakes his head.  
"I know. Hold that mirror I gave you. "  Ollie looks down at the mirror, huffs at the weight in his hands.
 "You should stop thinking so much about my brother."  The boy walks back towards him, holding the mirror up and waiting for Sloan to adjust it. He acts so badass, as if he could tolerate suturing his own face.  Ollie doesn't actually expect him to pull it off, but its enough to make him reconsider.  Malakai would definitely get a kick out of this guy. "Or don't."  He adds the words like a seconds thought.  "You seem like his type.  He'd probably enjoy all the attention."
"Tell me more about Malakai."  Sloan is threading a needle, and Ollie still doesn't believe he's going to use it.  "Just what kind of attention does he like, the bedroom kind?" The man chuckles.  Its playful, surprising for someone preparing to thread sutures through their face.  
"You are incorrigible.  Malakai likes being liked.  But im sure you being good in the bedroom will be a plus."
Oleander is patiently waiting for the man to ask to be taken to the hospital for proper treatment.
He isn't aware that Sloan is one of the leading plastic surgeons in the country.
"Will be?  So you're saying I have a chance"  The man reaches up to adjust the mirror in Oleander's hands, carefully finding the right angle.   Ollie scoffs, rolls his eyes at the show.
"Im saying you should shut up, and talk to  Malakai yourself."
Sloan nods, winks at him once more.
"Alright then.  I'll do that."  And then with the steadiest hands Oleander has ever seen, the man runs a needle through his skin, precisely  tugging the skin together.  In only twenty minutes, his face is impeccably stitched back together.
Again, Oleander adds this onto his list of pros in Sloan's favor.

"So are you going to tell me what all of that was about?"  Malakai asks as Cash leads him into the large and lavish bedroom Carter had arranged for him.  From what he heard Carter had a bedroom at Cash's house, too.  The boy sits on a gorgeous queen sized bed, running his knuckles over the fine silk bed sheets.  
Malakai had expected some form of resistance, some hesitation.  No man had ever been so honest with him as Cash was.  
Cash never lied to him, or tried beating around the bush.  He was honest, always.
He is honest now.
The  man takes his hand, settles onto the mattress next to him.  He doesn't speak immediately, just spends several moments holding onto Malakai's hand as if that was somehow making him feel better.
"One night I parked my car, I unlock my front door, go inside my house, and something's different."  The man combs jet black fringe away from his face, fingers tightening around Malakai's hand.  Its small him in his palm, but warm, comforting.
" Or well...Nothing's really different, everything's the same but still, something's different."  Cash pauses, face clouded by the memory. Malakai can sense that he's pained, but the man looks into his eyes and finds the strength to continue.
"I stand there for a while.  And then I know."  His thumb rubs little circles over the back of Malakai's hand, a near tender caress.  "See, there are moments for me, you know, usually when I'm in court, when I just know what's gonna happen next.  So I go upstairs."  Malakai realizes now just where this is headed, gently squeezes Cashs hand.   The man being so forth coming never ceases to surprise him.  Malakai has never known what its like to be the center of someone's world, or well, anyone except his father.
"As I walk down the hall, I try to prepare myself for what I'm gonna see when I go into my bedroom.  I step on a man's jacket that doesn't belong to me, and everything I think I know just shifts, because the jacket that doesn't belong to me is a jacket that I recognize."
Cash shakes his head, lips down turned in a near bitter smirk.  He's accepted what happened.  He likes to think he's over it now that he has Malakai in his life. It lead him here.
"And what I know now is that when I go into my bedroom, I'm not just gonna see that my wife is cheating on me.  I'm gonna see that my wife is cheating on me with Sloan, who happened to be my best friend." Cash scoots closer to Malakai, just feeling their knees brush enough to send a rush of adoration throughout his system.  Even when talking about one of his worst days, Malakai makes him feel invincible.
"It's just so pedestrian, common and dirty, and cruel.  Mostly just cruel.  So  I left, came out here."
"And you met me."   Malakai finishes for him, heart tugging at the way Cash curls an arm around his waist,  fingers splayed to caress the boys lower back. The man might not be rugged like his friend Sloan, but Cash had other things going for him.  He is noble, and Malakai loves his honestly, loves holding his hand.
"And I met you."  Cash says quietly, looks at Malakai as if is responsible for the sun shining, the world turning.  Mal doesn't know if he'll ever get used to that, being the center of someone's universe. Sometime he still has a hard time believing this is real.
"Well, what am I to you? The boy you want  to screw to get over being screwed?" The words almost sound angry, but there's no harshness to them.  Malakai is asking, really curious to know.  Cash  is struck by the sickening realization that Malakai really doesn't know how important he is.  The man feels as if he has to make this right, he has to. Mal's happiness is his responsibility.
A gentle hands comes to cradle Mal's cheek, Cash's thumb caressing an arch across the boys cheek bone.  He doesn't speak until he knows Malakai is listening, until the boy is looking him in the eyes.
"You are like coming up for fresh air.  It's like I was drowning and you saved me. I'm enchanted by you.  I have been, from the very start. And this time i'm not letting Sloan swoop in and ruin everything. You are the start of my new life."  He leans forward, forehead gently bumping against Malakai's.  
"That's all I know."
And that's enough for now.  Malakai lets Cash kiss him, and not for one moment does he expect that Sloan would somehow manage to sweep him off his feet.  In this moment, he could never imagine the choices he'll be forced to make.
In this moment, he feels like he's won the world.  
Too bad it doesn't last.
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