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Calvin Pierce


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PostSubject: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY FICS!   Fri Sep 23, 2011 3:15 pm

Both of these suck, and there are only two but I worked hard on them!!!! I hope you enjoy them!! <3333333

Pairing: Trever/Toni

Toni was smiling happily as he exited the home, the baby’s carriers in his arms. He was going to visit Blaine and take the children to see their godmother. Toni was just so happy to have a friend finally, even if he only had one. He continued walking for a while. When he was around two miles away from his and Trever’s home, he spotted someone in the distance. It only took him two seconds to realize who it was. Jack.
It was the first time he had been alone and seen the other man since Trever had taken him. Jack still struck fear into the small boy.
He was frozen there as he stared at Jack. He didn’t know what to do… If he ran, he would make a scene, Jack would recognize him and then he didn’t know what would happen. He was still very slow on his feet and he knew he couldn’t out run the large man. Then, if he just stayed here, Jack would eventually approach him and could hurt him anyways…
He had no clue how to get out of this so he just quickly hid the baby carrier behind a large tree, then stood and waited.
As Jack got closer, Toni realized he was drunk, a bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand. He noticed Toni and a sly smirk spread across his face as he stepped closer.
“Toni…” He knelt down so his face was level with his former slave’s, his breath washed over the boy’s face. It stank of alcohol…
“Hi…” Toni squeaked softly, giving him a nervous smile.
“How have you been lately?” Jack raised an eyebrow.
“I-I’m good.” Toni nodded slowly.
There was a long pause in which Jack just looked the boy over, his hands trailing over the lithe body.
“Well I’ll have to fix that then, won’t I?”
Toni immediately tried to run but was pulled back by a large fist tugging on a handful of his hair and pulling him to the ground.
Toni whimpered softly at him.
“P-please don’t… T-Trever… he’ll hurt you if you hurt me.” Toni stammered, praying that would work.
But it only angered Jack more.
“I KNOW you are not threatening me.” He narrowed his eyes.
“N-no sir… of course not..” Toni trembled lightly as a large fist came down across his face, shattering the fragile boy’s jaw. Toni cried out in pain as he curled up in a tiny ball, praying for this just to be over…
Jack stripped him, ripping his clothes into shreds. He threw him, face down into the dirt.
Toni sobbed at the sound of Jack’s belt hitting the ground. His pants slid down and before he knew it, that cock was ripping him in half. Just like it had done when he was only two…
“STOP!!” Toni screamed, bawling into the dirt. He cried so much that it was turning the dirt below him into mud…
He was Trever’s lover now..
Trever would be so angry with him. Trever would leave him if Jack touched him like this..
Jack ruined everything.
Toni screamed at the top of his lungs, some dirt getting into his mouth which made him puke as Jack pressed a large hand into the back of his head, rubbing his face around in the muddy dirt.
He eventually gave up, lying there in his own vomit, trying not to think of how the fat dick was pounding in and out of him, tearing him…
Jack pulled out as he finished, spinning Toni around and cumming right in his face. He paused for a minute before following the cum with piss all over the poor boy.
Just for the hell of it, he snapped one of Toni’s arms and a leg like they were twigs.
Toni screamed in agony as Jack pulled up his pants and left, leaving Toni there on the ground, naked, his face caked in piss, cum, dirt and his own puke, his hole bleeding…
Broken. Just like he had been before Trever came along.
He heard his babies start crying but he couldn’t move to help them. He was twitching and sobbing, a mess on the ground…
If you asked, Toni did not know how long he laid there like that… could have been only minutes, could have been hours. He faded in and out of consciousness until he heard a voice cry out his name.
And then, arms were around him. Not huge but not tiny either. Strong arms… muscular in their own right. He was pressed to the person’s chest and soon he felt large teardrops landing in his hair.
“T-Toni, oh god, p-please still be alive..” Trever whispered, shaking with silent sobs as he rocked the boy in his arms.
“B-ba-babies…” Toni whispered, barely managing to get that out as he lifted a weak arm, pointing to the spot where he’d hidden his children. Trever kept Toni cradled in one arm while he grabbed the carrier in the other, running home. Joss and Dalton’s lips were now a light blue from being sitting there in the freezing cold for so long. Trever quickly wrapped them in blankets, calling Barry and begging him to come over as fast as he possibly could. His voice was full of tears so Barry didn’t question him.
Barry was over in minutes.
“Feed them please.” Trever asked desperately, handing him the children. He needed to take care of his Toni…
Barry nodded, not saying a word as he took care of the two babies.
Trever meanwhile took Toni to the bathroom, filling the tub with water and lying the boy in it. Toni didn’t move, his lower lip trembling as Trever cleaned him off, gently washing out his hole, caressing the boy’s cheek with a rough, calloused hand as he scrubbed off the cum, dirt and vomit. His Toni was so precious… far too precious to look so beaten… After they finished the bath, he took Toni to his special room but for once it wasn’t for torture. He could barely see through the tears blurring his eyes as he fixed Toni up, putting casts over his arm and leg and fixing his jaw as well.
Once he finished, Toni was then taken to their bedroom. Trever sat on the bed, just holding the boy close, sobbing softly, his tears landing on Toni’s emotionless face. The boy had yet to say a word…
“Toni…Toni are you okay?”
“Yes…” The boy whispered. His eyes teared up as he looked up at Trever. “Y-you helped me..”
“No… I didn’t. I didn’t fucking help you and I should have.” He slammed his fist against the wall.
“You didn’t know…”
“But I should never have let you go out alone!”
Toni flinched.
“P-please… don’t yell..”
Trever’s expression of self hatred softened.
“I’m sorry Toni, I’m just so upset with myself…”
“I’m your lover, I should have been there for you…”
“You had no way to know what was happening..”
“Still.” Trever paused, shaking his head at the boy. “Do you know the guy’s name who did it?”
“…No…” Toni bit his lower lip nervously.
“Toni, baby don’t lie to me.”
Toni sighed softly.
“It was Jack…”
Trever growled protectively, his nostrils flaring.
“You’d think that asshole would have learned by now.”
“Please… just don’t hurt him..”
“Are you fucking kidding me Toni? I’m going to murder him until he doesn’t come back. He stole from me. He touched what was MINE. He HURT you. And I’m going to make damn sure he NEVER does it again.”
Trever snarled lightly.
“…At least do it tomorrow… I’m tired and I want you to sleep with me…” Toni nodded at him.
Trever wet his lips, thinking this over before nodding and hugging the tiny boy to his chest, lying down with him.
Toni smiled, kissing him softly and letting his eyes slip shut. The abused boy was asleep within seconds.
Trever couldn’t sleep though, thinking of what that man had done to his beautiful Toni…
So he just laid there and watched the gorgeous, bruised boy sleep, looking more peaceful than he ever did when conscious. The image soon lulled him to sleep.

Pairing: Blaine/Barry

Barry yawned as he rolled himself out of bed, smiling down at Blaine who’d been sleeping in his arms.
He’d been working on his sleeping schedule for months for this. So he could wake up early this day. The day before Blaine’s twentieth birthday. He grabbed a notepad and scribbled a note, letting Blaine know he had some errands to run and he would be back later tonight.
This had to be perfect. He walked out and crept into Brice’s room, grinning down at his baby boy. He was nine years old now. Gorgeous… He leaned down and kissed the child’s forehead before gently shaking him awake.
“Sweetie, wake up…” He whispered.
Good thing Brice didn’t sleep like his father. Within seconds he blinked his eyes open and smiled at his daddy.
“Hi daddy…”
“Hey sweetie.” He kissed the top of his head.
“Why do I have to wake up? I’m tired…” He whined.
“’Cause you gotta come somewhere with daddy. We got stuff to do today.”
“Okay…” He nodded sleepily, rubbing his eyes with tiny fists and slowly getting out of bed.
“You get dressed while I make us some breakfast.” Barry nodded.
“WAFFLES!” Brice giggled. “I want waffles.”
“Alright babe, now you wouldn’t happen to want chocolate chips on those waffles, now would you?”
“No. Blueberries!”
“You’re a picky child.” Barry laughed as he exited the bedroom to cook their pancakes.
Brice smiled after his father, getting out of his pajamas and into some nice clothes.
“DADDY!” He called.
“What baby?” Barry popped his head in the room.
“Can you button my shirt for me?” He asked softly, shyly gesturing to his tiny button down shirt.
“Course I can.” Barry pecked his cheek, quickly doing up the buttons for the boy.
“Thank you!” Brice chirped, following his father back into the kitchen.
Barry cooked and they ate quickly.
After they finished, Barry scooped the boy up, hugging him tight and kissing his temple. He then carried him out of the home, over to a large, fancy hotel. He already had bought the nicest room there. Once inside, he sat Brice down on the huge bed. The child squealed at how soft it was, standing up and jumping on it. Barry laughed at him as he grabbed a bag full of things. He dumped it on the ground, sifting through the items. Brice hopped down, picking up something.
“Whats this?” He asked curiously. Barry looked up to see he was holding a vibrator. He chuckled softly.
“I’ll tell you when you’re older baby.”
“Okay.” The boy chirped.
Barry picked up a pack of markers from the pile, handing them to Brice. He then picked up a large piece of paper that had been folded. He unfolded it and laid it out flat on the ground. It was a large banner. He took the black marker and wrote in bubble letters, “Happy 20th Birthday Blaine!”
“Now I need you to color in those letters for me okay?” Barry asked.
“Okay!!!” Brice grinned as he eagerly grabbed the red marker and began coloring.
Barry smiled as he took a vibrator, lube and condoms and put them on the bedside table.
He then took the red tablecloth, and candles to the kitchen. He threw the tablecloth over the large table, then sitting the candles in the middle of it, not lighting them yet.
He continued setting things up all day long. Brice finished the banner and Barry hung it up so it was the first thing you saw when you entered the room.
The room looked very nice. The lights were dimmed, rose petals strewn on the floor, the candles now lit, romantic music playing in the background. It was cliché but oh so sweet. It was by now 11:30 at night. Half hour until Blaine turned twenty. Perfect timing. Barry scooped his now sleeping son up, carrying him out to Trever’s place. Trever had agreed to watch the boy for his friend. Barry thanked him and then headed to his own home. He checked his watch. 11:55.
“BLAINE I’M HOME!!!!” He grinned as he opened the door, stepping inside and gasping at what he saw.
Blaine was on the floor being fucked by some other man. Apparently, everyone had decided to have a gettogether without him. Blaine’s body looked limp as he was fucked. Barry roared and shoved the man off of his lover, scooping up the boy. Just as he did so, he saw the light fade from his eyes. And he didn’t even have to ask Mike or anyone, he knew Blaine was gone.
And he wasn’t coming back. He could just tell.
He glanced at his watch, 11:59...
Blaine never would get to see the age of 20...
Barry cradled the boy to his chest as it sunk in. Blaine was gone. He had endured so many years as a bitch, waiting for this day and he was gone…
Brice would not have his mother when he got older… Barry would be a single parent…
And that was all it took for Barry to begin to cry. He didn’t care that all the other men were watching, he fucking bawled. He fell to his knees, his tears falling on Blaine like rain, splattering on his bruised, bloody, face and body.
“OUT!” He roared at all the men, pointing to the door with a trembling hand. They were all gone within seconds.
Barry’s hands were shaking violently as he grabbed the ring from his pocket, slipping the huge diamond onto Blaine’s limp finger.
“Marry me?” He whispered, sobbing as he realized he would never get his answer to that question. Never see Blaine’s face light up as he realized he was done being a bitch. Never get to see Blaine without all the bruises…
But Barry was going to make sure he was buried with that ring...
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