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 Don't read this please <3

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Asher Reed


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PostSubject: Don't read this please <3   Mon Nov 07, 2011 9:12 am

okay this is based off of the mary kay letourneau story. I adore that movie and I just watched it last night and got the idea for this. I was trying to decide which pairing to use but I decided on zac/Quincy. I tried to change it to something you would enjoy more but once I like picture a certain pairing in my head with a storyline, it's hard to change pairings. It just doesn't feel right. My computer is fucked right now so I'm using my aunt's. But I don't want to save this on a word document on hers so I'm just going to type it herre and come back and edit it later. So please don't read until it's completely finished. Thank you <3
Fuckkk. I'm stuck between two pairings. Zac/Quincy or Sean/Dayton. I always do Zac/Quincy so I wanna do another pairing. And also, there's one part in the storyline, the top sort of pressures the other into sex and I couldn't see Quincy doing that but gah, Sean/Dayton doesn't feel right when I start writing. It's like Dayton is the right part for the top and Zac should be the bottom. But I do not enjoy them as a pairing. I don't know what to dooooo. Meh, I'll use Zac/Quincy.
Okay, this is a new edit. I've changed my mind. It's Dayton/Zac. Alright? Good hehe Razz

Zac smiled at his new class of students. It was the first day of a new year so he didn't know any of these kids. It was his fifth year teaching the seventh grade. He was usually ecstatic about a new year. He loved teaching. But today he wasn't so happy... just yesterday he'd discovered that his mother had cancer... Zac had always been close to his mother...
"I'm Mr. McGuire and I'll be your science teacher for the year." He nodded at the roomful of preteens. "If you have any questions for me feel free to ask now."
A boy in the back of the room raised a hand.
"You're not going to make us do one of those stupid get to know each other games are you?"
"Why would you ask that?"
"You seem like the type."
"Well I enjoy those games. So, we'll play one. Everyone in a circle." Zac smirked as did the student who had asked. "Why don't you go first?" He gestured to the boy. "When it's your turn, say your name, one thing you like and one thing you dislike."
"My names Dayton Nielsen. I like science but I hate teachers who make us play games." He gave Zac a sly grin.
Zac chuckled, shaking his head and letting the rest of the students speak in turn.

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Don't read this please <3
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