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 Chapter 3!

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Barry Brooks


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PostSubject: Chapter 3!   Wed Oct 12, 2011 8:15 am

This is sort of different. I started out normal with Kyndal's point of view. But during Zac's POV I switched in the middle to Quincy. I'm complicated!!! And I'm going to add Asher's to this later, I just wanted you to be able to see this part. Enjoy baby <333 Very Happy PS: I haven't read over this yet. So excuse the lots of mistakes.

Chapter 3: Kyndal
“So, what was up with you and Mr. Braxton this morning?” Jamie asked me as we jogged around the gymnasium.
“Eh, I dunno. He was being a douche.” I shrugged, tightening the ponytail my hair was in.
“He was. Now I have to work with fucking Quincy.” Zac growled as he caught up with us.
“Sucks to be you.” Asher laughed.
“Reed, McGuire, Cruz, Paxton, enough with the chit chat! Five more laps!” The teacher commanded. I groaned loudly. I was fucking tired. He was just doing this because he thought I was sexy when I was all sweaty. Hell, I was sexy when I was sweaty but still. I didn’t want to fucking run. I stopped, watching Zac, Asher and Jamie continue on. I panted as I moved over to the side.
“Mr. Elliot, do you think I could please take a break?” I wiped the sweat off my forehead, looking up at him. I smirked to myself as I saw his eyes scanning my entire body. I looked amazing in my ice blue tank and black short shorts and I knew it.
“I don’t know…” He seemed to be considering it, seeing if he could get me to do anything for him in return.
I sighed but spoke.
“How about you get your payment tonight instead of Friday night?” I raised an eyebrow.
He smiled at me and blew his whistle.
“You’re done running, in teams of eight everyone.” He nodded, blowing the whistle again as everyone teamed up. I had my team within seconds. Me, Zac, Asher, Jamie, Daniel, Aristotle and Mark. The rest of the kids got into teams, I barely knew anyone in here. I didn’t know many people, but everyone knew me.
“McDaniels, you need a team.” I heard the teacher shout. I looked to see Quincy standing alone. Poor kid. I almost felt bad for him. But not bad enough to let him be on our team.
“I know.” Quincy snapped, looking around.
“He can be on our team, we only have seven!” A voice piped up. Zac’s voice.
I looked incredulously at him.
“The fuck, Zac?” I called, then groaned as Quincy reluctantly made his way over to where we were standing.
Zac glared at me, smiling at Quincy who rolled his eyes.
Bitch. He should be grateful we let him be on our team!
Mr. Elliott then gestured for us to come to the center of the room and he explained what we were doing. A relay race. Two people started out and ran halfway across the gym where two more team members would be tied together at the leg. They had to run the other half and hand it to the next two. Each of those two had to make three baskets from the middle of the court. Then the last two would run back to the other side of the gym to see who would win.
Oh fun. I fucking hated gym class.
“I am not running anymore so I’ll do basketball.” I nodded.
“Hell no, me and Danny will do that.” Mark smirked at me, patting Daniel’s back.
“I’m NOT running.”
“Yeah ya are, sweety.” Daniel winked at me as he and Mark jogged off to the basketball hoop.
I growled softly.
“Then I’m starting off. Jamie you’re with me.” I gestured Jamie to my side at the starting line.
“Ary and I will finish!” Asher nodded, taking his boyfriend’s hand and walking to right beside the hoops where Mark and Daniel would tag them when they made their baskets.
That left Zac and Quincy to be tied together for the three legged part of the race.
Zac threw his hands in the air.
“You guys hate me today don’t you?”
“You’re the one who told him he could be on the team.” I shrugged, unapologetically.
Quincy was silent. I watched as the two of them sulked over to the teacher who tied their legs together. Their height difference made it very awkward. Quincy was probably the largest boy in the grade and Zac was the smallest. It didn’t look like it’d work out very well.
I glanced around at the other teams at the starting line. We waited for everyone to get in place before the whistle was blown. I zoomed towards where Zac and Quincy were and I was there within seconds, Jamie taking a few seconds longer because of his stomach holding him back. We tagged off and watched Zac and Quincy waddle awkwardly across the gym. At one point, Quincy tried to run and just pull Zac along. It didn’t work and they both toppled over. By the time they finally reached where Mark and Daniel were waiting, most of the other teams were already almost done with their baskets. Luckily, Mark and Daniel were both very athletic and made their baskets right away. They tagged Aristotle and Asher who were both just as fast as I had been. We looked as if we would win when Aristotle tripped. He rolled his ankle and toppled over, Asher immediately knelt beside him to make sure he was alright.
“Guys! C’mon!” Mark called, rolling his eyes.
“He’s hurt!” Asher glared back, flipping the other boy off.
Mark cursed as another team won. He was always too competitive.
I rolled my eyes at him. It was a game. I watched Zac yell at him for something and they were off. They were constantly arguing. Quincy was still attached to Zac while the fight went on. He was looking away, trying to ignore it I guess. After a moment, Zac stomped away, Quincy realizing this and walking along with him.
I simply shook my head. Yeah this was why I was single. Couples were irritating. Plus I doubted any guy would be okay with me fucking the teachers. And I couldn’t stop that just yet. Everyone filed into the locker room. I glanced over and saw the teacher untying all the pairs. I sighed, undressing and hopping in the shower, turning the water to ice cold. Well that sure as hell made me a lot less tired. Only a few boys took the time to shower since they were trying to hurry to their next class. I knew I could easily get a late pass if I needed one. So I took my time, washing my entire body. I got out and dried off, asking Mr. Elliott for a late pass. He signed one and handed it to me and I was off.

Chapter 3: Zac & Quincy
Zac’s POV
I was about ready to collapse by the time Mr. Elliott let us stop running. Hell. When he told us to get in teams I immediately found Asher, Jamie and Kyndal. No way I was getting separated from them again. Then Mark, Aristotle and Daniel joined us. I smiled and pecked Mark’s lips and he hugged me from behind, resting his chin on my shoulder.
“You’re sweaty.” I wrinkled my nose.
“So are you.” He chuckled at me. I followed his gaze over to where Quincy was standing alone, looking to see if there was any group he could be in…
Aww. I felt bad… I’d hate to be alone…
Plus I wanted to finish talking to him from this morning…Why did he hate me?
So when Mr. Elliott told Quincy to get with a team, I raised my hand in the air.
“He can be on our team! We only have seven!” I called.
Quincy looked rather… irritated as he stepped over to join us. I thought I was being nice….
I smiled sweetly at him. He just rolled his eyes. The fuck?
I barely listened as Mr. Elliott explained what we would be doing, just listening to everyone else decide what they wanted to do and then someone told me that left me and Quincy for the three legged race. Why did these damn people make me work with him all the time!?
I threw my hands in the air.
“You guys hate me today don’t you?” I pouted.
“You’re the one who told him he could be on the team.” Kyndal shrugged, unapologetically.
I frowned lightly at him. Well that sounded bitchy. What else was I supposed to do? He had nowhere to go.
I shook my head and looked at Quincy.
“Well lets go.” He nodded, walking up to Mr. Elliott who had us stand pressed against each other as he tied our legs together. It was very difficult to walk because of our height difference. My head only came up to about his shoulder. My leg was like a twig and then his was like.. A tree trunk. It was awkward as hell.
“Lets practice walking.” I suggested lightly.
He simply nodded and we started trying to waddle around. I couldn’t help but giggle at how stupid we must have looked. I think I even saw him crack a smile but I couldn’t be sure. After a minute or two, we got in our places. Mr. Elliott blew his whistle and I watched Kyndal and Jamie take off towards us. They were there quickly and it was time for Quincy and I to go.
“Okay. 1, 2, 3, walk.” We said simultaneously and tried to time our steps together but it didn’t really work… We were very slow.
“Lemme try this.” Quincy said. He then tried to just walk at his own pace, dragging me along. Yeah, that didn’t work so well. He tripped within seconds, pulling me with him. I squeaked and I heard a low rumbling sound. A laugh! I looked up and he was smiling, shaking his head as he tried to pull himself up along with me. I giggled with him as he made our way, finally tagging off to Mark and Daniel.
We stood off to the side, still tied together, just laughing lightly, not speaking to one another. It was… nice? It made me feel better, knowing he wasn’t as cold and tough as he seemed.
He had a nice smile, I noted. His teeth were perfect.
“You’re much less intimidating when you’re smiling.” I smiled at him.
Quincy’s POV
I glanced down at the small body. He really was cute. I could see why so many had a crush on him. His face was just perfect.
I simply smirked at him though, didn’t speak. I rarely spoke, especially around boys like him who I was not comfortable with…
He continued smiling at me until it made me so uncomfortable I spoke.
“Are you trying to make me feel awkward?”
“If it makes you talk then yes.” He nodded.
I chuckled.
“That is your second laugh so far, I’m doing well!” He winked at me.
I shook my head this time, watching our team play. I looked over, just as whatever his name was, the kid dating Asher, fall over. Then Asher checked on him. Apparently they took too much time because Mark rolled his eyes at them.
“Guys! C’mon!” Mark shouted at them, looking exasperated.
It was gym class not the fucking Olympics. Settle down.
I looked down as Zac shouted next to me.
“Mark, he’s hurt!” The small boy frowned.
Mark cursed as another team won.
“Chill out!” Zac nudged the boy. Oh yeah, I almost forgot they were dating.
“No! Look, he’s not seriously injured and he just made us lose!”
“It’s a GAME! He’s hurt! Look at him!”
I just sort of stood there awkwardly, my head turned. I looked at the floor as I prayed their argument would be over soon. I barely listened to what they were saying.
All I heard was it take a nasty turn with Zac screaming that Mark was an arrogant asshole. Hell.
Then Zac said they were over if Mark didn’t stop being such a prick.
I was listening closely now.
“Whatever, only reason I’m still waiting around is to see if you’re going to put out any time soon!”
So Zac WAS really a virgin. Shocking.
But that was low. Damn. Even I didn’t think you should say that to a boyfriend.
I heard Zac gasp and I turned just in time to see the small boy reaching up to slap Mark across the face.
“I was going to this fucking weekend you ASS! But hell no, not now. We’re over.” He growled and looked at me. I took this as meaning he wanted to stomp off now. So I turned, letting him lead the way back into the locker rooms. I looked straight ahead once we were inside. I heard sniffling though. I took a peek down at Zac to see he was crying. That was a sad sight.. Like seeing a kicked puppy. We walked to the teacher who untied us. I followed Zac with my eyes as he walked to the farthest corner of the locker room, pulling his gym clothes out of one locker. I’d never really noticed but… he always changed alone, not with his preppy friends. Why? I hadn’t changed today. I rarely changed, it got me in trouble and I was failing gym because of it but oh well. I moved and sat down on the small bench by the locker Zac was changing at. I don’t think he noticed me because he just went about changing. I heard small sniffles but that was it. He didn’t even turn around to change. He stayed facing the lockers. I wasn’t creeping on him or anything, not like I was just trying to see him nude, but I was watching him sort of.
While trying to get his tight jeans on, I heard him hiss as if in pain. I curiously peeked at him once more. He’d sort of turned so he was sideways instead of facing the lockers, I couldn’t help but gasp at what I saw. His thigh was covered in large red cuts… Among the random scars, there were words carved into the boy’s creamy white skin. Ugly, alone… That was just on the one leg, I didn’t want to see the other.
After I’d examined the scars I looked up and met the boy’s gaze. Tear tracks ran down his face.
He said nothing and just pulled his pants up. He then sat down beside me.
“Why do you do that?” I asked lightly.
“Do what?”
“Cut yourself.” I whispered, guessing he didn’t want people to know. What reason did he have to do that? His life was perfect… Maybe he was one of those annoying bitches who did it for attention… But if he did it for attention why was he trying to hide it from everyone? It didn’t make sense. So he really had a problem.
“Just… shh, Quincy.” He shook his head at me. “Don’t tell?”
“I won’t.” I nodded. I wouldn’t, I was simply curious… a bit confused.
He wasn’t bullied, far from it. He had a boyfriend, well not anymore but he did before just a few minutes ago.
“Thanks.” He sighed.
“What reason do you have to do that though… I don’t understand. You’re life’s perfect.”
Zac laughed.
“It’s not perfect Quincy. But I’m glad you think so. Mean’s I’m doing a good job at seeming perfect.” He smiled, gazing off into the other direction. “I’d love a shower right now.” He sighed, glancing at his friend Kyndal bathing along with Asher and Jamie.
I just realized, he never joined them in the shower after class. This must be why.
“Me too.” I nodded, not meaning to say it out loud.
Zac blinked up at me.
“Why can’t you get one?”
“Um, I’m not getting in there with those bitches.”
“They’re not- okay, yeah they are. But I love em.” He shrugged at me.
“You don’t act like them.” I shook my head.
He simply shrugged again.
“Well… do you have detention or anything after school?”
“Stay after for the study thing. We’ll sneak in here and shower.” He smiled at me.
That was… sweet? But I couldn’t.
“I can’t.” I sighed. “I gotta… do family stuff.” Family stuff. Yeah, that was the reason I had no friends. I was always busy with family stuff. Like making sure my dad was still alive..
“Oh.. Well okay then.” He smiled anyways, standing and grabbing his gym bag. “You have lunch next?”
“Yeah.” I nodded.
“You should sit with us.”
I snorted.
“Zac, just because I’m like… your pet loser now, I’d watch how much you’re hanging out with me. I don’t think they like me.” I smirked at him.
“Oh fine.” He smirked right back, shaking his head and walking out.
I watched him go, humming to myself. Well. Looked like I had a… friend, possibly?

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Chapter 3!
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