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 Mike Questionare.

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Gabriel McDaniels


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PostSubject: Mike Questionare.   Sat Jul 07, 2012 5:15 am

What is your favorite color?

Ocean Blue

What is your lover's favorite color?

Uhmmm Blue?

Who is your best friend?

Dustin McDaniels

Who is your lover's best friend?

Chris McGuire

What relaxes you?


What relaxes your lover?

I assume massages

What is your favorite sex position?


What is your lover's favorite sex position?

Doggy style?

What is your best skill?

Being Awesome

What would your lover say is their best skill?

Being sexy

What is your worst fear?

Losing Alex.

What is your lover's worst fear?

War maybe.

What irritates you the most?

Lane being here.

What irritates your lover the most?

Probably Quincy or Aaron or Dewayne

What is your favorite part of your lover's body?

His eyes.

What is your lover's favorite part of your body?

Uhm....My smile

How many kids do you want someday?

I have seven....Uh...eight? To freakin many already.

What is the first thing that attracted you to your lover?

His sense of Humor

If your lover didn't tell you, how do you know they want to make love?

He would be horny and thats obvious.

How would your lover know you wanted to make love without you telling them?

Im all...Retarded and touchy feely.

Who is the one person you admire most and why?

Lane because at one point, Alex loved him more.

Who does your lover admire?

Uhm....I really dont think he admires anyone.

What is the one thing your lover does that bothers you?

he doesnt think

What do you do that bothers your lover?

Cry a lot, be very dramatic.

When did you realize you were in love with your lover?

The day we met

What is a sexual fantasy you've never acted out?


What is the one thing your lover could do that would hurt you the most?

Sleep with someone else...Oh wait?

What is one thing you could do that would hurt your lover the most?

Have someone elses kid....Ooops.

When do you think you should give your children "the talk"?

Young before they get pregnant at thirteen or whenever, we need no more kids!
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Mike Questionare.
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