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 Chapter 1!

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Barry Brooks


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PostSubject: Chapter 1!   Mon Oct 10, 2011 7:16 pm

I don't have a title for this story I'm writing yet but here is chapter 1. I usually write in third person, so this chapter is in third person but after this one, I switch to first person and I'm going to switch to different Points of view. It's different for me so I'm not sure how it's going to work out but I like it so far. This is sort of AU but there are some connections to our real threads. This is an all boys high school and all the characters mentioned are in 12th grade unless I say otherwise. I know some of it may be weird, like the fact that they are all gay but I dont care Razz Enjoy.

Chapter 1
Quincy glanced up from his desk, rolling his eyes as he spotted Zac McGuire strolling into the room, smile on his face. That kid annoyed him to no end. So fucking perfect and just… happy all the damn time. His gaze, not quite a glare yet, lingered on the boy as he walked across the classroom to sit with his group of preppy little perfect friends. He hated them.
No… he envied them. He wished he could have a careless life like that. The only thing he’d have to worry about was looking good.
He shook his head at the group of boys, his look turning to a glare as he examined the boys one by one.
Jamie Cruz, the beautiful one.
Pregnant. Most kids who were pregnant in this school would be teased and called a slut. Not Jamie. He was so perfect everyone was congratulating him. Currently dating Daniel Ferarra, captain of the football team. They were already engaged. Quincy thought they were dumbasses. A high school relationship wasn’t going to last forever and if they really got married, a divorce would be a pain in the ass. Then they’d have issues over the custody of their child. Should have just used a fucking condom.
Asher Reed, the stylish one.
Always had the most fashionable clothes. Had every boy in the school drooling over him but he was dating Aristotle VanArnam, rich, athletic, seemingly perfect for a boy like Asher. They were competing with Jamie and Daniel for the power couple of the school.
Kyndal Paxton, the smart one.
Had the highest grades in the whole school. Perfect in every class. No one knew how he managed that but he did. Never had he gotten less than a 99% in a class. Single, but he didn’t seem to be complaining about it.
And then there was Zac. Zac McGuire. He was the… just the one.
There was not a boy in the school who would say no to a night with Zac McGuire, Quincy included. Yes he despised the boy but he sure as hell wouldn’t kick him out of bed. Everyone just craved to see that polite boy shouting in passion, how loud he could scream. He was so tiny, how could he take a dick? According to several boys on the football team, Zac had an unbearably tight ass. Zac swore he was a virgin but that’s not what everyone else said. He was in an on and off relationship with Mark Crisman and Aaron Mizanin. When he wasn’t dating one, he was with the other. He was just never single. He was currently with Mark after he and Aaron had a nasty breakup a few weeks ago. According to some rumors, it had ended with a loud smack across Aaron’s face when the boy proclaimed all Zac was good for was a nice blowjob. But despite his constant drama with boys, Zac was perfect. Smart and rich as all the others were. He was also an amazing singer, he’d won the talent show three years in a row. And this year he was sure to win once again. Zac turned around, blinking as he noticed Quincy’s hard eyes on him. The way the boy looked at him sent a chill up his spine. He then looked away, going back to the conversation he was having with his friends.
The teacher, Mr. Braxton stood as the bell rang. Mr. Braxton was a large man with a very thick Scottish accent. You couldn’t understand him half the time and he was known for giving out detentions a lot.
“Alright, everyone, get weth ah partner.” He made a gesture with his hand as he gathered up papers, everyone in the room moving to partner up.
Zac smiled as he glanced at Kyndal.
Kyndal smiled sympathetically.
“I promised Jamie I’d work with him this time. Sorry.”
Zac pouted but turned to Asher.
“Sorry Zacky baby, I’m working with Aristotle.” Asher frowned.
Zac frowned, looking around and realizing everyone was already partnered up. Shit.
Kyndal waved his hand submissively.
“I got this.” Mr. Braxton ALWAYS gave him what he wanted. He stood and made his way up to the teacher’s desk where the man was sitting, typing on his laptop as he waited for the students. “Mr. Braxton, Zac, Jamie and I can be a group of three, right?” He smiled softly.
“No, Kendal. There’s an even number of kids en here. Everyone needs a partner.” The man shook his head, looking through a drawer.
“But you can’t make an exception? Just this once? For me?” The boy batted his eyelashes, his hand creeping down to rest on the man’s thigh.
Kyndal found his hand being roughly thrust away by a much larger, warm, one.
He blinked, looking taken aback by this. He huffed, fixed his hair and stomped back to his desk, frowning at Zac.
“Sorry. He said no.”
Zac looked around worriedly.
“But…” He himself went up to the teacher next. “Mr. Braxton, I think you counted wrong. Everyone is already paired up.”
No… in the back, there was one student Zac had missed, sitting alone, cursing himself and trying hurriedly to find a partner before he was forced to work with this preppy little rich boy.
The elder man smiled at his student.
“He doesn’t have a partner.” A large finger was pointed to a seat in the back. In that seat, trying to sink lower and lower as if it would make him disappear was Quincy McDaniels.

That's the end of the first chapter! Mwahahaa cliffhanger sort of Razz The next chapter will be in three parts, well three different points of view. Kyndals, then Zacs, then Ashers.
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Chapter 1!
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