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 HAPPY BIRTHDAY 4~Zac and Quincy

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PostSubject: HAPPY BIRTHDAY 4~Zac and Quincy   Thu Oct 27, 2011 10:11 pm

Quincy wore a deep frown on his face, his large hand holding Zac’s tightly. He boy had been distant with him for some time, ever since he had found out about him and Aaron. Zac was heavily pregnant, around eight months, he was large round and so beautiful. Quincy had been trying to spend time with him, taking him out like he did tonight, they had gone to see some movie Zac wanted to see.
“Alright Precious im tired of this.” He pulled off the road, parking on side of the high way and staring at his tiny lover,
“What…What is going on precious…”
Zac just stared out the window for a long time, slowly taking his hand away from Quincy’s grip.
“Quincy…” His voice was tiny. “I…its not working out….”
A shocking silence issued.
“I…Me and Aaron…Quincy im pregnant with his child…” He had tears in his eyes, a tiny hand coming up to rub it away. “I-I love him…Im sorry…I…Its over with us…”
Quincy was silent. In some way he had know, maybe not that it was Aaron Zac was in love with but he had known in the back of his mind, Zac had stopped loving him,…
He simply pulled a folded piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to his tiny husband.
Right at that time, a drunk driver weas speeding down the road.
He swerved…
He ran right into the drivers side of that truck.
QUINCY’S side of that truck.
The crash was horrific, Quincy died instantly, the drunk driver survived…
And sos did Zac.
Though Zac was horribly injured…
They rushed him to a hospital where the baby was delivered on arrival and then Zac was taken into intensive surgery to save his life.
He went into a sort of coma for around a week…
When he awoke Aaron was at his beside, holding his hand tightly, crying over him.
His vision was blurry….
And…He thought Aaron was Quincy…
Hell Aaron WAS Quincy really, just a little bit sweeter…and with Mike’s eyes.
“Q-Quincy?” The boy gasped, pain consuming him.
Aaron jumped, looking up, tears streaming down his face. “N-No baby. Q-Quincy is de-dead…..”
A shocking silence took over.
Not Quincy…
Quincy was too strong to die.
Zac soon felt tears in his own eyes, he glanced down, in his hand there was the folded piece of paper Quincy had given him, they doctors had been unable to pry it away.
He slowly moved, opening and letting his eyes scan the crumpled blood stained paper.
“Without your love, I would die.”
He sobbed brokenly.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY 4~Zac and Quincy
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