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Rick McGuire Jr


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PostSubject: Gone   Thu Jun 28, 2012 1:44 am

"RICK!!!" Biddy squalled as he burst through the home. "R-Rick!!!" The man was falling apart, tears falling from his face in an never ending stream. "M-My baby!"
It had all happened so fast...
He had let Austin ride his bike to a friends house like he often had.
Austin didnt come home that night.
Biddy ad called Rick but he assured him the boy was probably just staying at a friends house and had gotten side tracked.
But today around three, the small eight year old boys body was found laying in a ditch. He had been sexually abused, beaten, and had his body mangled almost beyond recognition.
Biddy fell into Rick's arms. He didnt know where Blake was, he had said he was going to look for his missing son.
He didnt know yet.
"MY BABY!!!"

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