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It's new years eve and Bailor is five.  He has the bluest eyes Vitaly has ever seen, always smiling his father's dimpled grin.  They promised he could stay up long enough to watch the ball drop this year.  For once their entire family is here, gathered in the living room to enjoy the festivities.  Eustass even brought his brood over, though Oleander stayed behind and Malakai had a special date.  Vitaly assumes it has something to do with Nikita's new boyfriend, an older man that not even Eustass and Bellamy approve of.  He tries not to interfere though.  Nikita is old enough to make his own decisions now.  They all just have to live and be okay with that.
"Momma! Dad says it's only five minutes til' the new year!" Vitaly hardly has time to prepare himself for the tiny body that catapults his way.  Chubby arms catch his waist, and he watches fondly as Bailor nuzzles into his abdomen.  The boy has a shock of blonde hair, so much brighter than his father's.  When the sun catches it just right, it almost looks silver.
"Is that right?  We better get ready then."  Vitaly picks him up, tries to ignore the sudden tightness in his chest as he realizes how big Bailor is getting.  Honestly the boy is still small for his age, but it won't be long before he gets so heavy Vitaly can no longer lift him like this.
The thought is a bitter one.  While he is excited to see what Bailor will do with his life, he is  not prepared to lose his little blonde shadow.
"C'mon Momma! They're gonna do a countdown!!"  Bailor is wiggling away from him, running off the moment his tiny feet hit the ground.  
He is back only seconds later though, grasping Vitaly's hand and demanding he follow.
As promised everyone is crowded around the television, watching impatiently as the clock ticks down.  Even Boyd came out of his room, though Vitaly isn't sure he did it of his own accord.  Bellamy had been back there talking to him earlier, most likely asking that he come spend the night with his family.  He is sitting on the couch, fingers anxiously dancing across his scarred forearms. Jett isn't here, thank god.  The boy knows he is no longer welcome in this house.
Eustass did bring his oldest son though, the new one that Vitaly doesn't know all that well.  He'd been told that Trafalgar Law had mothered the boy, though he'd been given up for adoption soon after.  Eustass never even knew he'd been born.
It's strange seeing him here, a perfect mixture of his mother and father. Vitaly notices that he's been sneaking glances at Boyd all night.
Anyone else might've missed it, but Boyd's glanced at him a few times as well.
Vitaly shudders at the feeling of arms around his waist, larger this time, all solid muscle and warmth..
"Happy new years my love."  Bellamy's chin is resting on his shoulder, the man's lips brushing almost teasingly along the sensitive skin of his neck. "Thank you for everything you've given us this year."  The man hums lovingly into his ear, watching as Bailor darts away from them.  The boy doesn't go far, stops to throw himself into Nikita's lap.  He is the only other person here who smiles at Nikita's new boyfriend and means it. The boy kisses his brothers forehead and seems to tap his cheek a few times, tiny hand still pudgy and soft.
Vitaly can just barely make out what the boy is saying.
"You better be good to my bubba! He can beat you up if he ever has to! I've seen him, he's super strong! And I will be too!  One day i'll be ever stronger than him and i'll beat you up too, so you better be good!"  Bailor is wagging his finger at the man, his expression one of total seriousness. Nikita's boyfriend is a good sport about it, plays along as though he's absolutely frightened by the idea of Bailor coming after him.
This seems to satisfy the boy.  He grins and pats Nikita's head again before bounding off, just as quickly as he came.
Bailor pauses by Eustass and Thatcher, watches them only long enough to witness the alpha leaning over to plant a passionate kiss on his mates lips.  The boy lets out a high whine of disgust before darting back to his parents, small hands curling into the hem of his mothers shirt.
"Is it time yet momma?"
Vitaly isn't able to answer.  Eustass's voice is already booming throughout the room.
The redhead is pressing chaste kisses to Thatcher's lips, each one in time with the countdown.
Nikita is sitting in his boyfriends lap, determined to try and love this man even though Oleander is the only thing on his mind.  His lips aren't as full as Ollie's, and he doesn't taste like smoke and strawberries.
Nikky kisses him anyways.
Boyd doesn't care about the countdown or the new year.  He is biding his time and waiting until it won't be noticed when he slinks back to his room.  He is actively trying not to think about Jett or who the boy might be spending the night with.  It's none of his business.
Evan smiles at him from across the room.  Boyd smiles back, just a tiny quirk of the lips.  It's all he can muster, but it's enough to make Evan move closer.  Boyd feels his heart throbbing.  The cushions beside him sink with weight.  Evan opens his mouth for a greeting but Boyd is already stuttering at him.
Bellamy's hands are on Vitaly's hips, calloused fingers holding the boy gently in place.  Their kisses are always sweet, but this one is especially warm.  Bell has been different ever since Bailor was born.  He is more attentive now, looks at Vitaly as though the boy has given him the world.
Vitaly feels an insistent tugging at the hem of his shirt, knows when he looks down it will be Bailor's blue eyes, demanding to be his new years kiss. The boy had made him promise.
The Russian leans down, crouching until he's eye level with his son.  Bailor almost knocks him over then, throwing small arms around his neck and sprinkling kisses across both cheeks. Vitaly catches his little body and stands, carefully twirling them around to the boys pure delight.  Bailor's constant high pitched giggling is music to his ears, the best way to start off the new year.
"I love you sweet boy."
Bailor presses his face into the crook of Vitaly's neck.
"I love you most momma!  Happy new year!"  


Twelve years later and Bailor is nowhere to be found on new years eve.  The boy had kissed his mother goodbye earlier in the day, promising to be home before they had to send someone looking for him.  
It seemed as though this would be the first new year they spent without him, and Vitaly was desperately trying to be okay with that.  It hurt though, the thought of his baby boy growing so much that he no longer cares to spend the holiday at home with his family.
"Don't look so gloomy my love."  For a trained killer Vitaly is remarkably adorable when he sulks.  Bellamy adores it,  especially how the Russian's bottom lip juts out.  It's teasing.  He wants to kiss it.
The soldier has no reason to stop himself these days.  He leans down to capture his husbands lips, fingers trailing tenderly across the mans jawline.
The countdown is nearing its end.  Bellamy can hear people cheering on the television.  For once it seemed as though everyone in the house had found happiness.  Nikita is sprawled across the couch with his head in Oleander's lap.  They aren't waiting for the ball to drop, already sucking face despite knowing the rest of the family is sitting around them.
Boyd and Evan seem to be whispering to each other, soft and sweet.  Bellamy is relieved to see it.  Evan has been a blessing, slowlying erasing all the damage Jett had inflicted.  Boyd is going to the aquarium again, always eager to take Evan and show him all the sting rays.  Bellamy watches them ring in the new year, almost shocked by how lovingly Boyd cradles the boy's face.  
Bellamy glances back to his husband.  Vitaly is leaning against him, face buried into the cotton fabric of his shirt as if he can't bare to see the clock strike twelve without Bailor.
"Awh sweetheart, don't be like that." Bellamy gently tugs at Vitaly's arm, carefully trying to pry the Russian away from his shirt. "Come on love, I have to see your face in order to give you a kiss for the new year."
Vitaly finally relents, his expression still dour. Bellamy is preparing to kiss it away when he hears footsteps creeping up behind them.
"Awh ma, no reason to make that face."  
There's no mistaking the voice.  Bailor must've snuck in just as the countdown began, while they were busy reminiscing and watching their other two children.  The boy is tall as Bellamy now and still growing.  His hair never lost that special shade of blonde.  If anything he grows more handsome with each passing day.  
"Did you guys actually think I wasn't coming?" His smile is smug and prideful, but not in a malicious way.  He just looks excited to have effectively surprised his parents.  The boy is able to wrap them both in strong arms, arms that not so long ago had been chubby and small. Bellamy is sometimes wistful for those days, always shocked to see how far the boy has come.
Bailor hugs his father tight but turns most of his attention on Vitaly, grinning as he picks his mother up, spinning them playfully around the room just as Vitaly had spun him all those years ago.
"Happy new years Ma."  The boy tucks Vitaly against his chest, lips falling sweetly upon the crown of his mother's head. "I'll always show up for you.  Don't ever worry about that."
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