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PostSubject: HAPPY BIRTHDAY 1~Raymond   Thu Oct 27, 2011 10:08 pm

I work down at Ashberry Hills
Minimum wage, but it pays the bills
Cleaning floors and leading hymns on Sunday

Rick sighed but gave a small smile as he put his mop away. It was Sunday, one of his favorite days because he got to play his guitar, even if it was just in front of some elderly people in an old folks home called Ashberry Hills. He hated his job actually, he worked all day doing disgusting things for minimum wage. He would have already quit had his lover not been pregnant with their first baby. He was going to collage, getting married and had a baby on the way. His life seemed pretty full and happy and it really was. Rick couldn't trade it in for the world, even if he hated how sick his lover was, there was nothing he could do about it. He loved him anyways but right now, he was working, and was in front of his audience and it was time to play.

Katherine Davis, room 303
Sweetest soul you ever could meet
I bring her morning coffee everyday

A grin worked it way onto Rick's face as his gaze caught Mike Mizanin, an older man, sitting in the front row, his sweet smile adorning his lips as it always was. In his time here Rick had grown close to that man. His first day here while working the man had just started speaking to him as if he had known Rick since birth so Rick, not wanting to be rude to his elders, spoke back. It became a friend ship for Rick but it was always strange to him. Mike never once called him by his name, always called him "Alex" or "Jr" but even so, Rick brushed it off and every day, when he came in to work, the first place he went was to room 303 to give Mike his morning coffee and chat with him for a few moments. It didn't take Rick long to realize there was a problem, but it took a bit longer to realize what the problem was...

She calls me Raymond
She thinks I'm her son
Tells me get washed up for supper
before your daddy gets home
She goes on about the weather
how she can't believe it's already 1943
She calls me Raymond, and that's all right by me

The day it dawned on Rick....It was sad to him. He hated it but there was nothing he could do. He just smiled and went along with it, for the old man who he had become close to in that short time there. So on the second day of Rick knowing, he stepped into the room, coffee in hand, and a large grin on his face.
"Hey Mike." He greeted to the man on the bed, weak and tired but smiling the bright smile he always did.
"Hey baby....."
Rick sat down, handing him his coffee and watching Mike as he settled down with the hot liquid.
"How is October? And those grand babies of mine?"
Rick swallowed, his heart aching for the man.
"She is wonderful, great and growing more beautiful everyday. The kids are getting big, they are really smart...." He trailed off, he had no idea the names of the children but he was sure, if he waited long enough, Mike would let it slip.
And he did.
"Is Michelle still on the piano?"
Rick grinned, nodding happily. "Yes sir, and she is getting very good at it, im so proud of her."
Mike's smile grew as he reached out on of his soft wrinkled hands to sit on top of Rick's.
"How's your daddy Alex?" He asked softly, his head rolling to the side so he could peer out of the window. Rick knew little about this but he had been asking around. He sighed and patting Mike's hand. "He is good, happy."
A pause as Mike let his eyes mist up. "You are being good to him right Jr?"
"Yes Sir." Rick nodded slowly. Mike nodded, his eyes slipping shut.
"Ill come back to see you Mike." Rick promised, getting up and pressing a kiss to the man's forehead before making his leave.

She talks about clothes on the line in the summer air
Christmas morning and Thanksgiving prayer
Stories of a family that I never had
Sometimes I find myself wishing I'd been there

Like Rick had promised he had gone and gotten the older man. He took him back out to the court yard where the lighting was just right, they had tall oak and willow trees, an angel fountain that spewed water from her finger tips. They sat outside on a bench under one of the larger willows. A soft breeze blew past, blowing Rick's bangs into his face. Mike smiled and gently brushed the hair from his face.
"Baby, don't you remember when you were so small? Helping me with the laundry? It had been a cool day, the breeze was nice but it kept blowing your hair into your cute little face." Mike grinned. " Before long you couldnt see and you fell and all of my clothes you were carrying went everywhere." The old man laughed lightly. "I couldn't be mad, you were just so adorable."
Rick nodded, kissing the old man's cheek.
"Yes sir."
Rick loved days like these, Mike would usually start telling stories. Stories of a strong, handsome man named Alex who had stolen his heart and made his life worth living. Of a sweet pretty girl he was never close to but loved with all his heart. And of the tough little boy he had raised, named after his father, protective and helpful. At times Rick found himself wishing he had been there to see when the man would take Mike in his arms and kiss him sweetly, or when the small girl would pick flowers and make things for the family, to see the boy try to be a big man for his family. Rick sometimes wished he had a loving, open family like that. His own were superficial but he could tell, that was the last thing Mike's family had been, no the older man’s family had not had much money like his had but they had been together, they had each other and to them that was all they had needed for a long time.

When she calls me Raymond
She thinks I'm her son
Tells me get washed up for supper
before your daddy gets home
She goes on about the weather
how she can't believe it's already 1943
She calls me Raymond, and that's all right by me

“C’mon Mikey, lets get you back inside before you get sick.” It was getting rather cold outside, the wind whipping past them. Rick glanced over at Mike only to see the man was now sleeping, his head lolled over to the side. The younger man found a smile for him, slipping off his coat and draping it over the mans shoulder, stroking his hair before standing and taking Mike in his arms, cradling the man to his chest, and carrying him inside, Rick’s strong arms protecting Mike from the chill of the wind. Within weeks Mike’s condition worsened, and it was apparent he would not be here long, which Rick already knew this, but he would see the man every day, and spend time with Mike, Mike who had become more of a mother in way than his own was. Mike who loved him and called him his son….

There's a small white cross in Arlington
Reads Raymond Davis '71
Until she can see his face again
I'm gonna fill in the best I can

Around a month later Rick got dressed, and took a flower Mike had given him. After work taking a two hour drive down to Arlington cemetery. He had spoken to Mike’s exhusband Alex, and their oldest child Kevin. They had told him Alex Junior, the boy Mike was so fond of had been dead for many years. He had gone to war and died there in battle. The wind was cool today, the grass crunched under Rick’s shoe as he stepped out of his truck and gazed around the Cemetery full of dead soldiers, started off on his search to fine one certain man. Rick looked for hours, winding up at one head stone.
Alex Michael Riley Junior.
Born Aug 28, 1985 - October 24, 2011
Loving son, brother, husband, father, and devoted soldier.
Rick sighed softly, slipping the lillie Mike had given him from his pocket and laying it in front of the grave. The brown haired man took a seat and sighed softly, running his fingers over the stone.
“Your momma misses you so much. You were a great man I bet. I hope you don’t mind me looking out for him while you cant…I love him…” Rick sat for a while longer simply watching the wind blow some tree before he had to stand and head home…
Mike would be waiting for him.

When she calls me Raymond
She thinks I'm her son
Tells me get washed up for supper
before your daddy gets home
She goes on about the weather
how she can't believe it's already 1943
She calls me Raymond, and that's all right by me
She calls me Raymond, and that's all right by me

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