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 Cove Braxton

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PostSubject: Cove Braxton    Mon Jul 02, 2012 5:07 pm

I wrote this a while ago and I'm not sure why I never posted itttt. But here it is. It's just a little thing to show you what Cove shall be like if we use him sometime.

“Momma, can ah jus go now?” Cove groaned at his mother who was tugging at the collar of his shirt, trying to make it look better. Kyndal was so glad that Cove had gotten his father’s accent. Pfft, and Rhett had said he was stupid for trying to talk with a fake one so it’d rub off more. It fuckin worked!
“Ugh!” Kyndal groaned, swooning. “You’re going to make boys so fuckin hot with that voice of yours. Just like your father.”
Cove whined.
“Ah don’t need ta know what dad’s voice does to ya. Or mah voice fer tha’ matter.” He wrinkled his nose lightly. “Now let meh alone. Ah’m gonna be late.” Cove grumbled as he pulled away from his mother.
“Cove! This is your first real date damnit. Let me fix you!” Kyndal exclaimed.
Cove lifted his mother, throwing him over his shoulder and carrying him over to Rhett who’d been watching the two from the doorway, a smirk on his face. Rhett took Kyndal from his son, chuckling.
“Let tha boy go Kendal.” Rhett snickered, holding Kyndal tight to make sure he couldn’t get away. Cove leaned down to kiss his mother’s cheek.
“Ah’ll be back later.” He headed for the door.
“Use protection!” Kyndal screeched as Cove walked out of the home. Rhett laughed.
A few minutes later the phone rang.
“Oh, Shannon just left with him!” Asher’s familiar voice squealed.
Kyndal shrieked and clapped his hands. Yes, they were relentless. Kyndal wanted Cove to be with Zac’s son, Jude but Quincy hadn’t approved. Then, Jude got with Wade. So now they were trying to get Shannon and Cove together. It had worked so far, they were going on a date. Asher and Kyndal were ecstatic.
“Your son is fucking hot by the way. I answered the door when he came to get Shay.” Asher giggled.
“Hey, back off. He’s too good for a whore.” Kyndal joked.
“Oh darn.” Asher rolled his eyes.
They talked on the phone for nearly two hours about their children before they hung up, Asher going to wait in the living room for them to get back.
About a half hour later, Cove came storming into the home, obviously angered at something.
“What’s wrong? How did it go?” Kyndal immediately asked.
“Will ya get out of mah face?!” Cove snapped, his eyes narrowed.
“What happened?!”
“Yar whore of a friend’s kid is a whore too. Ah should have expected tha’.” Cove growled.
“Hey! Don’t call them that!” Kyndal frowned. Rhett didn’t seem to care, he was watching from the couch, an eyebrow raised at the two of them.
“Why? You’re a fucking slut too!” Cove glared.
Now that, Rhett did care about. No one called his short stack a slut. Even with his temper, he knew not to do that when he was pissed. He stood up, shoving Cove away from Kyndal and looking him in the eye.
“Ya well nawt talk to yer mother tha’ way.” He snarled, warning Cove to back down. Cove did. He said nothing else but was still fuming.
Then, out of nowhere, Asher burst through the front door, storming over and slapping Cove across the face. Rhett was already pissed off, that did nothing to help it. He lifted Asher by the collar of his shirt, pressing him against the wall, this close to hitting him. His temper had gotten a lot better than it used to be since Kyndal had Cove. It was still awful but it was better for him.
“Don’t fucking touch my son.” He dropped Asher who glared as Shannon came running through the door, hands on his hips as he smiled smugly at Cove.
“Maybe you should tell your son to keep his dirty hands off of mine!” Asher snapped at Rhett before turning to Cove. “You! Don’t you touch Shannon ever a-fucking-gain!”
“He’s a fucking tease!” Cove roared as Shannon got in his face.
“I am not a tease! Never did I tell you I was even considering having sex with you!”
“Well ya sure as hell didn’t seem so against it when ya were palmin mah crotch under the table!”
“Touching and fucking are two completely different things!”
“Well excuse me for thinking touching meant ya wanted ta fuck!”
“There is no excuse for you!” Shannon growled. “No means fucking no!”
“Ya already got meh in the mood!”
“Oh my god, you’re ridiculous!” Shannon screeched. “Just because you were fucking horny doesn’t mean you try and RAPE me!”
“Ah wasn’t gonna rape you!”
“Last time I checked trying to shove your dick in my ass while I scream no, is rape!” Shannon flailed his arms.
They continued arguing while Asher looked at Kyndal.
“You need to get your fucking son in check. I can’t believe you’re housing a fucking rapist.”
“Watch it!” Kyndal exclaimed lightly. “Now let’s hear what happened. Then I’ll see if I need to punish him.” Kyndal nodded, hoping Cove wasn’t as wrong as it seemed he was. “Shannon, will you tell us what happened?”
“After we had dinner, which he made me split the bill for-“
“Yer not ah woman, ya can pay the damn bill.” Cove interrupted. “Tha’s not impolite, we’re both men.”
Kyndal drug a hand down his face.
“Go on Shannon.”
“We went out to the car and he drove me home. We were parked out front and he tried to shove his tongue down my throat. I let him kiss me but then he pulled me to the back seat. I told him I didn’t want to have sex and he just started undressing me. I kept saying no so I doubt he fucking misunderstood me. We were both naked and he was practically in me before I kicked him in the nuts, grabbed my clothes and got out of the car.” Shannon huffed, folding his arms.
“Is that what happened Cove?” Kyndal asked.
“Well… yes. But ya shoulda been there at the restaurant!”
“Cove.” Kyndal groaned. “I don’t care what he was doing earlier, if he says no you put your dick away!”
“But he-“
“I don’t care!” Kyndal exclaimed and turned to Asher and Shannon. “Shannon, I’m real sorry. He’s just like his father, he thinks with his dick. I’m sorry for doubting Shay too, Asher.” He nodded at his friend.
“It’s okay, just keep him away from my son.” Asher nodded.
Shannon did as well, hugging Kyndal tight.
“It’s fine, Kyndal. Ya know I love you.” Shannon grinned at his mother’s friend. Kyndal smiled back, kissing Shannon’s cheek before letting them leave the home.
“Now Cove-“ Kyndal began before Cove held up a hand.
“Ah know, ah know. Ah was wrong, tha slut was right. Blah, blah, blah. Please, spare meh the lecture.” He groaned, plopping on the couch beside his father who chuckled softly.
“Kendal, get meh a beer, love?” He raised an eyebrow and Kyndal grumbled to himself before walking off and returning with a bottle, tossing it at his lover who caught it and cracked it open, taking a gulp and offering it to his son who chugged some as well. “Submissive men are ah pain en tha ass.” Rhett nodded
“Ah can tell.” Cove rolled his eyes.
“And whatever ya do, don’t give ‘em ah facial. They hit ya.” Rhett grumbled. Kyndal laughed, kissing his lover’s cheek as he curled up in his lap.

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Cove Braxton
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