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 Who's The Fag Now?

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Gabriel Johnson


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PostSubject: Who's The Fag Now?   Mon Jul 23, 2012 8:41 pm

Sean McDaniels was sick of being picked on constantly. He was the “faggot” of the school and he was done putting up with it. It was time for his revenge…
So one night, he stayed after school. The same night the football team had practice. He hid out in the locker room, squeezing himself into one of the larger lockers and he waited. He waited until practice was over and all the boys had exited the locker room except one. Dayton Nielsen was just getting out of the shower, butt naked as he dried off with his towel. Dayton was the main offender in Sean’s mind. Or maybe he just chose Dayton because he was so attractive. Either way, Dayton was in for a fun ride.
Sean quickly slipped out of his locker and slapped a rag soaked in chloroform over Dayton’s mouth and nose. The boy’s eyes widened, his arms flailing and trying to hit the person who’d done it before he fell to the ground. He was out.
When he woke, his upper half was tied to a row of lockers, as were his legs but his groin area wasn’t. He was still nude, his cock hanging limply in between his legs which had been spread apart wide. He swallowed and looked around. It took a moment before Sean stepped into view.
“You fucking fag! I should’ve known you did this! Let me go!” Dayton glared, knowing he could take the boy.
“Nah…. I think I’m gonna have some fun with you.” Sean smiled sweetly, reaching out and running a finger down Dayton’s cock.
Dayton’s stomach churned. The thought of another man touching him made him sick.
“Don’t touch me.” Dayton spat at the boy.
Sean laughed.
“Well someone really doesn’t know how to negotiate. You should be begging right about now. But oh well. Too late anyways.” Sean shrugged as he slowly stripped himself.
He gripped Dayton’s soft member and slowly pumped it, toying with the balls. It twitched a bit in pleasure which made Dayton glare.
Sean smiled before dropping to his knees, taking the head of the boy’s cock in his mouth, swallowing around the thick piece of meat, slipping the whole thing down his throat, turning off his gag reflex.
Dayton held back a moan. It felt amazing. But this was a MAN. A fag was touching him like this, making him feel so good. Better than any girl ever had. Did that make him gay? No, it couldn’t.
He watched Sean with disgust and yet lust in his eyes as the boy bobbed his head fast on the cock, fucking his own mouth.
This continued for maybe five minutes and Dayton was ready to blow. Sean kept going until Dayton was right on the edge of climaxing and then he snatched his head back, smirking at the boy.
“The fuck?” Dayton growled, looking down at his throbbing erection. Veins were bulging out, pulsing furiously, angry at being denied of release.
“What? Did someone like it?” Sean smiled, raising an eyebrow, a smug look in his eyes.
“No.” Dayton snapped immediately. Of course not… The thought of that was repulsive.
“Sure.” Sean laughed. “Well maybe you’ll like the next thing.”
“Don’t touch me again you fucking faggot.”
“I’m really scared.” Sean rolled his eyes. He untied some of the ropes on Dayton’s legs so he could lift his lower half up and see his ass. He slid his head in between Dayton’s legs, his tongue flicking the boy’s asshole. It gave a small spasm under Sean’s touch. He smiled, sensing Dayton’s reaction before he plunged his tongue into the virgin hole.
“Son of a bitch!” Dayton exclaimed. His eyes were wide. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him. He was NOT gay damnit! But… it felt so amazing.
He decided to clench his eyes shut and enjoy it while it lasted. It wasn’t long at all before he was ready to cum again. Sean knew just how to touch him… Just how to make him scream.
Once again, as he was about to orgasm, Sean pulled his tongue out of Dayton’s ass, earning a loud groan of protest.
“Feel good?”
“Oh, then I guess I won’t do it again…” Sean smirked lightly, wrapping a hand around Dayton’s cock.
“N-no…” Dayton hated that he wanted that again. He wanted to feel pleasured like that again…
“What was that?” Sean asked softly.
“D-do it… do it again…” Dayton murmured. Never in his life had he been so ashamed.
Sean thrusted his tongue in quickly, stabbing Dayton’s prostate before removing it once again.
“UGH!” Dayton slammed his head back into a locker, his eyes squeezed shut. “Sean!”
“Tell me how good it feels. Scream. Beg for more. Tell me how much you need it. Say my name, Dayton. Do it and I’ll give you what you want.”
“No.” Dayton refused firmly.
“Whatever you want.” Sean sat back, his arms folded as he watched Dayton struggle, trying to touch himself.
“All you have to do Dayton…”
Dayton was silent for a few moments before he hung his head.
“It feels so good… better than anything I’ve ever felt… I need it so bad. Please Sean. Oh please. P-please do it again, god I need it. It hurts… I need to cum so bad it hurts. Please Sean, please!” He shouted the last part as Sean grinned slyly.
Sean pulled a cock ring out of his pants pocket, lying on the floor and slid it over Dayton’s cock. It was a little too small. It fucking hurt.
Dayton cried out.
“You better be ready to scream. Or else I’m not doing it. Got it?”
“G-got it.” Dayton nodded eagerly, wetting his lips. Sean slipped his tongue back into the tight heat, thrusting it in and out of him quickly, wetting his warm walls with his saliva. Sean was submissive usually, he didn’t do much rimming but he’d had it done to him several times so he knew what he was doing.
He felt like a pro as he swirled his tongue around Dayton’s tight hole.
“OH GOD! SEAN FUCK!” Dayton screamed. This was so fucking degrading but if he didn’t scream Sean would stop and he couldn’t let that happen. “FASTER!” He howled.
“Does it feel good? Tell me how it feels. Beg for it.” Sean whispered, his tongue trailing down one of Dayton’s ass cheeks.
“IT FEELS GREAT! SEAN PLEASE! I NEED THIS! PLEASE DO THIS TO ME! OH HELL, NEVER STOP! SEAN!” Dayton was screaming like a fucking bitch and Sean had never been more satisfied.
“You’re such a fag. Say it. Say it loud enough everyone can hear. You’re a faggot, Dayton.”
“I-I’m a faggot.” Dayton said quietly.
“What was that? I can’t hear you?”
“I’m a faggot.” He said a bit louder, closing his eyes.
“Louder!” Sean exclaimed.
“I’M A FAGGOT!” Dayton shrieked. If there was anyone left in the building they could have heard.
“Good. I know you are.” Sean smiled, licking up the boy’s crack one last time, stroking the raging hard on lightly, playing with the cock ring. He shoved one of his finger’s in Dayton’s mouth. “Lick it.” He commanded and as Sean knew he would, Dayton obeyed, wetting the boy’s finger.
Sean then knelt back down, gently working the finger into the boy’s asshole.
Dayton gasped at the intrusion, his tight walls automatically trying to push the finger out.
“Relax. You’ll love this too.” Sean promised, slipping the finger in and out of the tight passage. Dayton winced as a second and third finger were shoved inside him without hesitation. But slowly, he began reacting to this, shoving himself further onto the fingers pleasuring him.
“Oh shit…” He couldn’t believe this felt so good.
“You like it, huh? Told you. Dirty fucking fag.” Sean snarled, taking one of Dayton’s nipples in between his teeth.
“More, please. Oh Sean, bigger. Something bigger.” The finger’s weren’t large enough to satisfy him. He needed to get off so badly.
“I may be a fag but damn, you’re not just a fag, you’re a slut. Aren’t you?”
“Sh-shut up.” Dayton’s breathing was labored. He needed release so badly but the cock ring was preventing it…
Sean loved this, he loved being in control. He never had been before. This was such a rush.
Sean moved his fingers faster and faster, bringing Dayton to the edge of bliss before once again snatching it away from him, removing his fingers.
“Damnit.” Dayton groaned, nearly sobbing from the pleasure he was in.
“Now… I’m going to untie you… okay?”
“O-okay.” Dayton panted, eyeing the boy. “Why?”
“You’re going to fuck me. You’ll get your release. Just make sure you do it inside of me.”
Dayton nodded, thanking God he was finally going to cum. He was curious as well, wondering how tight Sean would be.
It was funny really, the thought was still a bit gross but he was going to do it without hesitation. Everything else Sean had done had felt good, this would too. He didn’t question Sean anymore.
Sean slowly began untying the boy, his own erection twitching in anticipation. Dayton was so fucking hot…
When Dayton was finally untied, Sean reached down, kissing the head of the boy’s cock and removing the ring.
Dayton groaned in pleasure, shoving Sean forward, onto his hands and knees, spreading his ass cheeks wide.
“Do you need any… lube?” He asked, not knowing how this whole butt fucking thing really worked.
“No. Get in me.” Sean groaned, gripping onto the lockers for dear life.
Dayton nodded, treating it like sex with a girl. He slammed straight into the boy’s asshole, hitting his prostate dead on, making Sean’s knees wobble as he yelped in ecstasy.
“Are you okay?” Dayton asked.
“MOVE!” Sean squealed, his eyes wide.
Dayton’s eyes teared up. Sean was so unbearably tight, tighter than anything Dayton had ever had around his dick. He was in so much pleasure it was ridiculous.
He was crying from the amazing feel of the boy around him as he pounded into him roughly, striking his prostate with every other thrust.
“Oh, oh, OH! Dayton!” Sean screamed as he was slammed against the lockers, shaking the entire row of them.
“You-! Oh fuck!” Dayton cried out, wrapped his arms around the boy and holding him tight as he rammed into him over and over again.
“You’re so big.” Sean’s voice vibrated as he was shaken from the pure force Dayton was using.
“And you’re so… oh god, so tight!” Dayton roared, his hips burning from how hard he was using them.
“Harder! Oh please harder!” Sean whined, rocking along with Dayton, pushing back into him and making the dick penetrate him with more force.
It wasn’t long before neither of them could hold out much longer.
Dayton came first, since this was his first time with another boy. His cum rocketed out, right against Sean’s prostate.
“DAYTON!” Sean shrieked as his own cum sprayed against the lockers.
“Oh fuck…” Dayton panted as he slipped out of the boy’s tight ass, his cock spent.
“That was…” Sean groaned.
“So good.” Dayton finished for him as he laid down on the locker room floor. Sean nodded. He hadn’t expected this to go so well… He wanted Dayton to fuck him again… But he knew that was never going to happen.
Sean slowly stood, grabbing his clothing and slipping it on his sweaty body.
Dayton followed, doing the same. It was silent for a few minutes before Dayton spoke.
“Can we do this… again?” Dayton asked as he licked his lips.
“Um… you want to?”
“Yeah actually. It was great.”
“We can.” Sean smiled lightly, then remembered what this had been about in the first place.
“Now… you can’t bully me anymore, got it?” He raised an eyebrow, walking over and grabbing a camera that was propped up on a locker. He’d had it recording the whole time. “Or else, everyone sees this.”
“I didn’t plan on it but alright.” Dayton nodded. He just stared at Sean for a minute before leaning in and letting his lips capture the boy’s in a sweet kiss.
Sean blinked as he pulled back. He simply nodded, fighting a blush that was about to spread to his cheeks.
“Well… I’ll see you…?” Sean trailed off, questioningly, asking when Dayton wanted to see him again.
“Tomorrow. Same time, same place.” Dayton winked, patting Sean on the ass before he walked out, leaving Sean alone, a grin on his face.
He had a feeling things were going to start to look up for him at school…

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Who's The Fag Now?
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