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 Jude/Wade :)

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Barry Brooks


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PostSubject: Jude/Wade :)   Sun Oct 02, 2011 11:35 am

Jude giggled drunkenly as he stumbled, collapsing on the floor. He simply laughed and crawled over to where the phone was lying on the floor.
Aristotle and Asher were out of town for the weekend and Shannon had thrown a party. It had gotten a bit out of hand to say the least. Jude was so fucking wasted.
He dialed Wade’s number on the phone, giggling as he waited for him to answer.
The boy had been lying in bed, thinking about Jude actually. He was trying so hard to get the other boy to like him… He glanced down at his phone as it rang, he didn’t recognize the number since it was Aristotle’s house phone but he answered nonetheless.
“Hello? Vincent household, Wade speaking.”
“WADE!” Jude laughed drunkenly, slumped up against a wall. “S’me! Jude!”
“Jude? Whats going on over there?” You could hear many loud noises, screaming and music…
“Shay threw a party. It’s badass and I’m WASTED.” He giggled. “Whoa!” He tipped over, lying down in the middle of the hallway as someone almost stepped on him. “WATCH WHERE YOU’RE GOING!!!” He shouted at the guy before going back to the phone. “You should come down here Wade, I miss you.” He hiccupped.
Wade was worried now.
“Jude… I’ll be down as soon as I can okay?”
“Kay! I’m in the master bedroom, I’ll be waiting.” He purred sexily as he crawled and made his way to the bedroom, lying on the bed.
Wade immediately got dressed, driving down to Shannon’s house. He took a deep breath before stepping inside. His eyes widened as he looked around. The VanArnam household was a complete mess…
He shoved through people until he found Shannon.
“Wade right?” The young boy slurred.
“Yeah, that’s me, listen-”
“Judy was looking for you! He’s in the bedroom. Down there!” He pointed to a large set of double doors.
“Okay, thank you Shannon.” Wade nodded as he once again, stepped over people on the floor, and pushed some out of his way to get to the bedroom. He opened the doors and stepped in, gasping as he saw a naked Jude on the bed.
“Hey.” The boy purred, standing and stumbling over to Wade, trying to shove his tongue down the boy’s throat. Wade turned his head. He wanted their first kiss together to be special…
“Don’t turn away from me silly.” Jude giggled, sucking on the boy’s neck.
“J-Jude… stop it… sit down.”
“No.” Jude poked him playfully, continuing to suck.
“Jude.” He said firmly, grabbing the boy and pushing him back.
“Stop being lamee.” Jude smiled, his hands trailing down to palm Wade’s crotch. “You like me don’t you?”
“You know I do.” Wade sighed, trying to get the boy’s hands off him.
“Then fuck me.” Jude said simply, plopping back on the bed, his legs spread wide, giving Wade a very nice view of his ass, cock and balls…
Wade looked away. Jude was showing him this but he was intoxicated… it wouldn’t be polite of him to look… Jude would be so embarrassed in the morning.
“No Jude.”
“Wade.” Jude groaned. “Come on. You’ve wanted to do this for like ever. So do it.”
“NO.” Wade said firmly.
Jude’s lower lip trembled lightly.
“You don’t want to?”
“Judy… no, I don’t want to.”
“Oh okay…” Jude hung his head, sitting up and crossing his legs, looking down like a child who’d just been scolded. “Wade… why don’t you want to?” He spread out again, looking over his body closely. “Is there something wrong with my body?” He blinked away tears as he looked over at Wade.
“No Jude. Of course there’s not. You’re perfect.” Wade sighed at him. “Why would you think there’s something wrong?”
“You’re lying!” The drunken boy accused, tears brimming his beautiful brown eyes. “Something is wrong… You don’t want me anymore after you saw me naked…”
“Jude, that’s not it at all-”
“You’re just like him!” Jude picked up one of his shoes off the floor, chucking it at Wade who ducked and missed it just barely.
“Like who?!”
“Rick!” Jude sobbed, burying his face into the pillow.
Wade blinked, slowly putting the pieces together.
That must’ve been why Rick Jr had not wanted Jude… he’d seen the boy naked…
That just made Wade want to fucking hit him. How dare he make this gorgeous boy so fucking insecure…
Junior hadn’t really done anything. He didn’t think there was something wrong with Jude at all but that was what Jude had subconsciously made himself think. He’d sexted and days later he’d been dumped. Now he was throwing himself at the boy who had loved him for almost a year and a half and he was turned down…
“I’m NOTHING like Rick.” Wade shook his head, sitting on the edge of the bed and placing a hand on Jude’s back.
“At least tell me what’s wrong! Is my dick small? Is my ass lumpy? What!?”
“Jude. Look at me.” Wade took the boy’s face in his hands. “You’re perfect. There is nothing wrong. I don’t know what Junior has got you thinking but you’re beautiful…”
“Wanna know a secret Wade..?” Jude sniffled at him.
“Sure babe.”
“I sexted Rick…” He whispered. “He was jerking off and I was… helping him. I did it cause… I thought we were gonna get married one day…”
Wade frowned deeply. He hated the thought of that… Jude sending nude pictures to another man. And even more the thought of the poor boy’s heartbreak… He must have been so upset, knowing this boy had seen him naked… that he had waited so long for him… oh god he wanted to kill Rick.
“Oh Judy…” He wrapped his arms around the boy as Jude rested his head in the crook of Wade’s neck.
“Then a few days after I did that was when he dumped me… well.. We were never really dating in the first place.” The boy sighed, his eyes filled with tears. That was what hurt the most possibly. That he had never even been able to call Junior his boyfriend. Junior had never been his, not a day in his life. He had loved the boy so much…
Had loved. Past tense. Now… he was pretty sure he loved Wade.
“Good. Jude, he doesn’t deserve you. Did you he ever… touch you?” Wade asked, praying the answer was no.
“No… we just kissed like twice and then the sexting thing…” Sometimes, Jude wished he would have been intimate with Junior but… ever since falling for Wade he was glad. Wade could have his first.. If they got that far.
“Okay.” Wade nodded at him. “Well Jude… you gotta move on from him… find someone else to love. He’s not worth it. He doesn’t deserve all your heart.”
“You do…”
“You deserve it Wade. You’re so sweet and kind. You’re a great guy, you wrote me a love poem, brought me flowers…I really like you and you deserve me..”
“Jude… you’re drunk.”
“Exactly… I’m too chicken to say this when I’m sober.”
Wade shook his head, he wouldn’t get his hopes up.
“Go to bed Judy…”
“Okay… cuddle me.” Jude nodded with a smile, hiccupping drunkenly as he curled up to Wade’s chest, hooking his arms around the boy’s neck and his legs around Wade’s waist. They looked intimate, like a couple.
Soon, Jude had fallen asleep, leaving Wade to watch his peaceful face…
Jude woke up at around noon the next day, his head throbbing painfully.
“Ugh…” He groaned before looking down at his naked body, entangled with Wade’s. He then remembered what had happened the previous night.
Wade had been awake for awhile. He smiled softly at Jude.
“How are you feeling?”
“Hung over.” Jude smiled halfheartedly. “Look… I’m sorry for going off last night.” He blushed a bit, rubbing his neck.
“You remember what happened?”
“Yeah.” He sighed. “I really didn’t mean to throw myself at you like that..” Jude blushed lightly, realizing he was still naked and pressed against Wade. He moved back a bit.
“Do you remember what else happened?” Wade asked lightly.
“Well I just remember you turning me down when I told you to fuck me. Then I sorta had a fit about Junior.” And he confessed liking Wade…
“That it?”
“Kay.” Wade nodded.
“Why? Did something else happen?” Jude raised an eyebrow. He knew there was but he was not quite ready for a confrontation.
“Nope, just wondering.” He smiled lightly.
“Okay then.” Jude nodded, standing up and finding his clothes, slipping them on and peeking out the bedroom door. The house was a mess, everyone was gone except for Shannon, passed out in the middle of the living room floor. He stepped out of the room, Wade following closely behind. Jude knelt down beside Shannon, shaking the boy lightly. Shannon was only in a pair of purple briefs. God only knows what happened last night.
Shannon groaned and blinked his eyes open.
“What?” He grunted.
“Wake up Shay.” Jude giggled. “What time are your parents getting back?”
“Like… five tonight.” Shannon nodded.
“It’s already around one. And you got a lot of cleaning to do.”
“UGHHH.” Shannon whined.
“That’s why you don’t throw the party at your own house.” Jude winked at him, helping the boy stand. “Now, do you have any clue what happened to your clothes?”
“…Cove has them I think.” He snickered.
“Hell, you didn’t do anything with him did you?”
“Nah, just some grinding. And only cause I was drunk. I don’t even like him.”
“Don’t drink too much. Don’t be a slut. Cause when you’re ready to settle you’ll just regret it.” Jude nodded.
“Ah, there’s my Judy and his words of wisdom.” Shannon rolled his eyes. “But don’t worry, I know. I don’t wanna be a whore. I’m a virgin and proud of it.” Shannon winked. “Now since you two are still here, you can help me clean!”
Jude and Wade’s groans were simultaneous but they reluctantly grabbed garbage bags and started picking up trash.
“EW THERE’S A CONDOM!” Shannon shrieked after a while.
Jude bust out laughing.
“Is it used?!”
“I don’t know! How do you tell!?”
“Shay are you that dumb? Does it have jizz in it or not?!”
Shannon whined.
“Yeah? Maybe? I don’t know!” Shannon was not special like Aristotle was, he was just a bit of an airhead, he didn’t get it from his dad or anything.
Jude rolled his eyes and grabbed the condom, looking it over. He stuck his finger in it, swiping up some cum and rubbing it off on Shannon’s cheek.
“That is jizz. Yes, it’s used, dumbass.”
Shannon whined at him and jogged to the bathroom to wash it off. Jude tossed the condom in the trash and continued picking things up, completely unaware of Wade’s eyes on him, watching his every move…
Wade watched how the boy’s ass looked in his tight jeans every time he bent over to pick something up, watched the simple, expressionless yet beautiful look on his face, his nose wrinkling cutely when he’d pick up something gross…
One time, Jude turned and caught Wade’s gaze. He blushed lightly at seeing the way Wade was staring. So… loving. He smiled sweetly, not sure why his cheeks were so fucking hot… soon, his whole face was a deep red.
“Jude… last night, you said something else to me. You remember?”
“I… I said I really like you.” There was a long pause. “And I meant it.”
Before either of them really knew what was going on, their arms were around each other and their lips were pressed together, molded together in a passionate lip lock. This kiss was LONG overdue. It’d been coming for a year and a half now.
Wade couldn’t be happier. For so long he’d longed to touch those gorgeous, plump, pink lips… His hands were on the small of Jude’s back, pulling him as close as he possibly could be. Jude was doing the same, his hands around Wade’s neck, nails digging into the flesh as he forced the kiss to be even deeper. God, he needed this. Wade wasn’t trying to grope the boy, that was just… not like him. But he ended up grabbing his ass to hoist Jude up so the boy’s legs were around his waist.
Jude pulled back after a few minutes, their foreheads and noses still touching, their breathing heavy as they stared into each others eyes.
“… Does this mean we’re together?” Jude whispered.
“I sure as hell hope so..” Wade smiled lightly, leaning in and letting his lips just barely brush Jude’s one more time.
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Jude/Wade :)
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