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 Chapter 2: Kyndal

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Barry Brooks


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PostSubject: Chapter 2: Kyndal   Mon Oct 10, 2011 7:51 pm

Okay, this is the first thing I've written in first person in like forever so be nice Mikey! And no you do not get to see Zac's POV yet cause I am evil like that, mwahaha, you must wait. Be paying attention adn you may find out how Kyndal keeps his grades so high, mwahaha. I like laughing evilly. Oh and I'm sorry for Rhett's awful accent xD
Chapter 2: Kyndal.
I tapped my perfectly polished nails on the desk worriedly, chewing my lip as I watched the teacher. The fuck was that? Who the hell did he think he was, blowing Kyndal fucking Paxton off like that? After our little rendezvou last night… how dare he. I’m walking with a limp for his ass and this is what I get? UGH. He’s getting my fucking foot up his ass as soon as this class is over. We need to get one thing straight, I’m not a toy. I’m in control here.
I glanced up as Zac passed my desk, his pile of books in his arms. Who was he working with? The look on his face told me it was not good. I watched as he walked all the way to the back, a look of disgust on his face as he sat beside Quincy McDaniels. Oh hell, that kid was such a loser. Poor Zac. Damn Rhett, I mean.. Mr. Braxton.. Quincy had the potential to be sexy as hell but he just.. Didn’t try. Some boys were into that bad boy thing but I wouldn’t even call Quincy bad. He was just… dirty. Yeah, he looked dirty. Ew. I don’t want a prim and proper boy but I mean… come on, learn how to work a shower. I shot Zac a frown, letting him know that I was sorry. Zac glared at me in return. Quincy just looked down, shutting the notebook he’d been writing in. I wonder what he was writing about… he probably has a crush on one of us. I mean, who doesn’t? He probably likes Zac. Everyone likes Zac. Sometimes it really gets on my nerves. He’s just so perfect. And he doesn’t even have to try. Zac and I exchanged glances for a moment before I noticed Quincy look over at Zac and say something, looking rather irritated. Zac blinked and muttered an apology and then he didn’t look at me again. Whatever Quincy said must have scared him into being quiet. I glared and flipped Quincy off. The boy simply snorted at me and then a large hand was pressed to my desk. I glanced up to meet the eyes of the teacher once again.
“Kendal, ya need to watch yarself in mah classroom.” He pointed a large, meaty finger at me.
“Don’t point your nasty finger at me.” I scoffed. The man bent down like he always did when scolding students privately but instead of yelling, he whispered to me:
“Ya sure seemed ta like mah fingers last night.” He then stood, and went back to his desk, a smirk on his face at the blush I was now wearing. Bastard… Damn, how could I let him have the last word?
“Now class,” Mr. Braxton spoke up suddenly. “Tha partners yar weth now, you’ll be weth far the rest of tha year, so ah hope yar happy weth them.”
Oh fuck. I swear he was doing that just to piss me off since he knew I’d wanted to work with Zac as well. Speaking of Zac…
Hell, poor Zac. He had to work with that imbecile for the next few months. I looked back and I couldn’t help myself from giggling at the matching look of horror on Zac and Quincy’s faces.
I didn’t pay much attention to what else Mr. Braxton was saying. Then when we started working on our project, I guess Jamie could tell I was distracted because he just started working and let me alone. Good boy. I was tired and sore as fuck. Before I knew it, the bell rang and everyone hurried to get out of the room. I made a big deal out of gathering my books, planning on staying after to talk to Rhett. I knew he didn’t have a class next period and he’d write me a late pass. Well, he better if he wanted any fun tonight. I thought over some things as I waited for everyone to leave. Last night, Rhett had been saying some shit about him being bad, that I needed to stay away… maybe that’s what his problem was today. Did he really think I was going to listen to his silly warning? He obviously did not know me. Finally, I realized we were alone. I stepped up to his desk.
“The fuck is up with you, Rhett?” I snapped.
“Et’s Mr. Braxton ta you.” The man said as he erased the whiteboard.
“Cut the act. We’re alone.”
Rhett sighed and turned to look down at me.
“What, Kendal?”
I hated that the way he said my name gave me butterflies…
“What’s up with you?”
“What do ya mean?”
“The deal was-”
“The deal was tha if ah help ya keep your perfect grades, ya fuck me. Ya never said ah had ta be nice to ya.”
“Well it was implied.” I snapped, my eyes narrowed. “I will not be a fuck toy. You’ll treat me well.”
“Kendal… we’re not doin thes again, alright? No more sex. Just, no. Ah told ya, ya need ta stay away from meh.”
“WHY?” I asked stubbornly.
“Because ah said soh. Ah’m not good for a boy like you.”
“What is that supposed to mean, a boy like me?” I folded my arms.
“A teenager. A young boy. A good boy. Ya don’t need meh fuckin’ up yer life.”
“Well I’m not going to stay away from you.” I shook my head firmly. Hell no. I’d done this since I was a Freshman, with all my teachers, I wasn’t going to stop now in my last year of high school.
He smirked lightly at me, lifting me up and pinning me against the board. I let out a breath as I felt his chest press against mine. His lips traveled up my neck, resting at my earlobe.
“Look. Tonight, I’m gonna be in that supply closet again. Same time. I’ll let you make the decision. If yar smart, you’ll stay away. I’m warning you.” And he put me down, turning back to his desk.
I blinked, taking a moment to straighten my clothes and fix my hair before grabbing my books and heading out the door. I was going to be in that supply closet tonight, no matter what was good for me.
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Chapter 2: Kyndal
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