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PostSubject: Asher/Rhett.   Mon Jul 16, 2012 6:09 am

I originally wanted to do more with this but I forgot all my ideas and I think this is one of the better sex scenes I've written in a fic so I wanted to post it anyways, even though it isn't really finisheddd.
So enjoy Very Happy

Asher sniffled as he walked towards the home, rubbing at his red eyes. Aristotle was dead. Kyndal was dead. And they were not coming back. It hurt so fucking bad. Two of the most important things in his life just gone. GONE.
He’d been so devastated he’d forgotten that he was supposed to meet with Zac and Joslin at Rhett’s house earlier to plan Kyndal’s funeral. All he’d been doing lately was sleeping, eating and crying. He tugged his jacket tighter around himself as he knocked on the front door.
Rhett opened it a moment later.
“Yar late.” He muttered. “They’re already gone.” He stepped back though to let Asher in.
“Ya should beh.”
“I’m losing two people, not just one so stop being a dick.” He sighed as he walked inside and closed the door behind him, plopping on the couch. He noticed some music playing in the background. “What’s with the music?”
“Yar friends were trying to cheer me up.”
“Didn’t work, I see.”
“Not at all.”
“So what did you guys talk about?”
“Maybe ya’d know if ya were here on time.” Rhett grouched.
“Well I wasn’t.” Asher shook his head. “I’m sorry, alright. I’m just… a mess lately.”
“Tell me about it.” Rhett snapped.
“I said I was fucking sorry. You’re not losing a husband and a best friend so shut the fuck up.” Asher’s eyes narrowed, his lower lip trembling.
“Tha fucking retard needed ta die anyways.”
That was crossing a major line, even for Rhett, but he was hurting and he showed that by being a dick.
“FUCK YOU.” Asher shouted. “You ruin every fucking thing! You ruined our wedding, every fucking gettogether, EVERYTHING! Every time you were around him you had to fucking start shit. I’m so sick of you and your fucking mouth!”
“Yeah?! Well maybe ah’m sick of yar retarded fucking lover, how about that?!” Rhett growled in response.
Asher continued screaming and Rhett lifted him, shaking him roughly like a rag doll.
Their arguing went on for a good hour or two.
“I HATE YOU!” Asher screeched.
He had never despised someone as much as he hated Rhett… This did nothing to explain his next move.
He gripped Rhett’s face and suddenly their lips were smashed together, teeth clanking against each other’s in a hatred filled kiss.
But neither of them pulled back. They pressed closer, both of them needing the contact. All of the hate was forgotten, turned into lust in this moment. They were both weak, needing someone to fill that void their lovers had left…
Rhett’s hands immediately went for Asher’s ass, gripping it tight as Asher hopped up, his legs clinging around Rhett’s waist, his arms around the Scottish man’s neck. Rhett growled, slamming Asher up against the nearest wall, holding him there as he broke the kiss, biting down hard on the boy’s neck, lapping up the blood. He then went back to Asher’s mouth, not waiting for permission, just shoving his tongue inside the wet cavern, exploring.
Their passion was violent, knocking furniture around as they made their way across the room until Rhett finally settled on throwing Asher down on the kitchen table. Asher tossed off his jacket and shirt, going for the button on his jeans next. Rhett undressed himself as well, almost tearing his shirt off in the process. Asher groaned at just seeing the huge cock. God, he hadn’t had something that big in forever. Rhett grabbed the boy’s jeans and tugged them off, along with the purple briefs, gripping the smaller cock in a bone breaking grip, jerking it roughly.
Asher cursed as he listened to the music playing in the background.
“So you better watch as I swallow that cock
Lick it up and down cause I like it a lot.”
All the songs seemed to be full of sexual references. Asher spread his legs wide, giving Rhett quite an obscene view. Neither of them were really paying attention to what was happening. If they thought a bit, neither of them would be doing it.
All they were thinking now is how good this would feel…
Asher glanced around him, there were still dishes on the table. He reached out and cleared them, breaking some plates as they hit the ground. Oh well. He needed stretching room.
“I’m a screamer.” Asher whispered. He quieted down with Aristotle to avoid scaring the boy.
“Everyone is when they’re with meh.” Rhett smirked, pumping his cock to smear precum as a sort of lubricant.
Rhett reached out and ran his fingers over Asher’s hole, smirking as he felt it twitch under his touch. He gripped Asher by the thighs, lifting him up and slamming him down on his erection.
Rhett grinned at the sound as he kept his hold on Asher’s legs, promising to leave finger shaped bruises. Asher moaned as the man’s member filled him so perfectly, the head resting against his prostate for just a second before Rhett began ruthlessly thrusting his hips, slamming into the boy with so much force he could barely take it.
Kyndal had always been the only masochist of their group but after so many years of sweet sex with Aristotle, this pain was refreshing.
Asher’s screams rang throughout the home as he reached up, grabbing Rhett’s shoulders before running his hands down the man’s sweat slicked back, feeling every inch of the man he could get his hands on. Although he loved innocent boys, he’d always been attracted to assholes. Yes, cocky, arrogant men who thought they would be the best Asher ever had. He would never actually date one but they were great in bed… Asher found it sexy as hell. Rhett took one of Asher’s ass cheeks in each hand, squeezing them tight as Asher groaned, raking his nails down Rhett’s back.
Rhett then laid Asher back on the table, continuing to pound into him while one hand came up to wrap around his neck. He’d always choked Kyndal during sex and it had become a habit. He just loved it. Asher was a bit hesitant at first but it soon turned him on as well.
He could no longer scream much but he was still responsive, bucking his hips up into Rhett, needing the dick to slam into him harder and faster. And Rhett obliged without Asher even saying anything, holding the boy down by the hips with his free hand as he worked his hips harder than ever before, jerking Asher around with the force he was using.
Rhett growled as he leaned in and sank his teeth into the flesh on Asher’s stomach, drawing blood. It would surely leave a scar.
“Son of a bitch!” Asher exclaimed, moaning loudly and clenching his eyes shut. “Oh fuck, don’t stop!” He cried out. “Don’t stop!”
Rhett chuckled to himself at the boy’s begging but as Asher wanted, he didn’t stop. He kept up until he felt his own release approaching. If he was about to cum, he knew Asher had to be close as well.
He squeezed his hand tighter around Asher’s throat, smirking as the boy’s face turned a deep shade of red, then almost purple before Rhett let go, allowing him to breathe.
As soon as he did this, Asher screamed his loudest sound yet, his release spurting up into the air before landing on his own chest.
Rhett chuckled, pulling out and jerking his cock quickly, his cum spraying Asher directly in the face. Asher purred, letting himself relax at this feeling.
“I still hate you.” He muttered, bitterly. Rhett laughed, loud and booming.
“Ah hate you too…” He paused. “But ah think your ass and I could beh quite good friends.”
Asher couldn’t help but snicker at this.
It was only now that he realized just how tiring this had been. He hurt everywhere, there were black bruises beginning to form all over his body. All he wanted to do was sleep.
So that was what he did. He wiped the cum off his face, licking it up before he let himself doze off, right there on Rhett’s kitchen table, moving to bury his head in the man’s chest as he felt him lay down as well.
Asher didn’t know how much time he passed like that, cuddling with the man he despised, but the next thing he knew, he was woken by the door shutting. He blinked several times and it was like he was hungover. Everything from earlier was hazy, he barely remembered it. His head throbbed as well from all the crying he’d been doing lately. He groaned and listened to the music playing softly.
“Hollywood whore
Passed out on the floor
I’m sorry but the party’s over…”
One word stood out to him. Whore.
Oh god, what had he done? This was his best friend’s fucking boyfriend! Even if Kyndal was dead, that didn’t make this okay in any sense of the word. He heard that Dustin guy came back to life when they thought he was gone for good. And it was Trever who had done it! He could bring Kyndal and Aristotle back and they’d both find out how much of a slut Asher really was. He’d fucking ruined everything…
He was brought out of his thoughts by a loud voice.
“Oh, time to play everyone’s favorite game! Who did Rhett fuck this time?!”
“Shut up, Trever.” Rhett grumbled as he opened his eyes, looking down at Asher who sat up on the table, yawning.
“Isn’t he with the retarded kid?” Trever raised an eyebrow. “Oh well, if that’s what you choose to stick your dick in, whatever. You should really lay off the twinks though.” Trever smirked softly, making his way to the fridge and rummaging inside of it like he owned the place.
“Says the man who’s engaged to a twelve year old sex slave.” Rhett grumbled, hopping off of the table and extending a hand to Asher to help him up. But Asher was already up, hurriedly gathering his clothes, trying to get out of here as fast as possible.
“Oh, he’s one of those sluts.” Trever nodded as if he completely understood.
“What are ya on about now?” Rhett sighed, as if bored with his brother.
“The guilty kind. He feels bad for fucking you the morning after but that didn’t stop him from doing it in the first place.”
“Fuck you.” Asher glared, rubbing his temples.

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