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 Thank You God For All This Bod ;)

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Gabriel Johnson


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PostSubject: Thank You God For All This Bod ;)   Wed Jul 04, 2012 1:02 am

The "thank you god for all this bod" quote is from a show I watch and it made me laugh so hard. That's the whole reason I wrote this cause I had to use it somehow hehehe.
This is another one I wrote a while ago but never posted for some reason Razz
I suck at writing Perry, sowwyyy.
But here it is.

Perry looked down at the younger boy in his arms.
God, he was adorable…
Cyrus had fallen asleep after his last panic attack, he was always so clingy after them. Perry had been annoyed by it the first few times but now it was just cute.
What the fuck was wrong with him? He shook the cute thoughts out of his head. He was being too damn nice. He hated that this kid had gotten so close to him so easily. He nudged Cyrus off of him roughly, causing the boy to roll off of the bed.
“The fuck Perry?!” He snapped as his eyes shot open. He crawled off of the ground and back into the bed. “Give me some warning next time.”
“Sorry.” Perry muttered.
“God forbid I sleep on your precious bod.” Cyrus rolled his eyes. Perry opened his mouth to speak but Cyrus cut him off. “You could have asked me to move.” He huffed. “That was just me-“
Perry cut him off this time, pressing their lips together.
He pulled back an inch.
“Shut up.” He breathed, his eyes locking with Cyrus’s.
A small smirk spread across Cyrus’s lips.
“If I keep talking will you do that aga-“
Perry shoved Cyrus back on the bed, capturing his lips deeply.
Cyrus purred.
“Can you not make me want to fuck you every second we’re together?”
“Now that, is out of my control. Thank you God for all this bod.” Perry winked, making Cyrus’s heart beat faster, his stomach fluttering. Cyrus found that so adorable even though Perry was mocking him for using the word bod.
“I hate your cocky ass.”
“Sure you do.” Perry smirked, laying back on the pillows and tugging Cyrus close.
“If you’re going to let me lay here, what was the point of pushing me off the bed!” Cyrus whined.
“I don’t know, now shut up before I do it again.” Perry exhaled, ruffling the boy’s hair.
He wanted Cyrus close to him, as much of an asshole as he could be sometimes, he did have a heart. He thought he loved Cyrus Nielsen…

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Thank You God For All This Bod ;)
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