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 Maybe This Will Work...

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PostSubject: Maybe This Will Work...   Wed Feb 01, 2012 5:03 am

This is the fic I was talking to myself about after you left the chat heheh. I have a second part I need to finish tomorrow with Sage and Dayton. But here is the first part. I haven't read it over yet and it's three in the morning so it may not make sense. I'm tired and I have no clue.

Sean growled, shaking his head.
“NO. I am not spending the day there.”
“Sean, come on you have to!” Dayton protested.
“Then you have to spend the day with Sage.” He smirked smugly.
“Oh hell no! That’s different! He hates me too!”
“You spend time with Sage and I’ll spend time with Joslin. That’s the deal. Take it or leave it.”
Dayton thought this over for a moment before grumbling but nodding reluctantly.
Sean smiled and kissed Dayton’s lips before grabbing his overnight bag.
“He has to sleep over too!” Sean nodded. “Since I’m sleeping over with Joslin.”
“Ew! No way! This house is clean, he’ll get dirt on everything!!”
“Dayton! Behave!” Sean pouted. He wrapped his arms around Dayton’s neck and kissed him deeply, purring before pulling back and winking. “You be nice to him too or no sex for a month.”
Sean simply laughed, heading out the door and over to Joslin and Chord’s place. Chord had agreed to spend the night with Aristotle or Kelton. On his way, he called Sage and told him to go to Dayton’s place. After a bit of persuasion, he agreed.
Sean reluctantly knocked on the door which Joslin opened a few seconds later.
“Hey Sean!” He smiled lightly. He wanted to be friends with Sean. Too bad Sean hated his fucking guts.
“Shut up.” Sean rolled his eyes as he shoved past Joslin inside the home, standing there and folding his arms across his chest. He did NOT want to fucking be here.
Joslin blinked lightly.
“Just fuck off, slut.” Sean grumbled.
“No! Why do you hate me so damn much?”
“Do you really want to know what I think of you? Why I hate you?”
“Yes!” Joslin exclaimed.
“I think..” Sean stepped closer to Joslin, dropping his bag on the floor. “I think you’re a good for nothing BITCH. You had no talents so you decided to fuck everything that moved because it was the only thing you were good at.”
“You don’t know why I started being a slut so don’t pass your fucking judgements, alright?” Joslin’s eyes narrowed.
“Oh yes I do. Everyone does. So your asshole boyfriend cheated. Boo fucking hoo. Get the fuck over it. Guys are assholes. Big deal!” Sean rolled his eyes.
Joslin was now getting pissed off. He’d wanted to fix things but… ugh, Sean was really pushing his buttons.
“Oh yeah? Wanna know what I think of you?”
“Please. Do tell.” Sean smirked, tilting his head curiously.
“I think that you were a chubby little fuck with a low self esteem. But now since you’ve lost the weight and have a husband you think you’re the shit. You’re so fucking high and mighty, right? Well honey, think again. You’ve had to notice that you put on a few pounds from that kid? Just wait. Pop out a few more of those suckers and guess what? You’ll turn right back into a-“
“SHUT. UP.” Sean hissed.
“Pathetic…” Joslin continued.
“Shut up!”
“Shut your fucking mouth!”
“Fat ass…”
“SHUT UP!” Sean roared.
“Little bitch!” Joslin finished.
“I hate you. I fucking hate you.” Sean spat, folding his arms, his nostrils flaring. “You fucking slut.”
Joslin’s eyes were narrowed as he simply shrugged and laid down on the floor. Sean reluctantly laid down as well but farther away so they weren’t touching. The room went silent for a while.
Finally, Joslin spoke.
“I’ve thought about it you know…” He paused and kept speaking once he got no response. “I know it seems like I overreacted…”
Once again, he got no response. But Sean was listening… Joslin sighed and went on.
“But you don’t get it… that guy, even though he was just a guy, he was my life. I mean that literally. I didn’t have parents. I’d stayed in a group home my whole life. To get away from that, I was over at his place constantly since we met when I was nine… He wasn’t just my boyfriend. He was… my best friend, my parent, my shoulder to cry on… he was all I had. I didn’t have anyone else to go to. I built my whole life around him. I didn’t have many other friends at that time… and I wasn’t close to the ones I did have. I didn’t know what to do when I found out…” He trailed off.
“Please talk to me?” He frowned lightly, rolling over to glance at Sean to see that Sean was already peering at him behind a curtain of black hair.
Sean let out a loud sigh.
“… I guess I can see what you mean. I don’t know what I’d do in that situation. I’d probably…” He paused, thinking of what his answer was, “Nevermind.”
“Tell me… I want to talk to you.” Joslin sat upright, looking down at Sean.
“I’d… eat.” He sighed.
Joslin nodded.
“I fucked. We both have our ways of dealing with things.”
“Dayton and I… don’t talk about my bulimia much. He just knows I’m better now and he doesn’t ask questions. I love that about him. He doesn’t pry. David always did. I know that’s what therapists do but damnit, I didn’t want a therapist in the first place.”
“What do you mean pry? Is there a reason behind that sort of thing other than just low self esteem? Like did something happen that triggered it?” Joslin raised an eyebrow.
“Yeah, sort of…” Sean nodded.
“Wanna talk?” Joslin offered.
There was a long pause.
“I was a really chubby kid. Ask anyone. It wasn’t just in my head or anything. I was always made fun of for it. I hated it. It really upset me. And when I was upset… I ate. That made me fatter, which made them tease me more. The cycle continued like that… When I was eleven… this older boy, John was sixteen… he took an interest in me. He was a jock. Everyone had a crush on him. I felt so special when he chose me to be his boyfriend…” He smiled lightly. “I didn’t even think that it was too good to be true. No one liked me, why would he? He always took me on these long walks all around town. I loved it. We saw all of his popular friends and he didn’t hide the fact that we were dating or anything. He showed me off to his friends even. One day, we were on one of our walks and he just leaned down and kissed me. It was so sweet.A great first kiss. Really. So, then one night he invited to a party with all his high school friends. I felt so cool. The only middle schooler at a high school party, how cool, right?”
Joslin was listening intently, his head propped up on his hands as Sean told his story.
“There was beer there of course. It tasted digusting but all the cool kids were drinking it so I did too. I had to fit in. I got drunk easily and I figured if I wanted John to keep dating me I’d have to have sex with him. Everyone said that’s all older boys wanted. So I let him take me up to the bedroom. He got me naked and told me he’d be right back. I just smiled and said okay. I wondered what he was doing but I didn’t ask. A few minutes later, he was back but he had other boys with him. About four of them if I remember right. I smiled. I was nervous. I didn’t want them ALL to have sex with me. I just liked John. But I didn’t want them to get mad so I just pulled a blanket over me to cover myself. They yanked it off and saw me completely naked. They started laughing. And they started yelling things… calling me things…” He sighed. “It was nothing I hadn’t heard before but… but it still hurt, you know? It always did. I was getting upset… I started crying… I asked John to make them stop…. Then I noticed that he was doing it too. He was calling me a fatass…. He laughed. Then one of them... hit me. Right in the stomach. It knocked the wind out of me. It also made my stomach jiggle which they found just hilarious…
They all gathered around me… started hitting me, everywhere they could reach. Finally, one of them hit me in the face. I’d never been hit that hard before. I felt my jaw almost crack. It hurt so bad… Then they rolled me over so my ass was in the air. I got so scared….”
“Sean!” Joslin gasped. “They didn’t… touch you did they?” Joslin’s face was one of horror as he listened to the story, feeling horrible for being so rude earlier.
“You’ll see. Be patient.” Sean winked, smiling lightly and continuing. “I didn’t want them to rape me.. I started yelling. I screamed and told them to stop. I threatened them with who my dad was, everything. Nothing worked. They just kept laughing. They shoved something up my ass. I could tell it wasn’t a dick but I still have no clue what it really was. All I knew was that it hurt. Really bad. They fucked me with it. When they got bored with that, they threw me on the floor and started stepping on me, kicking me. I was just a wreck. Blood leaking out of my mouth, nose and ass, my body was bruised and dirty from their shoes now. So what did they do? They chose to lift me up, still naked and carry me up over their heads through the party full of high schoolers. That was the worst part of it. Hearing everyone laughing at the fucking fat boy. I couldn’t help but look around. They were all pointing and mocking me. I hated it… Eventually they threw me outside. I was greatful for that. But I was still naked. I didn’t have my phone with me so I couldn’t call anyone. I had to crawl home naked in the cold. When I got home I took a shower and got dressed and stuff. Then I went to the kitchen since no one was home and I raided the fridge. I ate. I ate and I ate and I ate. My stomach felt like it’d explode. I realized that this wasn’t going to help anything. This would just make me fatter and they’d hat eme more. So I went to the bathroom and stuck my fingers down my throat. It came right back up. I felt better. So I kept doing it after that day. The end.” He smirked.
Joslin frowned.
“I’m sorry about what I said. That sounds awful.”
“Eh. It’s okay. I had it coming. I’m… sort of sorry too.” Sean nodded reluctantly.
Joslin grinned.
“So, did you see John at all after that?”
“Yeah, I always see him around town even still. He lives around here. After that happened, it took momma and daddy so much to get me to leave the house. They didn’t know why I was so scared. I’ve never told them. I only told you and Sage actually. When I did have to leave the house and I ran into them, they’d laugh at call me the usual names. After the bulimia started working, and I was ridiculously skinny, they started calling me the freaky skinny kid. I just couldn’t win with them. I was always too fat or too thin. About the time I met Dayton, when I started dressing in whore clothes, they stopped making fun of me. I don’t think they recognized me. They still whistle at me when I see them now.” He rolled his eyes lightly.
“So why did you tell me but you won’t tell Dayton?”
“I’m not hiding it or anything. Like I said, Dayton doesn’t pry. If he asks, I’ll tell.” He shrugged.
Joslin nodded.
“Well… I like talking to you..” He smiled lightly.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah I guess you’re alright.” Sean chuckled.
“Wanna watch a movie, Chord has a flatscreen!” Joslin wiggled his brows.
“Sure.” Sean laughed as Joslin grabbed his hand and tugged him up a flight of stairs to the bedroom. They made popcorn and cuddled together on the bed, watching some chick flick.
Maybe they could be friends after all…

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Maybe This Will Work...
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