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 Done For Me

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PostSubject: Done For Me   Done For Me EmptySat Nov 24, 2018 5:40 pm

Oleander could hardly stand the aching in his chest as he stared up at his former best friend. Hell, his former everything.
“What did you want, Ollie?” Nikita sighs, sounding exasperated. “Did you call me up here just to scowl at me? To yell at me for finally finding someone that makes me happy?”
“You’re not happy though! I can fucking tell! You’re just doing this because-“
“You don’t know what I am!” Nikita snaps. “You don’t know how I feel! You can’t because you haven’t bothered to talk to me for six months!”
Ollie’s jaw drops, staring at the other man incredulously.
“Hold the fucking phone. Don’t you dare turn this around on me! I’ve tried to talk to you all the fucking time but you wouldn’t have noticed because every time you see me coming you run away, literally.”
Nikita had brought someone to dinner for the first time in his life, someone he was seeing and had said he wanted his family to meet.
Oleander had been dreading it but he hadn’t been prepared for the Russian to enter his home with an even bigger Russian on his arm. The man was at least Eustass’s age and even taller than Nikita, with several gray hairs streaking his jet black beard.
Ollie had thought there had to be some mistake. It was clear that Eustass and Bellamy thought the same, though both of them were better at hiding their shock than Ollie was when Nikita introduced them to his boyfriend, Misha Resnikov, a man he had met at the fight club and had become a mentor of sorts for him.
Ollie had actually laughed, assuming this had to be some sort of joke. But Nikita had glared a hole straight through him and by the end of the meal, he had realized with a pit in his stomach that it was real. The way the older man stared at Nikita seemed to confirm that, constantly touching him in some way. When the couple had shared a passionate kiss goodbye in the doorway with everyone watching, Ollie had been unable to pick his jaw up from the floor. Even Eustass and Bellamy tried not to stare wide eyed.
When Misha was gone, Nikita had turned with a wide smile which quickly fell when he saw the looks everyone wore, shock mingled with vague disgust.
Ollie remembers this now, how hurt he had been to witness Nikita show some grandpa more love than he had ever shown him. It’s that embarrassment and anger that bubbles up within him now and causes him to continue.
“Is this why you wouldn’t let us be together? Because of your sick daddy issues?” Ollie’s upper lip nearly curls as he snarls out the words. The taken aback look on Nikita’s face, the brief flash of hurt in his eyes, was almost enough to make Ollie stop. But of course, he doesn’t. He never knows when to stop. “Because you’d rather take it up the ass from some big brute who’s a couple years away from an old folk’s home? Is that what gets you off? Does he treat you like shit and push you around? Isn’t that what those little girls with daddy issues want?”
He knows he’s gone too far the second the words leave his mouth but he can’t take them back now. He stands his ground, glares back up at Nikita with fierce eyes.
The next thing he knows, Nikita has lunged at him and he finds himself being slammed up against the wall, a strong hand around his throat.
He has never been scared of Nikita until now, wonders if the boy who had used to call him his entire world could really hurt him.
“You have no right to fucking talk to me like that!” Nikita growls, flexes strong fingers around Oleander’s throat, feels the boy tremble beneath him. It’s enough to remind him who this is. He lets go, watching the boy slump down the wall back to his feet. “Not anymore. I might have daddy issues but that’s got nothing to do with me and Misha. You should know, you used to be the only one who listened to my daddy issues until this year. My birthday. Dad wasn’t home and you know who else wasn’t here? You. And guess what? Misha was there, that was the night I met him.”
Ollie opens and closes his mouth several times.
“Nikky, how- you can’t... you can’t blame me for not being there. I looked! I went to our place, the roof, you weren’t there. I thought that meant you didn’t want to be found!”
“I never do! But that never stopped you from looking before! Until Carter, you would have made sure you found me, you wouldn’t have let me be alone! We were just fucking fine until he came along. Why don’t you go back to him now and leave me the fuck alone?”
“Nikita, don’t-“
“I don’t want to hear it. Go back to being Carter’s happy little trophy husband.” Nikita pauses, a look of mock realization crossing his face. “Oh wait. I forgot you’re not even good enough to be a trophy wife. You’re his dirty little secret, his mistress, his whore.” Nikita spits out and Ollie can’t help but gasp, eyes wide with hurt, not believing that his former best friend could say things so hurtful. Then again, he figures this must be how Nikita felt when he had lashed out earlier. “And don’t give me that shit about how it’s different and he loves you because you know it’s true. If he loved you he would have left his husband already. He’s only stringing you along because he was bored and you’re younger, prettier, and you sure as hell spread your legs easily enough for him.”
“That’s enough, alright!” Ollie shrieks, pushing forward and shoving the man back away from him. Now it’s Nikita’s turn to feel regret, his words leaving a bad taste in his mouth. “You don’t think I know all that?! But he’s making me happy for now so I’ll take what I can fucking get! He shows me a hell of a lot more attention and affection than you ever did! I’ll leave though if that’s what you want and don’t fucking worry, I won’t be back any time soon!”
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