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 Incidents in the ice

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Incidents in the ice  Empty
PostSubject: Incidents in the ice    Incidents in the ice  EmptySun Mar 25, 2018 9:22 pm

Malakai is  exhausted.  Sloan had shown up roughly two weeks ago, and it had  taken the man all of thirty minutes to taint this perfect thing Mal had going with Cash.  The man was a gentleman in every way, rich and well mannered, a face sculpted by the greeks. By all accounts he is the definition of prince charming.  And he is infatuated with Mal of all people.  That in itself is  a dream come true.
But then Sloan swooped in out of nowhere, with his rugged good looks and silver tongued charms.  Somehow, for the first time in his life and at the worst possible moment, Sloan has taken an interest in him too. Malakai went from having no one to being conflicted by the prospect of two beautiful men vying for his affections.
Not only that, but Oleander refuses to stop talking! Mal understands that his brother has problems too, something about Misery taking up too much of Carter's time and Nikita avoiding him like the black plague ever since they got together. Right now though, Malakai couldn't care less about his brothers petty problems.  He has real things to worry about, like what he is going to tell Cash when he finally asks how Mal feels about Sloan coming around.  
He doesn't realize he's gotten up until he's reached the staircase, can still hear Oleander's voice as his brother follows closely behind, somehow still not getting the hint. It's freezing outside, and it rained heavily a few hours ago.  There will probably be ice on the ground outside but Malakai slips out anyways, hoping silently that Ollie will understand and give him a moment of peace.
He has no such luck,  The boy is still talking, hasn't even paused long enough to breathe.
Malakai feels his cheeks heating as the frustration mounts.  He is one exhale away from snapping and he can hear Oleander's voice from just behind him, steadily coming closer.
"Why are you making that face?"
That's enough to push Malakai over the edge.
"Oh my god, Ollie shut up! Shut the hell up about your married husband not spending enough time with you! Shut the hell up about Nikita! Jesus, did you ever stop to think that maybe he just got tired of listening to you talk?" His cheeks are flushed by the time he's finished.  
The silence that follows is a small blessing, but it doesn't last.  Oleander stares at him, completely unphased.  The boy huffs as though preparing to calm a raging toddler, and Malakai wants to say some very unkind things.  Instead he decides to just go home, walk out to his car and leave Carter's house altogether.  Oleander won't be able to follow him then.  Carter is sleeping upstairs, he'll want to be there when the man wakes up.  And that suits Malakai just fine.  Cash left earlier for a business meeting, and he isn't expected back for a few days.  Malakai is free to go.
He doesn't make it very far.   The steps are slick, and Malakai goes down on the second plank.  He lands hard, flat on his back at the bottom of the porch..
Ollie giggles from the doorway.
"Im not saying you deserved that, but you totally deserved that."  His brother was only a foot away, already reaching out a hand when Malakai feels a cold drop of water fall onto his cheek.  The boy glances up and feels his heart skip a beat. The rain they had earlier created ice sicles, long and sharp and hanging directly above him.  
Malakai opens his mouth to warn Ollie, but nothing comes out except for a shocked gasp of air. The impact of his body was enough to slightly shake the porch's foundation, and that was all it took.  He hardly has enough time to blink before the ice starts falling, and Malakai instantly knows he isn't able to get out of the way in time.  The boy watches almost in slow motion as the dangerously tipped ice sinks into his abdomen.  It penetrates deep into soft tissue and all they can do is stare at it.  Malakai doesn't actually feel anything until he tries to inhale.  The cold is creeping into him, everything else is simply numb.
Oleander curses several seconds later, still too shocked to move.
Neither of them notice Sloan making his way towards the house.  The man had managed to park and get out, all without either of them ever so much as glancing his way.  He's only been here for a little over two weeks but he already knows something is wrong.  Those two are always quick to share a look, often whispering among themselves as though no one else can see them.
He doesn't see the problem until he's a little closer, but the man swoops in so fast neither Malakai or Oleander have time to process it.
"Well look what we have here, a beautiful boy in distress."  Malakai can only blink at the handsome face thats suddenly staring down at him.  "If you wanted my attention so much, you could've asked for it.  No need to go and get impaled just so we can talk."  Now is most definitely not the time to be flirting, but Sloan never stops. The man smiles, his teeth so perfect and white Malakai swears they gleam against the light of the sun..  
"There's a hospital only a few blocks from here.  I'll take you."  Sloan seems to check the boy over before swiftly but carefully lifting the small werewolf into his arms.  He makes sure to avoid stirring the injury, even as he loads Malakai into the passenger side of his maserati.  Oleander almost trips following after them.  He doesn't ask if he can tag along, just huffs and puffs and loads himself into the back seat without so much as a courtesy glance at Sloan.  
"You have some nerve showing up just in time to see me get stabbed by falling ice." Sloan had already let the seat down for him, and Malakai finds himself grateful.  He doesn't think he could bare sitting up, has no clue how that might worsen his injury.
Sloan doesn't seem too worried about it though.  Aside from the occasional glance at his abdomen the man acts as though they are going for a joy ride.
"Well, if it makes you feel any better I didn't actually see it."
Malakai watches the corners of his mouth twitch and knows he isn't telling the whole truth.
"Liar. Don't think just because you look like that I wont call you out."  Malakai wonders how many people he's managed to charm into bed, just by looking at them.  Promises himself he will never be one of them.
Sloan grins, laughs from somewhere deep in his throat.  Malakai swallows thickly, and does his best to find something interesting outside his window.
"Okay, so you got me. I really didn't see the ice fall, but I did manage to catch the part where you busted your ass trying to escape your brother.  And i've got to tell you, it was pretty damn cute."
Malakai glances in the rearview mirror, hoping that Oleander could somehow change the subject for him. The boy grits his teeth in frustration to see that when he finally needs the boy to talk, Ollie is deadly silent.  A quick look back finds his brother on the phone, dialing their father. Malakai is tempted to take the phone away.  Telling Eustass now would only cause him to have a mini heart attack.
Malakai is slightly selfish though, he wants his daddy.  And Cash, too.  He wants to call Cash and tell him to come home, even reaches for his phone before realizing that was a terrible idea. Moving causes the wound to ache, and he is pretty sure his phone fell out back in the yard when he fell anyways.  
It's not all hopeless though.  Sloan might be a menace but at least he is nice to look at. The man glances his way, catches him staring.  Malakai quickly glances away as though it were merely a coincidence and tries his hardest to ignore the smug smirk tugging at Sloan's lips.  
"So, how will you ever repay me for plucking you out of the frost like a knight in shining armour?" Sloan has never been known for his subtlety.  Most find his straight forward approach charming, while others cut their eyes and pretend not to be affected by it.  Malakai doesn't fit either category.  The boy looks Sloan dead in his face, and rolls his eyes so hard that Sloan can't help but laugh at the intensity of it. If Malakai had rolled them any harder they may have come right out of the socket. And he follows it up with the sassiest smack of the lips Sloan has ever heard.
"Excuse you?  No one asked for your help."
Sloan knows then that Malakai is something special.  He is different from anyone Sloan has ever known, and the man finds himself completely enamoured by it.
"Fine, no repayment.  Maybe I just decided  help  because you're easy on the eyes and I really dig the freckles. If not for those i'd have just left you in the snow."
It takes a moment for the words to settle over Malakai, and even longer for him to realize that Sloan is only joking with him.  The man has a playful glint in his eye, and Mal doesn't acknowledge it but he feels butterflies in place of where his pain was only moments before.
"Was that a joke?  Are you teasing me now!  When did we become friendly enough that you could do that."
Sloan chuckles, a soft rumble that sends shivers down Malakai's spine.
"About ten minutes ago.  I thought maybe saving you from certain death in the cold would qualify us as friends. But hey, if you want to play hard to get then be my guest.  I love a good chase."  Sloan takes his eyes off the road long enough to wink at Malakai, but the boy is already looking away, suddenly trying his best to snuff out the butterflies.
"There will be no chasing.  Im with Cash.  We could maybe be friends though.  You did help me out of the snow."  He still can't quite look at Sloan, but that doesn't stop the man from grinning in his direction.
"Hey now, nobody mentioned Cash.  Don't go ruining my good time.  I want to talk about you."  Malakai doesn't know when they made it to the hospital, only knows that suddenly the bright red lights of the emergency room are flashing just ahead. He can't remember ever being so thankful to see a hospital before, and he certainly can't fully appreciate it because he can feel eyes on him. ."I want you to stop looking at me like you've seen me naked. "
Sloan pulls into the drop off zone.
"Can't help it.  The heart wants what it wants."
Malakai is ready to cut him off, thinks that maybe now he would be taken in, Sloan would go park, and at the very least he'd have a moment of peace.  
"Uh-huh Well, we're here now and my heart wants this to be over with already."  A nurse is  at his door, trying to help him out and calling a doctor over after the initial shock of seeing an icicle embedded in his best.  Malakai is happy to be taken in until he realizes that Sloan has gotten out with him.  The man had parked and thrown his keys at Oleander before the beta ever had a chance to protest.  Ollie was left with finding a parking spot while Sloan accompanied Malakai inside and neither of them could figure out how he managed.  Oleander curses him the entire time he's out looking for a place to park, but at the very least he has to admit the bastard was slick.
That's fine.  Ollie knows how to deal with him. He takes out his phone and makes one more call before parking.  

Inside Malakai has been taken to a private room.  There are three different doctors accessing his injuries, and a fourth one just doing what they're told.
"Put him on a monitor, order a portable chest x ray."  Malakai tries to listen, scoffs when Sloan chimes in.
"It's between his ninth and tenth intercostal  spaces. I checked."  The man reaches over as if to touch him but Malakai pushes his hand away.
He lets the other kid do it though, the one who seems to just be learning  and helping along.  The young man has good hands. They are gentle, but he doesn't seem to really know what he is feeling for.
"Should we pull it out?"
Sloan does nothing to hide his scowl.  "I wouldn't."  
The look on his face is enough to make the intern remove his hand, and Malakai isn't sure how he feels about that, but he tells Sloan to mind his own business anyways.
Eventually the doctors get his x-rays done, and they all leave except the young one who is told to stay and do blood work.   The kid is already in over his head, but Sloan has no problem piling it on.
"What about infection? Its leaking dirty roof water into his chest. Shouldn't he already be on antibiotics for that?"  Silence takes over as the intern tries to form a response, only to be intimidated into a stutter by Sloan's disproving grunt. He can't even reach for the x-rays when a nurse comes by to drop them off.  Sloan snatches them up as though he owns the entire hospital.
He is glancing over them, and being too scared to do anything about it the young guy tries leaning in over his shoulder so he can see as well.
"It kind of looks like its hitting...nothing?"
Sloan pauses, his head tilting almost comically to the side.
"That's because it isn't hitting anything shit for brains. Why are you here if you can't see that?"  The kid tries to defend himself, but Sloan holds up a hand and that alone is enough to make the intern quiet.  "Just go. Get out of here before you screw something up. Go find me a real doctor. I don't think you're qualified to be working on my boy."
Malakai waits until the poor intern has fled before kicking Sloan in the thigh from his position on the hospital cot.
"First off, im not your anything-"  Whatever else he might've said is lost in a gasp as Sloan's fingers wrap around the icicle.  The man pulls it out swiftly in one quick motion, hands expert as if they do this kind of thing all the time. And Malakai won't lie, it was kinda hot.
"You took out my icicle.  i didn't give you permission to do that."
Sloan smirks, its cocky and handsome and Malakai is mesmerised by it.
"Yeah well,"  The man is suddenly leaning towards him, and Malakai knows what's happening but he's too slow to stop it.  
"You didn't give permission for this either."  Sloan kisses him then, soft and almost sweet.  If it ended then it could've been called innocent, but then he feels his lips being worked apart by a sinfully warm tongue and he knows there's nothing innocent about this man.
Sloan only pulls away when he feels hands on his chest.  Malakai has jerked away from him, eyes wide like a deer caught in oncoming traffic.  Sloan feels the first twinges of guilt blossoming in his chest, and he's almost alarmed by it. The kiss had been more than amazing, but he worries that he's finally crossed a line and made the boy uncomfortable.  Sloan starts to say something about it, an apology on the tip of his tongue when he hears a sudden crash from just outside their room..  
Moments later Cash is there, almost rips the door off its hinges in his rush to get inside.  The man is more disheveled now then Sloan has ever seen him.  It takes only a heartbeat and Cash is already at Malakai's side.  His eyes are frantically searching Malakai's face, hands like feathers as they brush hair away from the boys eyes.  He hasn't even noticed Sloan there, but Sloan notices alot about him. Cash's hair is mused and tousled,  his suit is crumpled as though he'd been running in it, snd the man's bottom lip is stiff.  Sloan knows it means he's holding back tears of relief, and it's shocking to see.  He doesn't remember the last time he's seen Cash cry.
"Jesus Kai, im so sorry I wasn't here."  Malakai seems stunned into silence by the sight of his lover, slowly shaking his head as realization comes to dawn on him.
"Cash, how are you here?  You were like five hours away, at a meeting you've been talking about for months."   Malakai can't comprehend that he was important enough to come home for.
In some ways its endearing, but right now it just breaks Cash's heart.
"I took the company plane.  Told them we'd just have to postpone it until you were feeling okay." His lips fall tender against Malakai's cheeks, dusting across the freckles he likes to count at night when no one is around. He's made constellations out of them.  Knows their names.
"I hate that you were alone.  Were you scared? I swear I wont let this happen again.  Next time you can just come with me and we will make a little vacation out of it, yeah?"  Cash is stroking his cheek, and Malakai melts into the touch.  He's almost forgotten about Sloan at this point, especially with Cash talking about taking him away for the weekend.  Mal only remembers after Cash asks if he was scared. It dawns on him that no, he was never really scared. Shocked for sure, but not afraid.  Sloan had been there the entire time, calm and collected and smiling at him.
"That sounds amazing.  But actually I wasn't really alone.  Sloan and Oleander were with me."  Malakai only realizes now how grateful he is.   The boy glances around, Sloan's name on his lips.  But the room is empty except for Cash. He doesn't know when Sloan slipped away, but he thinks with a strange ache in his chest that maybe it was when Cash started kissing him and he forgot the other man even existed.
"Sloan?  What was he doing back at Carter's?  Did he behave himself?"  Cash is instantly back in fight mode, just the mention of his former friend enough to bring a sour taste to his mouth.  And of course he'd appear the moment Cash was gone.  It's can't be a coincidence.
Malakai doesn't want to explain, and he can see that Cash is already working himself up.  It's late, and he is tired.  The adrenaline that had kept him numb and pain free was beginning to wear off.  His wound would hopefully close soon, but he'd have to stay long enough to empty the i.v. bag of antibiotics he'd been hooked up to.  Malakai finds himself scooting to the side, making enough room for Cash to slide onto the bed beside him.  
Eustass and Oleander find them like this, curled together on the hospital bed.  Cash is awake, greets them with a wry smile.  He is steadily stroking Malakai's hair, letting the boy use him as a pillow even though his arm had gone to sleep long ago. They sit together, allowing Malakai to rest and sharing quiet details about the incident that put him here.  All the while completely oblivious to Sloan who shows up outside the room every so often, just long enough to glance inside and see Malakai s healing and happy before heading on his way.
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Incidents in the ice
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