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 Azazel Backstory

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Azazel Blair


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PostSubject: Azazel Backstory   Sun Feb 16, 2014 9:32 am

So, I told you how Izzy’s mom named him Azazel because it’s a demon name and her husband wouldn’t let her get rid of the baby when she got pregnant and all of that. But Izzy’s dad was really nice but he died when Izzy was five. So his mom is a crazy bitch and I think that explains what you need to know heheh. This is just his backstory, nothing special, really. There’s no rape or anything, so I hope you don’t hate it but I don’t know ><

The word came barreling through the home, cutting through the ten year old boy like a knife when he heard it. Over the years, he had learned to fear this word, although it was the name he’d been given at birth.
It was a unique name, he’d been told, but he despised it with every fiber of his meaning. His mother had told him for as long as he could remember, why she had given it to him.
Azazel was the name of a demon. And according to her, that was just what he was.
A demon.
The devil in the form of a small tanned child with unruly black hair and an attitude that no one could keep in check.
As he heard his mother’s voice yelling his name, he could do nothing but cower in fear. He heard her footsteps nearly shaking the tiny home as she stormed towards his room. He could still picture her fury from the last time he’d done something wrong in his head. A shrieking mess of blonde extensions and fake nails, lunging at him.
He nearly fell backwards as the door was shoved open, the woman entering, her eyes narrowed at him.
“And just what is this?” She held out the tiny slip of pink paper in her fist, close enough that he could smell the perfume on her wrist.
He didn’t answer.
“Answer me, brat.”
“A discipline slip.” He spoke quietly, lower lip trembling as he met her gaze.
“Yes, it is a discipline slip. It says you’ve been suspended from school. Now why is that?”
“M-mommy he hit me first.” He whispered, large brown eyes staring up at the woman.
“I don’t care if he beat the hell out of you. YOU’RE the one suspended. And what does that mean? It means I have to deal with you for three fucking days you should be at school!” She snapped, tossing the piece of paper to the floor.
“I’m sorry, momma.”
“Sorry doesn’t mean shit!” She growled. “I have to work! Who the hell am I supposed to get to watch you for those three days!?”
“I can watch myself… maybe. I can cook toast for lunch and everything.” He nodded nervously, trying to get himself a little less of a beating this time.
“Well, good. That’s what you’re going to have to do.” She sighed, shaking her head. “Now, come here.” She moved one finger in a come hither motion.
“Why?” He took a step backwards cautiously, fearing what was going to happen next.
“We’re going to the closet.”
“M-mommy please.” The boy began to shake, backing away from here. “No… I-I don’t want to go in the closet…”
“Did I fucking ask if you wanted to? Now come here.” She commanded.
But Azazel only stood there, shaking his head furiously, trembling all over.
“Come. ON.” She snapped her fingers in his face, then pointed in front of her, as if he were a dog.
“Mommy, no!” He exclaimed.
“You’re so fucking difficult!” She growled. She reached out, her slim fingers wrapping around his tiny wrist, nails digging into his flesh as she dragged him out of his bedroom and downstairs.
All the while, the child screamed, flailing his arms and trying to run, but it was useless. His mother dragged him to a small door directly outside of the kitchen. It was designed to be a pantry, however inside it was completely empty. This was where Azazel was sent when he was bad.
She opened the door and shoved the tiny boy inside.
“Demon child!” She hissed and slammed the door in his face.
“MOMMY!” His screams were bloodcurdling, tiny fists scratching at the door until his nails were bloody from the wood splintering off underneath of them. “PLEASE!” He would beg and scream and cry for hours on end.
The closet was small, barely big enough for him to sit down. Sometimes she would leave him there for an entire day. And there he would sit to sob and beg and yell for her to please let him out.
After an hour the walls would begin to close in and he swore he could hear voices coming for him in the darkness. He hated the closet more than anything...

When the boy was fourteen, his mother began to bring home a man by the name of Wes. She had introduced him briefly as her new boyfriend. Azazel was ordered to be respectful to him, although he would have done that anyways.
The next time Azazel brought home a discipline slip, he had cursed himself the whole way home, not knowing what to do.
But he would do anything to avoid another day in that closet…
When he arrived home, only Wes was there, lounging on the couch. They had not interacted much since he’d moved in. If he was involved with his mother, Azazel knew he could not be any good.
“Whatcha got there, kid?” Wes arched an eyebrow as he noticed the pink paper in the boy’s hands.
“Uh, discipline slip.” Azazel sighed softly, extending the paper.
“Caught with drugs at school?” Wes arched an eyebrow. “Don’t go getting mixed in with drugs, kid.”
“I wasn’t… I promise. My friend, he put them in my locker. I didn’t know.” The teen sighed. “But mom’s not going to care.”
“She’s going to be pretty mad, huh?” Wes frowned.
“That’s an understatement.”
“Well, tell you what, kid. I’ll take care of this and make sure she doesn’t say a word to you. How does that sound?”
“Awesome!” Azazel nodded lightly. “How can you do that though?”
“Your mom likes me, kid.” Wes chuckled. “She listens to anything I say. She’s crazy, you know that.”
“If you know that, why are you with her?”
“Because she gives me a place to stay.” Wes spoke simply. “She pays for me to live. I can deal with her tantrums.”
Azazel smiled softly at this, nodding his head as he turned to go to his room.
“Don’t be afraid to talk to me every once in a while, Izzy. It gets kinda boring, you know?” Wes called as Azazel shut the door to his bedroom.
Izzy… He liked that.
As the weeks passed, Izzy spent more and more of his time with Wes. He would even say he developed a small crush on the man.
And then one day, things seemed to change. Izzy couldn’t place what the change was. Everything simply seemed different. Wes was just a little closer to him as they laid on his bed watching TV. The man’s hand that would sometime rest on his shoulder now laid on his waist, thumb dipping below Izzy’s waistband. Their breath was just a bit more synchronized. Every glance was just a few seconds longer. And then, Izzy didn’t know how it happened, but their lips were together.
Wes’s hands were very eager, going straight for his ass. Their tongues mingled as their bodies intertwined. It was something Izzy had never experienced before. The closest to intimacy he’d gotten was girls on the playground kissing his cheek or holding his hand. Nothing like this. And with a guy? He was nervous. But he’d felt this coming between him and Wes for a while. He had just never dreamed it would really be happening.
“Have you ever had sex before, kid?” Wes’s voice was hot in his ear. He had known that question was coming when he felt the man’s erection brushing against his inner thigh.
“No.” He spoke honestly.
“That’s alright. I’ll teach you as we go.” Wes murmured softly in his ear.
Izzy nodded slowly as the man began to undress. He did the same, waiting for further instructions.
Ten minutes later, he was on his stomach, his legs spread wide.
“Are you ready?” Wes asked gently.
“I… don’t know.” He admitted.
“Your mom’s going to be home in an hour. We have to speed this up if we’re going to finish.”
“Alright… I-I’m ready.” Izzy nodded, biting down on a pillow to stop himself from screaming in pain.
He felt Wes’s member prodding at his entrance, the tip beginning to slide inside. He cursed, grabbing fistfuls of sheets as the man slammed the rest of the way in.
“O-okay.” Izzy nodded, eyes blurry with just a bit of tears.
“It’ll feel better, I promise.” Wes whispered. “I’m going to move, okay.”
“Yeah.” Izzy bit down on the pillow as he felt the man slip out before penetrating him all over again.
Long story short, it didn’t feel better.
But he allowed the man to finish and forced him a weak smile.
“I’m sorry it hurt so bad.” Wes frowned. “It’s just cause it was your first.” He reassured.
“Yeah… I know.” Izzy sighed, nodding slowly.
“Next time will be ten times better.” He smiled, pecking the boy’s forehead before heading back to the living room for when Izzy’s mother returned.
Izzy was left with only his thoughts and a sore ass. But truly, he didn’t mind.
Weeks passed, the weeks turned into months and Izzy knew the truth now. He was in love with Wes. The man was his savior, honestly. Every time he got into trouble, Wes made it disappear and he hardly heard anything from his mother anymore, which was really a blessing. Every day when Izzy got home from school and his mother was still at work, Wes would follow him to his room. Some days they would make love, some days they would just talk.
“You know, kid, as soon as I get a job, you and I are going to go somewhere.” Wes would smile, fingers running through Izzy’s hair.
“Yeah?” Izzy grinned in response.
“Mhm.” Wes nodded. “We’re going to go far away from her crazy ass… maybe to a city, you know?”
“A city sounds nice.” Izzy nodded. But really, anywhere sounded nice to him right now. Anywhere away from the woman who had made his life a living hell. “Just us, together?”
“Just us, Iz.” Wes smiled, leaning in to kiss him gently.
“I can’t wait.” Izzy sighed, leaning his head into Wes’s chest and listening to the man’s heartbeat, his mind racing with thoughts of a happy life.
The months turned into years and before long, Izzy was sixteen, still in his parent’s home, still making love with Wes, still hiding from his psychotic mother.
“Wes… God, I’m so sick of waiting.” Izzy sighed as they laid in his bed in the aftermath of their coupling.
“Almost, Izzy. I promise.” Wes nodded, kissing the boy’s forehead.
“You said that on my sixteenth birthday too.” Izzy pointed out, glancing in the other direction. He was beginning to think he’d never get out of here.
“But I mean it this time, Izzy. It’s taking me a while to get back on my feet but when I do, we’re out of here.”
“But Wes…”
“There’s nothing I can do, unless you want to move to the city with no money and be homeless.”
“I don’t care, that’s the point! As long as I’m with you, it wouldn’t matter.” Izzy smiled softly.
“Well I don’t want you to go through that, kid. If it means so much to you, I’ll even go to that job interview your mom found for me.”
“Okay… tomorrow?”
“Tomorrow.” Wes nodded. “I’ll see you then, Izzy.”
“Alright.” Izzy leaned in, kissing the man softly before Wes stood up and exited the room.
However, the next day, he had a plan.
When his mother got home from work, Wes went off to a job interview. After he was gone for a while, Izzy took a deep breath and made his way downstairs, eyeing the woman on the couch. He spotted a pile of bags and boxes in the corner but ignored them for now.
“Momma?” He spoke up gently.
She turned to face him from her spot on the sofa.
“What do you want?”
“I want to talk to you.” He swallowed, his hands clammy with nerves.
“Am I going to care about what you want to say?” She questioned.
“I-I think so.” He nodded, moving to sit by her side. “Wes and I… we’ve been… together now for about three years. We’ve been making love and um, I really care for him. And I just thought you should know. I wanted to tell you.” Izzy spoke quietly.
“What?” She responded, expression hardening. “You’re trying to tell me Wes has been screwing you?”
“Well yes, but… it’s more than that. I love him, he loves me.” Izzy nodded.
She appeared to be hurt and angered at the same time. He wondered if maybe she did really have a heart somewhere.
Then, the door opened.
Izzy hadn’t realized just how long it had been since Wes had left. He was back already.
“What’s going on?” He arched an eyebrow as he entered the home, hanging his jacket up inside the door.
“He’s trying to tell me you’re fucking him. Is it true?” She snapped, standing up to face Wes.
“What? Of course not!” Wes chuckled. “He probably just wants attention, you know that.” He pulled her into his arms gently. “Come on, now.”
“He seemed pretty serious.” She muttered softly.
“Baby, I barely even talk to the kid.”
“Wes!” Izzy exclaimed, eyes wide with hurt. This wasn’t how this was supposed to go… “But you said-“
“I don’t know what game you’re trying to play kid, but your mom and I are very happy together and I don’t need you trying to mess it up.”
“Wes…” Izzy tilted his head, his lower lip shaking lightly. This was all wrong…
“Good.” His mother breathed a sigh of relief, nodding her head. “Now the trip can go as planned.”
“Of course it can.” Wes smiled softly, kissing her on the top of her head.
“T-trip?” Izzy spoke up, trying to force the tears from forming. He couldn’t believe this was happening.
“Didn’t I tell you?” She smirked lightly. “We’re moving.”
“As in Wes and I.” She nodded.
“New York. Wes and I both thought the city sounded nice.” She grinned.
“Wh-what about me?” Izzy blinked.
“We weren’t sure what to do with you. But I think I know now.” She looked to Wes. “Put him in the closet.”
“What?” Izzy backed away, shaking his head, much like when he was a child. Wes moved closer to him. “No! Mom!”
Wes grabbed his wrist and yanked it behind his back and as much as he tried to struggle, Wes was still stronger than him. He found himself being pulled towards the kitchen, towards that tiny black room.
“Please! Wes, please!” He cried out, holding onto the edge of the door as he was shoved inside. “Don’t!”
Wes shoved him the rest of the way inside, shaking his head.
“I-It was never real, was it?” Izzy asked, finally letting himself cry.
Wes said nothing and then the door was shut in his face. The only sound was his mother’s cackling laughter.
And then he was alone, like when he was a kid. The walls closed in and he heard the voices. And he clawed at the door until he couldn’t feel his hands any longer.
“WES!” He screamed, broken sobs racking his body as he hit his head off of the door.
But no one came and he knew they had left. And he was completely stuck. He felt like he couldn’t breathe. The room had been tiny when he was child but he was now nearly a man and he was nearly as wide as the room itself. His head brushed the ceiling now.
It took him several hours before he stopped crying and gathered the strength to break down the door.
He went to his room and gathered his things before making his way to find a new home. As far away from the city as possible.

So that ish the enddd. I don’t know yet where he went after that. If we want to give him a past lover ever he could go to live with somebody of yours but I’m not sureee. That’s all up to you Smile
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Azazel Backstory
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