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 Chapter 2: Zac and Asher.

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PostSubject: Chapter 2: Zac and Asher.   Mon Oct 10, 2011 11:10 pm

I'm putting Zac and Asher's POVs in this post cause Im too lazy to make sepertae ones. I figured you could read these while I'm gone hehe <333
Chapter 2: Zac
“B-but…” I wasn’t as rude as people thought I was but Quincy… he scared me! Did Mr. Braxton see the way he’d been glaring at me earlier?! Oh god, he was going to kill me.
“Go work weth him Zac.” Mr. Braxton pointed. I swallowed and reluctantly walked to the back of the room, my hands shaking as I sat in the seat beside the large boy with the leather jacket on. I glanced over at him, he was writing in some notebook. I couldn’t see much of what he was writing but I think I saw my name… I’d never done anything to him, why did he have a problem with me? He glared at me and quickly shut the book when he saw me looking.
“Sorry.” I muttered softly, looking up at Kyndal who was giving me an apologetic look. I glared back at him. If he would have just worked with me instead of Jamie I wouldn’t be in this mess. We had a fight with our eyes for a few seconds before Quincy spoke up.
“I think everyone understands that you’re WAY too cool to be working with me by choice so you can stop trying to show everyone how upset you are by this.” He snapped.
I blinked at him, giving another apology and looking down at my books. Oh god this was going to be a long class period…
I rested my chin on my hand and glanced over at Quincy, examining him. He really didn’t look too bad up close… sort of attractive. Okay, very attractive. He just needed maybe a shower… or two… I didn’t realize how long I was staring until Quincy sighed.
“If you take a picture it will last longer.” He said without even turning to face me.
“Sorry.” I said for what felt like the billionth time since I’d sat down beside him.
“Now class,” Mr. Braxton spoke up suddenly. “Tha partners yar weth now, you’ll be weth far the rest of tha year, so ah hope yar happy weth them.”
My jaw dropped. I stared at the teacher like he was crazy. Oh please no… There were still three months left in the year. I’d have to work with Quincy for that long? I looked and saw that Quincy’s expression matched my own.
Fuck, fuck, fuck. I didn’t want to work with him… he obviously hated me.
The teacher went on to explain the project we were working on. I was sort of zoned out and figured I’d just ask someone to explain it later.
Quincy said nothing to me as he began working.
I watched him for a moment before frowning.
“Why don’t you like me?” He said nothing, just continued writing on a piece of paper. I frowned but sighed and let him go. I continued to watch him though… his eyes were bloodshot, dark bags under them. “Did you not sleep well last night?” I asked softly.
“No. I didn’t.” He spoke up but didn’t look at me still.
“Why not?”
“That’s none of your business.” He said rather harshly. I stayed quiet for a moment before trying again.
“Why don’t you let me work and I’ll let you rest for the rest of the period?”
This time Quincy did look at me, blinking.
“No.” Then he looked back down.
I frowned. Damnit, why was he so stubborn?
“Why not?” I repeated the same thing I’d said earlier.
“Because I don’t trust you.” He replied simply.
“Look Zac. You’re not perfect, nobody is. Just deal with the fact that I’m not in love with you like everyone else seems to be.”
And then the bell rang. Quincy was the first one out the door. I sat there a bit shocked before gathering up my own books and heading out.
What the hell was his problem?

Chapter 2: Asher
I put my head in my hands as Mr. Braxton told us we’d stay with this partner for the remainder of the school year. Shit. I guess it was a good thing… no one else could find out about Aristotle’s issues… But still. I wanted to get a good grade on this project and now I’d have to do it all by myself. Ary was sweet, he’d try to help but he’d just fuck it up.
“Yay Ashley, we get to work together.” Aristotle grinned sweetly at me. I replied with a smile of my own.
“Yeah, it’s gonna be fun.” I nodded at him, listening closely as the project was explained. I knew I’d have to pay attention if I wanted to be able to do this alone. But I could barely keep my eyes open. I hadn’t gone to sleep until four last night. And my alarm went off at five exactly. I needed time to look this good every day. I was up finishing my homework and Aristotle’s. He also had a book report due I had to finish. Then I had to write his cards for today. I had to write his cards every night. It was hell, thinking of everything someone could possibly say to him. Then in the morning, I had to get up so early to go over to his place and have him memorize everything on them. I was just so tired…
Before I knew it, Aristotle was tapping me on the shoulder.
“Hmm…” I groaned softly.
“Asher… it’s not sleepy time… wake up..” He sang, shaking me gently.
I slowly lifted my head, realizing I’d fallen asleep in class.
“Shit..” I shook my head, trying to wake myself up. I looked down at the paper that had apparently been given to me.
“To the parents of Asher Reed,
We are pleased to inform you that your son has been chosen…” I continued reading, groaning loudly as I realized it was a stupid banquet thing with the superintendent of the school board and a bunch of other stupid important people. This Friday night. And I had to bring a guest. I looked around to see who else had received the letter. I was the only one.
“Ary baby, we’re gonna go to a dinner on Friday, okay? So we’re gonna have to study for that.”
Aristotle whined.
“But Asher, I don’t like to study.”
“I know babe, but this is important.” I nodded, kissing his cheek.
I noticed someone watching us so I sighed, and pulled Aristotle in close, kissing him passionately, pinching his arm lightly to get him to kiss back. He pulled back instead, whining at me.
I cursed myself under my breath. Could he please do something without me instructing him… just this once?
I huffed, frustrated as I tried to begin working on the project. I glanced over to see his lower lip trembling.
“I’m sorry…” He whimpered.
Oh hell, please don’t let him cry…
“Its okay baby. Shh, don’t cry.” I hugged him lightly.
He sniffled and hugged me closer.
I sighed and remembered why I loved him so much… my big teddy bear…
I pulled back after a moment in his arms.
“You have your cards?” I asked.
“Yup.” He nodded, holding up the stack of index cards. “Now remember, you have baseball practice tonight. So after last period, you come to my locker and I’ll walk with you to the field, kay?”
“Kay.” The boy smiled happily at me. I glanced up as the bell rang.
I stood, sighing as I gathered up my papers. I pecked his lips and picked up my things, heading out of the classroom, sighing as I realized I would go another night without sleep.
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Chapter 2: Zac and Asher.
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